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  1. Rattlecan

    Cycling question, sorry

    I've never used it myself, but working in a shop, I've worked on bikes that had electrical tape used as rim tape. Mostly on single wall rims where the tape just covers the nipple heads. Does the job I guess, but it's almost always a gooey mess to remove. I'm sure it would take more than one layer on a double wall rim with any sort of pressure in the tube.
  2. Rattlecan

    Happy Tuesday Peeps

    Re setting the paving stones in the front walkway. Great weather for getting the home projects caught up. Road trip tomorrow to ride a bike trail in the morning and visit relatives in the afternoon.
  3. Rattlecan

    I can see this going the wrong way on many levels..

    Actually, it was the liquor store, not the beer store. Two separate entities.
  4. It was there five years ago, that much I know. There is a replica in the Henry Ford Museum. I've seen them both.
  5. Rattlecan

    Oh no!!

    She has had health issues in the past I think.
  6. Not sure what their fascination is with the story, but it's definitely a thing.
  7. And lots of Japanese tourists I'll bet.
  8. Rattlecan

    Things I miss on this diet...

    Well, that can't go on forever.
  9. Rattlecan

    Anyone here do any Indian dishes (cooking style)

    For lazy cooks like me, there is lots of tasty, ready made Indian cooking sauces that make whipping up a tasty dish fast and easy. I brown up some chicken strips, saute some veggies, like onions,peppers, and whatever else I might have laying around, open the jar, pour on the sauce, and 5 minutes later, it's ready to serve with rice and naan. I like the really spicy ones, but for my wife's sake, no more that two hot peppers out of three on the label.
  10. Rattlecan

    Better Call Saul Finally started again

    It's GREAT TV. Just finished watching season 3 on Netflix.
  11. Rattlecan

    How hard is it to sneak into Canada?

    You can walk across Lake Erie. I think it's only about 3 feet deep.
  12. Rattlecan


    Why is he carrying those cannon balls?
  13. Rattlecan

    Debit-another reason not to use

    Twice, with two different banks, I have had my debit card compromised. In both cases, the bank flagged the unusual activity and shut down the accounts. A visit to the bank to convince them I was not responsible for the charges incurred, new card issued, and unauthorized debits returned to my accounts. That was 10 or 12 years ago, and no problems since.
  14. Rattlecan


    I delivered to the Ikea distribution center in Port Wentwoth a number of times. Too bad I couldn't take the time to explore the city. Looks like a lovely spot. I did go for a bike ride in the Savannah Wildlife refuge once. That was kind of cool.
  15. Rattlecan

    You fokkers are boring the hell out of me today.

    Are you sure those Fokkers aren't Messerschmidts?
  16. Rattlecan

    2018-08-07 Birthdays

    Happy birthday!
  17. Rattlecan

    Nobody killed? Just wow!!

    WOW! The guy that got ejected from the truck walking in a daze in the middle of the traffic lane was twice lucky. Traffic didn't appear to be very heavy. No excuse for the the driver that struck the stopped vehicle. I've been using a dashcam for a number of years. Started using one in the truck years ago, and now have it in the car. Thinking about getting a second one to put in the rear window. Much more reliable than eyewitness accounts.
  18. Rattlecan

    Now that Goat is loaded

  19. Rattlecan

    August 5 miles and such

    28.5 km this morning. 2.6 km this afternoon to the local for a pint with a buddy.
  20. Rattlecan

    Now that Goat is loaded

    Just to raise the bar a little more, the Mrs also speaks French.
  21. Rattlecan

    Now that Goat is loaded

    Sounds interesting. The Mrs and I will hire out as a team.
  22. Rattlecan

    Waddaya know? There is free lunch.

    Yesterday on our way home after our bike ride, my wife and I stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Lunch special was fish and chips, and the deal was, after the meal, the manager would come over and flip a coin for a chance at a free meal. My wife wasn't lucky, but I was.
  23. Rattlecan

    Waddaya know? There is free lunch.

    Yeah. We were going to go to Sammy's wagon for fish and chips, but at 5 minutes to 12, he was locked up tight with no sign of life, so we figured he must be closed up. We went next door to the new Fire Hall location, which is where I lucked out. We could see Sammy's from the patio, and sure enough, about 12:15, he opened up. Sammy's fish is better, but you would have to bring your own beer.
  24. Rattlecan

    Since I stopped drinking energy drinks...

    I rarely had energy drinks, but I always kept one or two in the truck for emergencies when I was on the road. Sometimes, the load just had to go through, and I needed a little boost. I learned that it took a couple hours for it to really kick in, then for a period of four hours or so, my eyes would be wide open, and I would be so jittery, I could thread a running sewing machine. Don't like the feeling, so I haven't touched one since.
  25. Rattlecan

    Amish traffic jam this morning.

    Exactly my point.