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  1. Brown them in a skillet. Then put them in a crockpot coated with Campbells Mushroom Soup on high for 4-6 hours. Server with rice and green beans.
  2. I've been dealing with gout for a couple of decades. Not contagious but it might be hereditary as one of my daughter's have kidney stones and evidently they are somewhat related.
  3. We had one oriental kid in high school and a couple of Hispanic kids. Ironically the school was right next to a black neighborhood. I think that you had to be Catholic to attend that school back then. That and the price of tuition probably kept blacks out of it. I think that the 'Everybody's a Little Racist' song from the play AVENUE Q may apply here. I was brought up in an era and area where racism was rampant. Every once in a while I'll catch myself having thoughts and thinking WTF did that come from?
  4. I have two Brooks B19s and after a few thousand miles, they are broken in. However that one looks painful. Needs more duct tape for sure. The chain is a nice touch though.
  5. I tested Positive for strep. WoJSTL tested Negative but has more symptoms than I do. Therefore the Doc thinks it's a false negative. One of my grandsons and his mother also tested positive. My other daughter is feeling poorly and plans to be tested later today. At least it's not Covid or the Clap.
  6. Yes. I have 10 clocks that wind but usually only keep 2 running. Every once-in-a-while I wind them all up. When they all start chiming at the same time, it sounds like the beginning of the Pink Floyd song Money. My brother is a clock nut and has over 50 clocks on display. He also keeps just a few running.
  7. I recently saw her on another show besides Pawn Stars. For the life of me, I can't remember which show it was nor the book that she was investigating.
  8. I'm seeing that book on Amazon. I'm tempted to buy a copy. I just bought a new book on the C-9A Nightingale aircraft. I worked on the model for about 6 years.
  9. Well I do have personalized plates on both cars....
  10. Neil Young could do it. He's old enough now.
  11. I call that a "snot rocket". I've used them on dogs chasing me. I imagine it's pretty funny when the owner pets the dog later. That's what they deserve for letting the dog run free.
  12. I'm 67 years old but can still ride my bicycle. I do have trouble with balancing but I was never that well coordinated.
  13. Nope but I went to a very small high school. About 350 people combined in all 4 grades. Did have a few become millionaire$ and others were highly successful but not 'famous'.
  14. JerrySTL


    Our cruise out of New Orleans has the same 2 day test requirement plus proof of vaccination.
  15. JerrySTL


    That could work!
  16. JerrySTL


    #1 Turn off the news and social media.
  17. One of the grandsons has it now. So far so good for WoJSTL and me.
  18. I've told off a few pilots in my day... Especially those that hadn't seemed to have read the flight manual and write up something that isn't wrong at all. The Sabreliner had a gauge with a long needle. If you got both engines at the same RPM, the needle would stay steady at the 3 and 9 o'clock position. With both engines at the same RPM, it was quieter in the cabin. Pilots would write up that the throttles weren't in the exact same position when the engines were at the same RPM. If they would have RTFM, they would see that the throttles don't have to be at the same position at the same RPM. One engine could be putting out the same thrust at a lower RPM as it's more efficient. The less efficient engine would still be well within limits. The engines were so close together that there wouldn't be much in the way of differential thrust. I use to know the page and paragraph off the top of my head in the flight manual just to 'educate' the pilot plus sign off the write-up.
  19. ..strep. My oldest daughter tested positive for it this morning. We had our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday (Friday) and all the family was here. It's going to be interesting to find out who all catches it. We've all had our Covid shots including the twin 7 year-olds plus flu shots. Only the two 4 year-old grandsons haven't had the Covid and flu shots. We usually celebrate holidays on a different day than the holiday itself. This started when WoJSTL worked every second holiday plus two of our kids in-laws all but demand that they show up at their places on the Holiday.
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