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  1. 38 at the moment. High of 68. WFH today. First day with internet at the house so WoW can work. Sticking around in case she needs IT help.
  2. 4.4 on the Schwinn. Had a short window of daylight after running errands.
  3. Poor Meeka has been a basket case during this trip. She hates being in the car let alone a noisy truck! She got in the habit of hiding under the motel beds hoping not to go back to the truck! When we got to the AirBnB in Casa Grande, we stayed there for 3 days and she started to settle in. However, the moment we started packing, she knew what was up and didn’t want anything to do with it! We had to wait about an hour between checkout and when the sale of our house recorded with the county. We parked our vehicles in a parking lot a few blocks from where we stayed. The cat was not happy waiting so I put her on a leash in the parking lot. I noticed a bike shop very near so took her over there. The owner said it was ok to bring her in. She was fine for a bit, but then wanted down. She chose to hide under the trike. Maybe she thinks I need a new career path. We have been busy unboxing. We still have a long ways to go, but she is seeing things she remembers from the old house so she is starting to feel at home!
  4. I thought I posted these photos on Friday morning but they apparently didn’t take. Don’t know why. Got the keys to the house Thursday afternoon. Between us, our kids, a couple new neighbors and 2 random Mormon missionaries, we had the truck unloaded that evening. We smoked some ribs for the volunteers. this was our house Friday morning-
  5. I saw a place nearby with RC cola. I may drink one in his honor.
  6. 56 in Maricopa at 10 am. We took a lazy morning before we unpack a little more. Hopefully another ride this afternoon!
  7. I can’t remember if it was “This American Life” or another NPR show that featured stories of Native American tribes trying to assist government agencies by sharing land and water management techniques they had learned over the centuries only to have those agencies ignore them.
  8. 7.3 on the Schwinn Varsity in the new ‘hood. Took a break from unpacking to get in my first miles since Christmas! 68 with a light breeze from the east.
  9. Very sorry SW. Even when you know it’s coming, it’s still rough. It’s ok to mourn. We lost Pouncer 5 years ago. I saw photos of her and Nikita before her while I was packing. It added another emotional layer on a stressful and emotional time. We plan to wait a little longer unless the right one comes along. You will know if/when it’s time for you. Offering vibes of comfort in the meantime.
  10. They are amusing! We had that same thing happen a few years back on a trip to Denver.
  11. We kept it in the truck. When we were sure it was only going to be a couple extra days, we called Penske. It was going to be $100 per day extra. I said that was fair. We had to wait for the seller to get his s#!t together. The lady said in that case, we’ll only charge $50 per day! I didn’t complain!
  12. We had the tumbleweed stampede the first day with 40+ mph cross winds!
  13. I haven’t been here much with all the move stuff. Being homeless has an effect on you! That changes tomorrow! We signed the final papers and did the walk through on our new home today. Ready to turn the page!
  14. That transition from pine to saguaro is pronounced coming in from Payson as well.
  15. Apparently they migrated down to greet us! They sure looked like the photos of Joshua trees. We made it to the Air BnB in Casa Grande late yesterday afternoon. Cleaned up and drove by the new house then went to have dinner with our daughters. This morning I took my brother ,who helped load the truck and drove my pickup here, to the airport. I was putting my destination into Google maps when he said his flight was canceled. Waiting to hear next information.
  16. Yep. Saguaro are pretty much in the valley. I did see a few Joshua trees on the drive south.
  17. Great to visit with @MoseySusan for brunch! A smooth, uneventful drive to Las Cruces where we called it a day. WoW isn’t used to long drives and she was pretty beat today. I have a former coworker from my record store days who lives here. He recommended Chala’s for dinner and it was awesome! He is a drummer in a few bands so my brother and I went to see him play for a set before we called it a night. Final stretch tomorrow!
  18. The wind eventually let up as we drove Southwest. It started snowing hard when we got to Trinidad. Truck needed fuel so we filled up vehicles quickly and got over the mountains before we replied to some house closing messages. Good call as the snow let up as soon as we got to Raton. WoW is not used to driving long distance so we called it a night at Santa Fe. She didn’t want to negotiate Albuquerque freeway in the dark. I don’t blame her. We should make AZ tomorrow. Hoping to have coffee with @MoseySusan Also hope to catch up with an old record store coworker in Las Cruces. Overall going well except our cat is not a fan of the truck!
  19. We just ate lunch in Eads, CO. We have dealing with 30-40 mph crosswinds most of the morning. Truck seems to be stable, but WoW was following and watched the wind tear a mud flap off the truck! Next stop, Trinidad!
  20. Well just make him ride down to Maricopa so he can get his miles in! 😁
  21. Took a bit longer to fit all our worldly possessions in a 26 foot van than we planned! Had to get our own 2 wheeler because Penske didn’t have the one I requested. However the lady there did the walk around the truck with me and she was not happy with the cleanliness of the truck! Mostly dirt on the outside, but she gave me a 10% discount for it! More than paid for me to just by a 2 wheeler. We finally got the truck, car and pickup full ant hit the road at 8 pm. Got to Norton KS tonight about 11:30.
  22. It’s kind of like the Super Soldier serum in Captain America. It didn’t make things better for everyone. It just emphasized what was already there.
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