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  1. It's like watching a VTOL aircraft touching down.Amazing stuff.
  2. Neither. It's on Frederick St in Kitchener in front of the court house. It's been there a long time now, so I thought you might have remembered it.
  3. It's on Netflix, at least here in Canuckistan.
  4. I'm amazed at what passes for art in some public places. I'm gonna bet @shootingstar knows where this big plastic turd fine exhibit is.
  5. When I was in school, which was long before Canada switched to the metric system, it was called centigrade. Then when the switch was made, they suddenly started calling it Celsius. I dunno what the difference is and right now I'm too tired to look it up.
  6. I don't have a dog in this fight so I don't really care.
  7. I have not driven a truck in over 4 years and now that I am over 65 I have to get a medical every year to maintain my license. Not quite ready to surrender it just yet and medical is due in a little over a week so going to do it for at least another year
  8. That's what most of my dreams are about. Almost always involving putting the truck in impossible places, or getting tied up at the border for not having crossing papers in order.
  9. Rattlecan


    My first tractor trailer driving job was hauling live broiler chickens from the farm to the processing plant. I guess that was about a hundred years ago, or so it seems. One of our favorite farmers that we hauled for was killed when he tried to hop over a running pto shaft and got sucked in. It happened the very next day after we cleaned out one of his barns.
  10. Rattlecan


    You obviously don’t know how things work in the world of transportation. Nobody pays you for sitting picking your nose. If you ain’t turnin you ain’t earnin
  11. Rattlecan


    And I still don’t know what pto means in the context of the op
  12. Rattlecan


    That's how Mark "the bird" Fidrych was killed. Under his dump truck working on it with the pto engaged. Not a pretty way to go.
  13. Does he take after your side of the family?
  14. Rattlecan


    My mind went down the same road. I guess we are both lost.
  15. I am more than just another pretty face around here.
  16. The Roots type is what was used as a scavenging blower on two stroke Detroit Diesels. The blower from the 6-71 Detroit became a popular choice on the drag circuit. One of the downsides for the diesel application was that if the oil seal let go on the drive unit, the engine would feed on it's own oil, and run away un-governed until it self destructed. That's why there was an emergency shut down to close off the air intake in case of such an event.
  17. That would be GPM, not MPG.
  18. But how can we be sure?
  19. I wonder where they got the inspiration.
  20. Do you then put the cap back on and put it in the fridge?
  21. It's gym day, so I will be showering with lots of friends.
  22. Many years ago, I read a novel called The Whiskey Traders or something like that. It was a historical fiction about the founding of the NWMP, later to become the RCMP. I should see if I can find it and read it again.
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