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  1. The Café

    In memory of Chopped Liver and Stuck

  2. Site Suggestions

    Suggest away.
    We'll try to consider all suggestions for making this site more user friendly.

  3. Spoilers

    Please post all spoilers in here.  No need for tags.
    If you venture into this section there will be open TdF posts.  It is password protected so it won't show up in the streams or searches.
    Password = Spoiler

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  4. 404
  5. Politics and Religion

    This is a password protected forum for three reasons;

    1. Posts here are usually contentious.
    2. We don't want these posts showing up in the Activity Stream.
    3. We don't want search bots to index these posts.

    This is where posts related to Politics and Religion belong.
    You may encounter views that you find objectionable.
    The Guidelines apply to this section as well.
    Password = respect.
    You can only post in here if granted access: send @Square Wheels a PM to ask to be let in.

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