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  1. Rattlecan

    I think I found my next job

    Well, I'm old anyways.
  2. Rattlecan

    I think I found my next job

    Been there and done that. I was an owner operator during the late 70s and 80s. The way to make a small fortune in trucking is to start with a large fortune and work your tail off. The faster you work, the faster that large fortune will diminish.
  3. Rattlecan

    I think I found my next job

    Even at the top end of that scale, operating a vehicle and hiring help to move the large items will leave you with less than nothing.
  4. Rattlecan

    Anybody Here Still Do This?

    My dad was a carpenter. He was rarely seen without a pencil stuck in his cap and a tape measure clipped on his belt. It's the way I'll always remember him.
  5. Rattlecan

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    I just noticed this. So sorry to read this. I know nothing about the ramifications of the condition, but sending thoughts and vibes for strength and healing.
  6. Rattlecan

    I Don't Know If I Would Trust This

    I have that exact same case. Had it for 20 years or more.
  7. Rattlecan

    I Don't Know If I Would Trust This

    You should definitely put a spacer in the dropouts both front and rear whatever type of case you use.
  8. Rattlecan

    I Don't Know If I Would Trust This

    I see your point, but removing the hanger and packing it for safe transport wouldn't add significantly to the process. I packed a lot of bikes in travel cases when I worked at the bike shop, but that is by far the most compact setup I've see,
  9. After three days, it probably wasn't meant as a joke any more.
  10. Rattlecan

    How Often Do You Contribute To Youtube?

    I've been contributing for a number of years. I'm just days away from hitting 3,000,000 total views across my channel. Not as impressive as it sounds when you consider kids are uploading single videos that get that many hits in a few days.
  11. Rattlecan

    Birthday Bot fail

    Happy birthday!
  12. I have ventured off the continent on a number of occasions. England, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Portugal. Also, Cuba, Dominican, and Mexico. Think that covers it.
  13. There is a big chunk of the southwestern USA that I have not been to, but every state east of the Mississippi, and every state immediately west of it I have been to many times. All the northern states to the west coast as well. Never been to Alaska or Hawaii. The only two places in Canada I have not been are Newfoundland and the Yukon.
  14. Rattlecan

    Anyone here still smoke cigarettes?

    Coming up on 42 years smoke free
  15. Rattlecan

    Bison drive

    I saw this herd a few times driving near Fort Providence NWT a number of years ago. These are wood bison which are quite a bit smaller than plains bison. Still impressive critters though.
  16. Rattlecan

    Bison drive

    Here's my Bison drive.
  17. Rattlecan

    Once This Is Completed...

    I remember one day when I was coming out of McKees Rocks empty and had nothing better to do, I decided to try 51 over to I 79. Didn't take me long to figure out why the directions said to go in by way of the island.
  18. Rattlecan

    Once This Is Completed...

    Is this what you mean by the burning bridge? It's not actually on Rt 51 but it's how you get to 51 from the island. Iv'e driven over it too many times to count.
  19. Rattlecan

    Once This Is Completed...

    I think that's the bridge I used to take when I delivered bulk oil to Gordon Terminals which was right under the McKees Rocks bridge. That was a quite regular run back in the late 80s, early 90s.
  20. Rattlecan

    Once This Is Completed...

    Actually, there is one place on I79 where bicycles are allowed. The Ohio River bridge to Neville Island.
  21. Rattlecan

    who would live in Australia?!

  22. Rattlecan

    Back to the 70s

    Back to the 70s? Why would you ever want to return to the lowest point in modern culture?
  23. Rattlecan

    Can you die of lack of sheep?

    This is a ba-a-a-d parody.
  24. Rattlecan

    what do you think of this deal

    If the hub is still in good condition, it might be worthwhile having it built up with a new rim if you know a good local wheel builder. Your 81 probably has 27" wheels and I'll bet the 88 is 700c. You would have a better chance of that working out if it was the other way around.
  25. Rattlecan

    what do you think of this deal

    That's not what I would call a pull through. That usually implies a nipple pulling right through the hole. That is a rim extrusion failure with a few possible causes.