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  1. I've been using the same stainless mug for at least 15 years. I don't know why they call it stainless, it is pretty stained. I have one mugful at home watching the morning news, and one on the way into work. That's it for my coffee consumption.
  2. It seems to me that anyone that can grow long fingernails can't be doing much.
  3. 6 is better than 7, 5 is better than 6, 4 is better than 5.....
  4. No big event to go to, she just wanted to go out. She hasn't left the house without a compelling reason in at least 2 probably 3 years. She wanted to go to Walmart and drive the little buggy around the store. Years back she tried this, and displays toppled We took a ride up the ridge to an excellent pie shop, to get a pie for the company we're having tomorrow. Went to a beer distributor, to get beer for the company , And the biggie....... Went to a sit down restaurant for lunch, just the 2 of us. She hasn't been in a restaurant with less than half the family in years. We went at about 3 in the afternoon so there wasn't much crowd, rolled her in in the wheelchair, got comfortable at a table and enjoyed lunch She was getting tired by now and passed on going in Walmart, which was probably a good thing. All in all, a good day
  5. Further

    October photos

    Haven't touched my camera in at least 6 weeks I think it's time to take it out for a walk or a ride or something...
  6. Further

    Small town

    My credit union is like that
  7. I thought I was wrong once, turned out I was mistaken
  8. Hope he recovers fast and fully, vibes sent.
  9. Me & a come along bonded many years ago
  10. I have oodles of solutions looking for problems....
  11. One wake up, 8 hours of mind numbing stupidity, and the weekend starts!!!! A good part of the family is gathering at my house on Sunday. Looking forward to it, although it is kind of a flyby as everyone has to be elsewhere Monday. But it should be fun. I'm planning to serve burgers & beer, though with everyone having to drive there probably won't be much beer
  12. Shockingly I'm having a beer. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Good stuff
  13. A maint foreman at a slap processing plant I worked at in the 80's, did the exact same thing. Hit a line and shut down Monessen, Pa.
  14. Further

    G'night All

    Sweet dreams And A Happy Awakening
  15. I hate these cabinet doors. They are pretty high quality, but I don't like the pattern in the center. Thinking about gouging the center out, probably with a router, and putting in a raised panel center. It would be fake, not dadoed into the rails, but might look better. My other thought is to use bondo to fill the grooves and paint them.
  16. I have an amp and speakers for the surround sound on the TV, haven't used it in years. I listen to music over my phone, through headphones or the Bose wireless speaker thingy. With my ears, to get all fancy with a sound system would be posing
  17. Further

    Tasty Tuesday

    For dinner I had the chili like stuff I made on Monday. Much betterer on Tuesday
  18. Further

    Over 10 pounds

    I've gained about 10 pounds since you started yoga, if you would like any back let me know
  19. They sprouted and are now producing new pine nuts... About 12 feet tall this year...
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