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    So, how many petite bicycle riders does it take to install a light?
  2. Rattlecan

    Bad people

  3. Rattlecan

    It’s Friday, peeps

    Setting up the new printer/scanner thingamabob that I picked up yesterday. The old one went kablooey. Also playing with my new (to me) iphone 6. First time in my life I've actually possessed a smart phone, and I feel like I've stepped on a steep and slippery learning curve. My sister in law, who always updates to the latest and greatest technology, gave it to me.
  4. Rattlecan

    I'm starting to think Roy Clark may have died

    The last guy to die this often was Abe Vigoda
  5. Rattlecan

    I love the color of this bike

    I had a Wrench Force floor pump that just wouldn't die. It would still pump air when I threw it out after using it for over 20 years, but it did a lot of creaking and groaning in the process.
  6. Rattlecan

    2018-11-14 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Rattlecan

    It's official

    I'm now a legitimate senior citizen. I get to ride the bus for free on Mondays, cheap movie tickets, all kinds of goodies. I should have done this sooner.
  8. Rattlecan

    It's official

    I can't credit medicine, because I never take any.
  9. Rattlecan

    It's official

    If 65 is the new 60, then yeah.
  10. Rattlecan

    Oh my.

    Guber must have carelessly discarded a cigarette.
  11. Rattlecan

    So alot of 50 yr. old's

    They have a classic and vintage ward?
  12. Rattlecan

    2018-11-11 Birthdays

    Thanks, and happy birthday to my fellow Birthday boys.
  13. Rattlecan

    WWI ended 45 years before I was born

    I was born on the 35th anniversary of the armistice. When I was in grade school, a local veteran who had lost a leg in the great war used to come to the school every year and give us a little speech about the horrors of war.
  14. Rattlecan

    BOB is making another trip to DC

    EMT is pretty strong. I made a rear rack for my cargo bike out of 3/4" EMT. Worst part is welding galvanized material is kind of a no no.
  15. Rattlecan

    Didn't we used to have a chat room?

    Toga! Toga!
  16. Rattlecan

    Rust Never Sleeps

    Ha! I usually adapt the other way around.
  17. Rattlecan

    Rust Never Sleeps

  18. Rattlecan

    BOB is making another trip to DC

    A lower CoG is always better. Forgot to mention before the tubing diameter is 5/8" OD. Roughly what you get with 1/2" EMT conduit.
  19. Rattlecan

    BOB is making another trip to DC

    I think the angle might have something to do with the handling, providing some trail on the pivot akin to the trail of the fork on the bike. Just my theory. The angle will vary depending on the size of the rear wheel of the towing bike. On my tours, I towed it behind a recumbent with a 20" rear wheel, so the pivot would have been closer to vertical than behind a larger wheel, but the whole rig was extremely stable, giving me confidence to descend hills quite fast. Anyway, I have a leveling protractor, so if you wish, I can hook my Bob up to a 26" wheel and take a reading on the angle. I can also do the other measurements for you. EDIT: When I went to look at it I realized I was thinking about the pivot shaft backwards. It slopes forward at the top, not rearward. I measure it at about 4 degrees from vertical. The length of the fork from the hitch slots to the pivot is 15 1/2"
  20. Rattlecan

    BOB is making another trip to DC

    I've had my BoB for 20 years. When I first bought it, I was between marriages, and used it for self supported touring. These days, I use it for utility runs, but I hope to do another multi day trip with it some time. Maybe next summer.
  21. Some of the most fun I've had with my clothes on has been riding bikes with 3 speed gear hubs. But even more fun than that is opening them up, spreading out all the tiny bits, and putting them back together to work better than ever. I recently had a chance to explore a 1950 BSA hub that the owner had tried to overhaul, but bodged the re assembly. This hub is basically a Sturmey Archer X model which dates back to around 1905.
  22. Rattlecan

    Any love for old English 3 speeds?

    I made a video explaining how they work. When I need something to keep me busy over the winter, I will dive deeper into it and make a more detailed video.
  23. Rattlecan

    Any love for old English 3 speeds?

    Missed that discussion.
  24. Rattlecan

    Any love for old English 3 speeds?

    Yeah, but Sram didn't even try. At the time that I was dealing with all this, they were still pretty much mountain bike centric, and just beginning to open their eyes to the road bike market. The notion that people might actually be interested in bikes for activities other than all out competition didn't seem to penetrate. The course I took in Colorado was mostly on suspensions, which I had little interest in then, and even less now, with a bit of training on drivetrain and brakes thrown in on the side. I took my head mechanic along on the course, and on completion, my shop was listed as a Sram approved service center. But when it came to suspension forks, I just passed it off to my mechanic, I didn't even want to mess with them. On the other hand, I will gladly go where few have gone before into the guts of an IGH.