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  1. Any of ya'll watch Lost ? Ever get tempted to binge it ?
  2. And the older you get the harder the heat hits....
  3. I've spent a lot of time working in extreme heat, it takes it out of you. Around 120 is where it starts to get dangerous, you can dehydrate so fast that you have trouble putting enough fluid in, you can't keep up with how much you are sweating out. Did a job in 140 degree, 20 minutes was about the limit in that heat. A young hero spent 45 minutes and then puked and was hurting for several hours. Low humidity allows your sweat to be more efficient, so you cool yourself better, but dehydration is still a big problem, when you run out of sweat you're hurting....
  4. Further


    The grape vines were mostly brown, except for a string or two were still green and shiny. Went down today on a seek and destroy mission, found a couple vines still connected to dirt. Not anymore. A few hours later they are all withering
  5. Here is a long, and fascinating, story about John and Steve Goodman back in the early days. And a great song...
  6. About 3 miles walking My neck is seriously fubar from last weekends ride. I do not want to end up in PT again, so soon after completing a 10 week PT course. For the same problem
  7. I'm pretty sure there are more than 2 strip clubs in Florida, you'll just have to find a new hang out
  8. The clam shell snowmobile trailer conversion Scooter mentioned would be the ultimate in cheap & light
  9. I told the story about my in-laws neighbor, growing pot mixed in with the peppers. On my in-laws ground.
  10. Ya ever consider moving it over a few feet? I been cursing the clay in my dirt, but researching soil, clay is actually a sort of good thing, it holds the nutrients that the plants need. This gardening thing is fascinating. A balancing act. And black magic and luck I have a lot more respect for farmers after seeing how much work my little garden is
  11. Magnolia Wind is a beautiful song Every song on that list is great How that guy could pick those words, and those notes and put them together to make those songs I don't know.
  12. Why the fuck don't you grow peppers ?
  13. I guess it's older than I remembered.....
  14. Bell's Two Hearted is in my top ten, maybe top three...
  15. I don't know why, but I've been thinking about "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" Googled Tom Robbins Googled Uma Thurman Did everything but rewatch the movie and reread the book But I sure thought about it...
  16. I'm dancing around starting Ozark, we watched a bit of it, then I drifted....
  17. I had a red stripe, and a corona, and a landshark, then a two hearted ale Ya know, island beer, it's ok, but, then you have a real beer......
  18. I really had a taste for exactly that. And you didn't invite me Fucker.
  19. I was going to toss a like at ya for that, not that a like means much of anything, now that Cheese is gone. But I digress Thank you for that bit of insight, although I don't like it. I've felt like a mushroom for quite some time now. What is frightening to me, guys I work with, that I respect, guys that think, and make up their own mind, buy into this shit. The hoopleheads I just write off. But the guys that think and come to such wrong conclusions that scares me.
  20. Beautiful day here. Misty rain most of the day, the kind that soaks in. High temp in the low 80's. I loved it.
  21. The big selling point is ease of towing It is a step up from a tent as far as comfortable sleeping, if you are used to a tent I don't think it would be a hard adjustment
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