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  1. I figured he sold you Twitter and ran away laughing maniacally!
  2. I looked it up. A few towns further than she made it sound
  3. We stopped there nearly 30 years ago during a family trip. It was kind of fun to see the town as a “hot set”. I have a very good friend who lives there now. She owns a yarn shop in the next town over.
  4. Licensing issues for the music was what I heard. Apparently someone released the series on DVD, but with different music when they couldn’t license the original songs. The music was so integral to the show that I passed.
  5. Ours is pretty open, but with 2 floors there are places to isolate a bit. We can watch different shows on the 2 floors at moderate volume and not disturb each other. I can always listen to stereo in the garage or hang out on the back patio as well.
  6. PHX is the big one. I’ve only dropped off my brother there once. Mesa has direct flights to GRI and Rapid City so we have been there a few times. Both are similar distances from us but Mesa is easier in an out.
  7. groupw

    Did you ever

    What gets me is when you stream a show with the knowledge it will have some commercials, but they don’t put the commercials in the pauses already created in the show! It will fade out then back in where a commercial SHOULD be, then shortly after they abruptly cut to a commercial in a way that completely breaks the flow of the show.
  8. Pre-race Sushi tomorrow night. Start of vacation Saturday - Shot in the Dark 5k (whiskey is involved) then shower and pick up Mom from the airport. Sunday - a ride and smoke some ribs at Mom’s request while she rests from travel.
  9. I get about 3 or 4 days out of a tube.
  10. A salad and some Pringles.
  11. Not that I’m aware. They are an I’ll-tempered rodent that resembles a pig, but is not. They are native, though. I have yet to have a close encounter. I’ve only seen one hit by a vehicle on the highway and another that was in a the desert on my commute. Wild boar had not yet reached Nebraska last I knew, but we hear about the damage they do in Texas and Arkansas
  12. They need to be shot on site! For every one you see, there are at least 2 more you didn’t. They are invasive and destructive and just nasty!
  13. Most of the people I work with are my kids’ age. It’s a very casual environment so I have a canvas and leather laptop backpack. It frees my hands to carry my coffee mug, open doors, elevator buttons, etc. probably not right for a more formal office situation, but to me it’s more practical.
  14. It was a cool rainy day. Grabbed some Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Grands biscuits on the way home. Lazy, but it hit the spot…
  15. Ran 2.5. Easy effort to keep the legs fresh for the 5k.
  16. So…if the games are in other nations, why don’t they have the same problems?
  17. I feel ya @jsharr. I grew up in a house where guns were commonplace, but treated with respect and caution. There was a different mindset back then that is lost. The more the world has become interconnected, the more tribal they have become- fearing those around them and seeking the groups that think like them instead of learning to grow and prosper from learning about others.
  18. Sometimes the numbers on the TV alarm me, but then I remember that almost 4 times as many people live in the valley as the entire state of Nebraska. Simple percentages of people are the biggest factor. That as well as closer proximity to each other is a contributor.
  19. groupw

    Lunch plans?

    I made a salad yesterday. I wanted something different today and was too lazy to make anything. I planned to just get some egg bites from the Starbucks, but then I saw the Flippin’ Sweet food truck was here today. I got their Yang Chow fried rice. Very tasty and enough for 2 days so I will copy/paste this if you ask again tomorrow.
  20. There is a model on Instagram who goes by the name Miss Psychocat. I was getting posts from a place called British Retro clothing and she modeled for them. Stunning beauty! She always posed with a coy, closed-mouth smile. The first time shared a video with an open smile, there was no doubt she is British! She’s still stunning, but it did surprise me at first.
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