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  1. I have a large orange traffic cone sitting right next to the bike rack in the garage. If I get the rack out, I'm going to put the traffic cone just inside the garage door. That way I'll both ram the bike into the house and destroy a traffic cone.
  2. 7 miles on the Schwinn Twinn with WoJSTL. VERY windy. I spend a few hours building the bike rack for it. Putting the bike together was easier. Instructions were horrible and two parts didn't fit until I modified them. The thing is a beast. The top of the bike is just under 9 feet off the ground.
  3. Near St. Louis it was very windy yesterday and a storm moved in last night. Dry for the rest of the day but winds predicted to be 15-17 MPH with some gusts.
  4. I think I remember them opening for The Who.
  5. Over the Rhine is one of my favorite groups. We see them every time they come to the St. Louis area.
  6. 29 miles. Very, very windy and warm. It was a 40 mile ride but many of us turned back early.
  7. Olney Illinois has even cooler white squirrels and that doesn't make them better than Cincinnati. However Olney does have a pretty good High School football team which might give them a leg up on all of Ohio.
  8. JerrySTL


    As Dr. Johnny Fever of WKRP in Cincinnati would say: "Booger".
  9. JerrySTL


    Ed-Zackly what my doctor told me about my knee. He prescribed Euflexxa shots instead and they really helped. I'm off crutches and back to riding the bike again.
  10. It's usually pissing on my parades so I'll take rain. The worse parade that I experienced was for the retirement of a 1-star general. We were in dress blues in mid-90°F New Mexico sun. About 30 minutes into the speeches, people started dropping like flies. By the end of the ceremony, only about 50% of us were still standing. Those who usually worked in offices had it worse as the outside workers were use to the heat. Like a big dummy, I sweated it out to the end. Some of my buddies admitted to 'fainting' just so they could get out of the heat.
  11. Back in the day there was a guy who rode RAGBRAI without a saddle for some reason. He did have sense enough to also remove the seat post.
  12. Cruel and unusual punishment! I like it.
  13. JerrySTL


    You are welcome back anything anytime.
  14. 31 miles at 14.4 mph avg. Very warm and windy. That south breeze brought in the first 90°F day of the year.
  15. WoJSTL tells her patients that they should try to be good with their diets 90% of the time as 100% is about impossible and pretty boring if you do it. However P8's patient seems to be one of those who only follows their diet about 25% of the time and that's mostly by accident.
  16. I bet that kind of play will be reviewable in a year or two. I also feel bad for the refs as their hands are tied.
  17. About 32 miles split between two rides. Perfect weather. In the low 70s and just a trace of wind and a few clouds.
  18. 17.5 miles in great weather. However there was a major accident on another road which caused hundreds of cars to be on the normally quiet road that I was riding on. That's why I cut the ride short.
  19. I'm waiting for Calvin and Hobbs favorite cereal: Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Of course I'd use Pepsi instead of milk.
  20. JerrySTL

    The Tater Tot

    I love tater tots. WoJSTL does not like them. I often eat at Sonic for the tots.
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