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  1. I used to ride in the snow, down to the teens I'd guess. These days I'm doing good to ride when it's nice out. Might have put a hundred miles in this summer
  2. People live a hell of a lot longer on average than ever before, they are also much bigger, even in my lifespan people have become noticeably taller, what I am trying to say is we must be doing something right. Of course it may end abruptly
  3. I want them to know that life has gotten better, much better, for me.
  4. I've always wanted to hit the lottery and call in rich. "Hi work, I woke up rich and I won't be coming in anymore"
  5. I think Mick needs to weigh in on this
  6. Betcha that steak was a vegan it's whole life !!!
  7. Lights out, all she wrote, all that's left is memories, I hope I leave a few pleasant memories
  8. We are allowed to cut our own lock off. Have to report it and get a new lock issued to you, but cutting off your own lock is not that big a deal. Cutting someone else's lock off is a big deal, but happens occasionally.
  9. I like the darker shades of green best. And paid days off.....I won a vacation day in the United Way prize drawing at work Ain't donating that sucker to any body
  10. I would like to hang out and maybe share a meal or two. Pretty sure I could out run him, but why ?
  11. and a happy morning good night all
  12. All 4 of my grandparents were from Ireland. Potatoes were a staple
  13. Easter soup at my in-laws was a sour pork soup base, (pork loin cooked in vinegar) with a bunch of stuff to add to your bowl. Kielbasi, ham, diced bread, hard boiled eggs, some stuff I've forgotten, and a bowl of fresh grated horse radish. I always added a big spoonful of the horseradish They made a huge pot of the soup, probably 3 gallons, and lots of the fixings, there would be at least a dozen people around the table for the first serving, after Easter mass, and more folks dropping in through the day.
  14. I made spaghetti, got plenty left if you'd like a bowl
  15. Further

    G'nite all

    Last night. I slept well. The Mrs. thanks you, and wishes you well.
  16. I like them trouble free & with full gas tanks
  17. I would not have thought of that, engine off it's safe....nope
  18. And sometimes chicken soup
  19. Further


    At work we are always told "they want it" or "they are requiring it" "they said so" Nobody knows who they are....
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