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  1. petitepedal's post in Sunday plans... was marked as the answer   
    A work out...and put a few things back in order...did not complete my entire to do list...but got some good things accomplished..
    Re-organized my lower kitchen cabinets ...cooking may be challenging for a few weeks as I adjust to the new location for some of my pans 
  2. petitepedal's post in I'm a bit short on the sugar was marked as the answer   
    Southern Sugar...
    Which is why I gave you a hug 
  3. petitepedal's post in name the forumite was marked as the answer   
  4. petitepedal's post in Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run was marked as the answer   
    Have you not learned your lesson...Running is Evil 
  5. petitepedal's post in So Thelonius or kt or one of you other smart bastards please help me solve this problemo was marked as the answer   
    TM...he will also need...a straw 
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