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  1. Razors Edge's post in Pineapple butts are the best! was marked as the answer   
    I often flip the can prior to popping the top off.  That redistributes the sweetness, and it's nice throughout.
    But I'm a bit of a "pineapple connoisseur".
  2. Razors Edge's post in I'm going for a walk and you bastards can't stop me was marked as the answer   
    At least now you can claim it is "lunch hour" so it is okay to be gallivanting around.
  3. Razors Edge's post in Why is Friday participation generally terrible? was marked as the answer   
    Mark as SOLUTION!
  4. Razors Edge's post in today is SWF give RG a hug day. was marked as the answer   
    This seems like a good topic to pin.
  5. Razors Edge's post in Do you ever wonder if you are becoming penile? was marked as the answer   
    Becoming??? Most of us are full dick already, idiot!
  6. Razors Edge's post in Only a monster would crush saltines before adding them to tomato soup was marked as the answer   
    FTR, grilled cheese is the natural, logical, and sane accompaniment to tomato soup.
  7. Razors Edge's post in Next Hurricane: Gulf of Mexico was marked as the answer   
    I go with BuffJim's analysis over yours!  BOOM!
  8. Razors Edge's post in A PSA for Parr8 for when he moves to Texas was marked as the answer   
    Claritin DOESN'T kill people. People kill people.  Texas is so stupid.
  9. Razors Edge's post in Loss of appetite was marked as the answer   
    Seems abnormal and warrants paying some attention to it.  Could be anything from stress, mild illness (cold/flu), something bigger, nothing at all. So, IOW, no idea
    But you'd know if the PRI was flaring up, so likely not that.
  10. Razors Edge's post in Why don't vegans moan during sex? was marked as the answer   
    I think SW moans in pain, so maybe not the same thing?
  11. Razors Edge's post in Sometimes I Hate The Watermelon!! was marked as the answer   
    Real men keep their eyes open!
  12. Razors Edge's post in PSA was marked as the answer   
    If the penguins frighten you, AVOID NEW ZEALAND!!!!!  They have the most species of penguins anywhere in the world, and surely, some are far more vicious than the fire-breathing ones you're all nervous about.
  13. Razors Edge's post in Lunch Did Not Suck was marked as the answer   
    Scallops!  I love scallops. Good call!
  14. Razors Edge's post in He rides an ironic steed was marked as the answer   
    I think you underestimate how many bugs an average motorcyclist consumes per mile.  It is a LOT.
  15. Razors Edge's post in So, our solution to topic count ratio is very low. was marked as the answer   
    I think you need to work through your past several weeks of original posts and pick a solution for each.  If we can get RG to commit to a similar process, and then guilt Phil into doing it, we might chip away at MS's complaint.
  16. Razors Edge's post in Are People Getting Jitters? was marked as the answer   
    Please tell @Randomguy more about this sausage fest!  He definitely is interested.
  17. Razors Edge's post in I think the ranks should go was marked as the answer   
    Spoken like a true Flahute!  I don't listen to Flahutes.
  18. Razors Edge's post in Slouch... was marked as the answer   
    I rested my ass. Hard. 
    Napping on a wooden sleigh bed. Cozy as goose feathers. One relaxed breath and I had a near instantaneous, up close and personal interview with the sleep fairy. 
    The bed and I came to the mutual decision that I’m staying home.
  19. Razors Edge's post in Feeling a country was marked as the answer   
    @jsharr - Uruguay! Man up and eat. Don't Senegal to do it for you.  Belize me, there is Norway you want to rely on your wife to pick your meal.
  20. Razors Edge's post in Exciting covid news! was marked as the answer   
    And made the research available for additional crowd sourcing.  I think, with enough of that video footage, we could really start to understand how masturbation and COVID and many other things are linked!
  21. Razors Edge's post in How do we decide which pics to delete if we're at our limit? was marked as the answer   
    Is it a cat photo or cat related? KEEP IT!  All else you can delete.
  22. Razors Edge's post in What is the biggest meal of the day? was marked as the answer   
    Dinner.  If anyone says otherwise, they are 1) lying and/or 2) living in some weird time warp back to the days before electricity.
    Seriously, DINNER DINNER DINNER DINNER.  There is no other realistic answer.
  23. Razors Edge's post in So roadsue, do you know aboot the Jeopardy contestant who is a math teacher from AQ? was marked as the answer   
    What part of RETIRED and DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS about that sort of thing anymore don't you get?????
  24. Razors Edge's post in Cicero likes Abe better than me was marked as the answer   
    To  be fair, Allen, we all like Abe better than you.  I mean, come on! It's Abraham. 
    The way I see, the rankings are - at the top - Cicero and Abe.  Then, some distance behind, is you.  I recommend not digging the hole any deeper by getting another dog (or cat).
  25. Razors Edge's post in How to stop getting mail was marked as the answer   
    ...or steal their identity!  RG could finally shake off his dark past and become REBORN as a new person!
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