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  1. They must be if I've heard of them.
  2. Rattlecan


    Whaa? Not a welding thread?
  3. Well done for keeping it going this long. I think it deserves to rust in peace.
  4. WilfordBrimley_3x2.webp But it's the right thing to do, doncha know WilfordBrimley_3x2.webp
  5. As long as they can use newer technology than the old series parallel switches they used to put on heavy trucks. Those things were a constant source of grief. A 24 volt starter required less amperage draw so they thought it was a good idea, but about 40 years ago, they decided heavier cables and a more heavy duty 12 volt starter would be less bother, and we kissed those switches from hell goodbye.
  6. Two years ago when we were in Portugal, we had a rental car that shut off when you stopped. What made it really interesting was this car had a manual transmission, and in Portugal, you are almost always starting on a grade. So there you are, starting on an upgrade with the motor shut off, and the starter engages as you engage the clutch. Fortunately, it was a diesel, with lots of clutch engagement torque, so once I got the hang of it, I was OK, but the first few tries were interesting.
  7. Happy birthday LJ. Hope you have a good day.
  8. The Ottawa city gov't took a page out of Monty Python to advise on social distancing in the park.
  9. My mom and dad both had 6 siblings. Dad was middle of the pack while Mom was second oldest in her family. Dad has been gone for 7 1/2 years. Only his older brother is left from that family, and he is 97. Mom turns 88 next week, and still going strong. Only she and one younger sister are left of that family.
  10. A Sousaphone would make a louder statement.
  11. September 2018 Lisbon Portugal.
  12. Still nothing for trainwreck?
  13. Rattlecan


    I remember it being a big deal when I was in grade school in the early 60s when you got to operate the hand cranked Gestetner to make handouts for everybody. Yeah, there were some fumes involved as I remember.
  14. No, but when I was touring on it. I had a Camelbak bladder in there with a hose over my shoulder.
  15. And an aero belly. Think you might come up short in that department.
  16. Yeah, but I had practice. Nobody had a camera on me my first time out.
  17. My first time on a recumbent would have been funny to anybody watching. It was a short wheelbase with extremely twitchy steering, and it took me most of a 800km road tour to really get comfortable with it. That was a rental unit, and when I decided to buy one, I went with a long wheelbase model with under seat steering. I took to that one right away with zero learning curve, but as shown in this video, my friend had quite a struggle with it when I let him try it. The opening scene is a much younger me (about 20 or so years ago.)
  18. I have to ask, how did you determine MSRP? Was it from a manufacturer's web site, or just a price you saw the same thing listed for on line? Not trying to be rude, but I see this on bike forums all the time and people have no idea what MSRP actually is.
  19. Fun fact. The reason they gave him the buzz cut was they thought he was too handsome to be a stooge.
  20. And here I was thinking he was the fourth stooge.
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