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  1. Mostly laptop in my recliner, but also phone from work or back yard. I need to get one of those network extender things so the wifi will work in the yard and garage.
  2. Midatlantic death adder don’t worry about it
  3. House chores and a run. I over did a bit and started getting sore last weekend, so I haven't run or even walked with purpose all week. I miss it.
  4. Even though you don’t get caught you have to live with yourself
  5. Felony, Horndude, Ella, Craig…. the list is long
  6. An exercise in a Programable Logic Controller class I took was programing an intersection traffic light. Turning lanes, pedestrian cross walk and two traffic lanes. They had a simulator that ran your program, and showed the results on the big screen at the front of the room. It was down right comical. Out of a class of about 20 I don't remember anyone's program running perfectly.
  7. We used to have a couple girls who would run around the mill on their lunch hour. Running shorts and tank top were a bit of a distraction in a steel mill. Safety guy eventually told them to go run on the MUT, right next to the mill, before they got run over by some kind of heavy equipment.
  8. Batman And later on Mahatma Gandhi
  9. Around here..."I thought he was going to shoot me, so I shot him back first" would be seriously considered as reasonable cause
  10. Been watching Ozark Before Ozark we watched all of Homeland
  11. A lot less than a new car
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