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  1. Chris...


    Savage Arms 93R17 BV 17HMR Bolt Action Rifle
  2. Chris...

    Empty Nest

    Last one just bought a house. Now RG will have somewhere to live
  3. Chris...

    Woohoo! Another infographic

    According to BMI I’m obese. I’m 5’10” and weigh 205lbs
  4. Chris...

    What is your dietary staple?

  5. Chris...

    Are there silly words your kids made up that you use now?

    One of my daughters used the say head egg instead of headache. I use it all of the time now
  6. Chris...

    Woohoo! Another infographic

    Obesity is based on BMI, which is bullshit. So there.
  7. Chris...

    Can you whistle?

  8. Chris...

    Counter fits (NSFW)

  9. Chris...

    My frigerator pickles

    My fridge just keeps stuff cold
  10. Chris...

    Any of you whores have a denim jacket?

    Not since the 70’s
  11. Chris...

    September photos