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  1. Chris...

    Jack Reacher fans

    The only actor that I can think of that fits the height requirements is Daniel Cudmore from the X-Men movie franchise. He’s 6’7”
  2. Chris...

    I pay $129 a month for internet

    Could be worse
  3. Chris...

    Jack Reacher fans

    Your prayers have been answered https://apple.news/AZ3xdYHU0SDCyPhbS5u8odg
  4. When I worked at the printing company I was on call 24-7. If I got called in early evening I would take one of the kids with me. They were not very impressed and to this day they think I just played on the computer at work
  5. Chris...

    Netflix is way the hell better than Hulu

    Hulu is only $4.99 if you have a college email address
  6. Chris...

    Netflix is way the hell better than Hulu

    FYI she doesn’t even start hula hooping until 00.53
  7. Chris...

    Uh oh, blue screen...

    RG could probably make do with a Chromebook. All he does is surf the internet
  8. Chris...

    Uh oh, blue screen...

    Get a Mac 🖥
  9. Chris...

    Off to being Bored tonight...

    is that anything like being reamed?
  10. Chris...

    I love this app