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Community Answers

  1. I caught Gumpettes head cold. Started Saturday morning. Mostly just a runny nose. Lot’s of people around have it or had it.
  2. It’s the last weekend of deer season and I still have a doe tag to fill. Now that we have lost most of our snow I’d like to cut a few more loads of firewood but tomorrows forecast is rain and high winds.
  3. Gump

    29 years ago today

    More than I can count😁
  4. I started working for this agency. A year from today has always been my target retirement date but when I was promoted last spring I sort of decided I would work til spring of 2025. We’ll see.
  5. Isn’t there supposed to be a decimal point between those numbers?
  6. He’s why we did stuff like this….and worse
  7. That’s a job I want. Avalanche bomber😁
  8. We may get 12-15 inches tonight. Wouldn’t be enough to ski but would make a good base.
  9. Gump

    Fall in Texas

    Not if you didn’t last 8 seconds🙂
  10. Gump

    Fall in Texas

    Low 26 high34
  11. I would go with state of confusion
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