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  1. What I do keep buying is woodworking tools and equipment and gardening equipment. And plants.
  2. Just one well used and loved Weber kettle grill A gas grill would be more convenient and prolly cheaper to run, but I do like cooking over charcoal.
  3. Further

    My brother

    It is a very nice pond, about 1/2 an acre in size, with a shallow end and a deep end. It is stocked with bass and bluegill, and has a diving board. It probably should have a fence, there are quite a few little kids running around, but it is far enough from the house to be out of range for toddlers. I don't think a fence would stop my brother, he's pretty headstrong
  4. Further

    My brother

    No, 400 miles between us, that is too far for junk to migrate.
  5. Further

    My brother

    It certainly doesn't do a tractor any good to be submerged, but if it is attended to without delay it can be saved.
  6. I had warmed up burgers that were made on the Weber last night
  7. Further

    Levi 501

    I wear Wranglers, less than 20 bucks at Walmart and they have the 29" inseam, I buy the 29 cause they don't have a 28
  8. Further

    My brother

    Yeah, dangerous as hell, but he spent a life time doing risky stuff and is not likely to stop
  9. Further

    My brother

    He’s getting older but is still active, he mows an acre or two of grass including mowing around a pretty good sized pond. The pond is about 15 feet deep and the bank is steep at the deep end. Well the mower sometimes slips on the slope and slides into the pond. My brothers reaction is to jump off and go do something else This happens enough that when the boys notice the mower is missing, they look in the pond, and have a rope with a hook ready to fish it out. They drain the water, change the oil and get it running again Put it back where it belongs and nobody mentions it I wonder if my brother wonders how it got back in the shed, or forgets all about it ending up in the pond ?
  10. Here’s a pic of some of my flowers
  11. Are you just starting with the yoga I should start
  12. No telling what will happen till it does
  13. Sometimes you do shit just cause you can Guy has some skills 👍
  14. A lot of places are dropping the test for pot
  15. I’m on vacation this week, the plan was to go to my brother in law’s for the 4th and few days extra. He lives outside Charlotte, has a big house and a nice pool, it’s a good time, plenty of beer and good food. But Mrs Further is hurting way too much for an 8 hour car ride and sitting around a pool all day So we’ll be hanging round the house, might drive over to Ohio to visit a sis in law, and maybe a drive up to Erie to poke around I might have a beer 🍺
  16. Didn’t you live in Chicago for a while? Chicago has the best hotdogs
  17. Further

    Mom update

    Glad she is doing better sorry for that arm, it has to be sore
  18. There is a black popular in my front yard and I’m sure there are several populars in the woods behind my house, they are very common trees here
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