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  1. This just supports my contention that the only thing that should go in coffee is..........coffee.
  2. And when they do pay attention to the signs, they get in trouble too, so they just can't win'
  3. Travel, camping and cycling are really our only hobbies. I guess I could count wheel building and bike repair as hobbies that actually bring in revenue, so it offsets the other activities somewhat.
  4. ...that the word "pootle" is great and should be used much more often than it is currently???
  5. I'll admit, I did not always know how to take Cheese, but I think that's because he was purposely enigmatic. I think I know a lot more about him now that he is gone, As for you young fella, I do wish you a happy birthday and many more to come.
  6. Of course. That's the best part.
  7. My answers were never until I got to anyone I know murdered. There are a couple on that list. One was an 18 year old girl that used to babysit our son when he was little. Her mother and my first wife were best friends. I will never forget the day, (it was mothers day of all things) when I answered the phone to hear the girl's mother crying and wailing on the other end. She was a volunteer at some sort of halfway house, and she was killed by one of the inmates. The perp was convicted and sentenced to something like 14 years, but a retrial found him not guilty. She was murdered 30 years ago this May. The other was a former co worker of mine that shot and killed his wife. I also knew her, but wasn't close. I heard about it on a radio news report when I was in my truck heading out on a haul. It took a few seconds to register, because they used his first, middle and last name and I had never heard his middle name, but when they gave his wife's name, it immediately sunk in and I went cold. I had to stop the truck and get out, I was so overwhelmed. Couldn't believe how it affected me. That was over 40 years ago.
  8. The DOT will be having a word or two with you about your lack of securement devices.
  9. I have toured a couple of diesel electric subs but never a nuke. I do know what you mean about those hatches though.
  10. Quick links are reusable, even when they say they are not (to some degree YMMV) but KMC does make reusable ones, so for chain removal and cleaning, they are great. The replacement pins are not completely idiot proof, and while I've successfully installed lots of them, I've seen the job botched more than a few times.
  11. Mamie Eisenhower broke a bottle on the nose of the USS Nautilus. So much optimism about the future of atomic power.
  12. Did he eat some disgusting stuff?
  13. Where did you hear about that? Google has not caught up.
  14. At least they were smart enough to walk away. And Chum has slimed quite a lot since then. Not so much mr boss man though.
  15. For us surface bound types, it's every 3 years until 65 then annually.
  16. Our local library dropped overdue fines some time last year. I guess it's a thing everywhere now.
  17. The snow plow has yet to make it to our street, but everybody has done a good job of clearing their driveways and sidewalks, so people can walk their dogs at least.
  18. Shoveled out twice, even though I had no place to go. Gave me something to do.
  19. Yeah, I should have said to just wait a bit after the page loads.
  20. Just Google Betty White and see what happens.
  21. I'm diggin the wooden vise he/(she?) is using.
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