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  1. The solenoid valve on our water/ice dispenser sprang a leak a number of years ago. Fortunately, I noticed it before any damage was done, but it could have been catastrophic if we had been away. The repair was pretty straight forward with a hundred dollar part, and seven years later, it is still holding. I made a video.
  2. Amen. And a new perspective.
  3. Our fridge has a coil of plastic hose way in the back that the water to the dispenser passes through to chill. If it is set a little too cold, the coil will freeze. Has not happened in a long time but I cleared it by heating with a hair dryer.
  4. Got a couple of wheels to build. Got a buyer for a bike I am selling. The guy just wants the titanium frame and I am okay with that but I am not stripping it down until the cash is in my pocket. He is supposed to be coming this afternoon so I will strip the components off it while he waits. Should take all of 15 minutes. Also working on cleaning up the old car to sell it. Rainy today but hopefully can work on that tomorrow. And before any of you wise guys ask, I am not stripping it down to the body.
  5. Sorry to hear about that. Hope you get fixed up soon.
  6. The Kia harness is at least three times the price of the equivalent from Curt and only works if the plug is already there at the back of the car. To get the complete harness wired in from the front of the car at the dealer was going to be close to two thousand bucks. The only thing that gets you that the universal kit doesn't is a line for a brake controller and power to the booster module at the rear. The boost is necessary because the wiring is not heavy duty enough to run the extra lights. Even that still only sets you up for a 4 flat plug so you need to run two more power lines to the battery for the 7 way, so running a third wire for the module is no big deal. I am using a wireless brake controller, so I don't need the blue wire hooked up. The only class III receiver I have found to fit that particular vehicle is from Curt, but the mounting holes are there and it is a simple bolt in.
  7. Thanks. Mine does not have the tow hitch harness. I was actually kind of bummed out about that because having it means there is a plug under the left rear underside panel that you can just plug a 4 flat adapter kit into and then just have to run a couple of wires to the battery for the 7 way. I am using a wireless brake controller so I don't need one in the cabin. Without the factory harness, I will have to tap into the tail light wiring with a 3 to 2 module for the 4 flat and run one more wire to the battery. I've done it before so it's no big deal.
  8. Yup. The choices were getting pretty slim already. Our first site is in Lake Kissimmee State park for 13 nights and Highland Hammock park for 5 nights. We are hoping to extend our stay there, but we might have to move again.
  9. Got another week booked at another park a little over an hour away. That takes us up to the 22nd, but you can only book 11 months in advance so we are going to try to extend it one day at a time starting tomorrow.
  10. Well part of it anyway. Got a camp site booked in a Florida state park for a couple of weeks. Tried for a longer stretch but couldn’t get it. Mrs Rattlecan is working on trying to find another spot for a week or hopefully two . We will be taking the trailer now that we have a more capable towing vehicle.
  11. It's even better than Breaking Bad. Season 6 has yet to arrive on Netflix. Anxiously waiting.
  12. Sweet corn loses a lot every day it is off the stalk. Ya gotta get it fresh.
  13. I know. Even installing it I leave it until last thing and scrub my hands like I am performing surgery but it still manages to get a bit dirty in the process.
  14. So not exactly a featherweight but not too bad for a gas pipe frame. 22 1/2 pounds.
  15. All buttoned up and ready to go. A bit more info. The model is Rekord 841 which makes it 1985ish. Not quite entry level but not too high on the pecking order. Hi ten tubing. Haven’t weighed it yet but I have a hanging scale in the garage so I will try to remember to check it before it gets picked up.
  16. Ohio does have an awesome bike trail network.
  17. Everybody here is loony. That's a pre requisite to join Square Wheels.
  18. The first time I ever went to Ohio was early in 1976 to pick up a load of soya meal. That began a streak of a year and a half of doing it five times a week, so when I think of Ohio, it’s soybeans not corn.
  19. I'm good. My hip replacement is not even thought about these days as that part of my body is better than it ever was. My last gall bladder attack was about 10 months ago after having several in a short time. A CT scan showed a small stone, but I must have passed it or something because I have had zero issues with it since. My last blood test showed kidney function has improved. There was some cause for concern there.
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