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Community Answers

  1. Hard to believe we are 2/3 thru October and still haven’t had our first frost
  2. I’m not sure what the specific differences are and how important they may be, but many manufacturers will soon be clearing out older models so you may find one by keeping an eye on their sits.
  3. We haven’t yet this year although we have had a few mornings in the 30’s. This time of year i run the furnace instead of lighting the wood fire. Once i get the stove going it stays going til spring.
  4. We do except we have not been to Haiti since 2018. This is due to things like this. The organization we work with hasn’t allowed any missionaries in since then. We are in touch with several people in Haiti and kidnapping is nothing new but this may be the first time Americans were targeted.
  5. Gump

    Fall colors

    Indian Lake in the central Adirondacks
  6. Gump

    Fall colors

    From last weeks hike.
  7. Gumpette. She cooks she cleans and refuses to let me help.
  8. Gump


    We saw both llamas and goats being used as pack animals in the Winds.
  9. We have about 30 gold finches that recently started getting all the seeds in our patch
  10. But worth every dollar if you need to be out when its -30.
  11. I have a pair of Kenetrek mountain extreme for real cold days and Muck Arctic for times i may nt be moving as much. I also really like my Oboz Bridger winter hiking boots for most days and for snowshoeing.
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