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  1. Gump

    Survived the Winds

    Some mosquitoes but not bad.
  2. 36 miles in five days. Twice over the Continental Divide at over 11,000 feet.
  3. Not sure I’d try milking one🙂
  4. When i worked for the US Forest Service we were doing research plots on Long Island. One plot fell on the estate owned bt Billy Joel. We had to arrange access through his security people but when we were there he came out to see what it was we were doing. Real down to earth guy and we got to hang out there for a few hours with him.
  5. Gump

    Hey Dottles

    We got here this morning. Got a nice 20 mile bike ride in. Monday we head into the mts. For five days.
  6. Gump

    Hey Dottles

    Hanging out in Pinedale WY for a couple days. Weren’t you here last yesr?
  7. Place called The Cottage Inn, it’s the only place in our town you can get food. It’s actually quite good.
  8. Ain’t that the truth😁
  9. Just drove 2000 miles over three days and I’m beat. Years ago i would have done the same drive with just a couple naps in the car. Used to do Florida straight through in about 22 hours. Once drove from White Fox Sask. to NY straight through. Not any mote🙁
  10. Gump


    You are on the wrong forum to discuss anything about lawn care, trust me!
  11. .50/hr picking stones in the spring and potatoes in the fall. Thought we had the world by the ass.😁
  12. Gump

    South Bend IN

    Seems like a nice place. Staying over here and just had a great dinner at a local brew pub.
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