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Community Answers

  1. The one thing I recall from watching chocolat is the song by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.
  2. My son used to sleep walk. One time he walked into the living room and peed on the coffee table. Another time I found him asleep In the back of the car in the garage.
  3. I skim through NPR news on my phone every morning
  4. Don’t forget Norse mythology
  5. The taco truck here has flour or corn soft tortillas. They’re Mexicans, so I think they would know.
  6. First off, RG’s video is of a taco. Also it’s about 1 minute too long for my attention span
  7. We have a shared unlimited plan. I used 2.14gb last month. My son used 10gb and my daughter used 20gb
  8. Here’s a life hack for you. Put an empty tortilla shell on the plate and let everything that falls out fall on to the empty shell
  9. That picture was liked 7 times on the “men in speedo’s” flickr page
  10. My daughter has the fanciest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen
  11. Is this where we post about anti vaxxers drinking their own urine?
  12. English sweets. Thanks to all involved.
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