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  1. Cancer. 10 years old he was a good boy
  2. Photography, expensive hobby but I should be done buying stuff. 3d printing. Initially expensive but not too bad once you buy the printer.
  3. Chris...


    Yes, but I don’t play. I have a 3D printer though
  4. My favorite pan is a Japanese omelette pan
  5. Chris...


    Savage makes a nice reasonably priced gun. I just sold my Savage 17 HMR.
  6. Never been mugged or know anyone who has my next door neighbors house was broken into and he was shot when he tried to stop them. my Dads car was stolen. Joy riders trashed it never been shot or stabbed my friends brother moved to Norway and was murdered
  7. My wife and daughter’s watched it
  8. How far is the mailbox from your house?
  9. I leave out the kidneys. Steak and mushroom is my favorite
  10. Chris...

    Amazon sux.

    I found the missing packages
  11. The one thing I recall from watching chocolat is the song by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.
  12. My son used to sleep walk. One time he walked into the living room and peed on the coffee table. Another time I found him asleep In the back of the car in the garage.
  13. I skim through NPR news on my phone every morning
  14. Don’t forget Norse mythology
  15. The taco truck here has flour or corn soft tortillas. They’re Mexicans, so I think they would know.
  16. First off, RG’s video is of a taco. Also it’s about 1 minute too long for my attention span
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