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    I have a neighbor named Karen. She has the haircut.
  2. I’m with @Razors Edgeon this one. One thing the French got right during their revolution
  3. My daughter lives in Evansville. She heard the explosion
  4. I have to find a file first
  5. Luckily for us the V.A. Let’s you continue to keep your health insurance at the same payment you would pay if you were still working.
  6. Just got done with this monstrosity
  7. Back when I played rugby we streaked as a team a few times
  8. It was 102 where my brother lives. North London. No A/C
  9. Chris...

    Bird pics

    Pic with the new lens
  10. I have remote start. If I’m just running in I will lock it with the car running
  11. No. I had the Album before it was in the movie. Mike Oldfield played all of the instruments
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