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  1. If more men cheat than women who are the men cheating with? I'm thinking (1) unmarried women, (2) other men, or (3) some of the married women cheat with more men. Probably some combination of those three or something else that I'm missing. I haven't cheated in the 47 years that we've been together and I doubt that I will start.
  2. No. Smoke a little weed for a couple of years, but not even much of that.
  3. JerrySTL


    There are chewable tablets that treat flea and ticks; however, they can be expensive plus require a vet's prescription. Then after you buy a package, the cat might not eat them.
  4. I'll be in my bunk. Star Trek was pitched as Wagon Train to the stars. Firefly took that further with an episode transporting cattle.
  5. I kick with my right foot. However I was born with club foot so my right leg is shorter; smaller muscle mass; and that foot is a half size smaller. I almost always mount a bike from the left side. Easier to kick right leg over the saddle with the left leg being longer. In baseball I throw left but bat right.
  6. 30.5 miles with WoJSTL on the Schwinn Twinn Tandem. Great weather.
  7. My android phone is connected to my Windows PC by Bluetooth. I can send and receive text messages on the PC. Can Apple do that?
  8. Yes. For many years I worked swing shifts outside so I got to see sunsets. I also got my fair share of sunrises when I worked mid shift.
  9. JerrySTL


    I had somewhat of a difference issue. I had a boss who would change any decisions made while he was on vacation or business trips. Even the most minor thing. It got so bad that people below him would not make decisions at all when he was gone.
  10. A few years ago, there was a sad case in the STL area where a woman died from heat exposure. She kept her windows closed and wouldn't turn on the AC during the summer. She had about a half million $ in her bank account and a healthy pension check each month.
  11. I bring one of these.
  12. I've been using Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax. It's a spray wax that works well. You wash and rinse the car ideally in the shade. Then you spray on the wax while the car is damp. Next rinse off the wax which spreads the wax around. After that dry the car with a nice towel. Lastly clean the exterior windows as the wax leaves a film. I've had it on one car for 6 months now and it still beads up in the rain. It adds about 15 minutes to a normal wash job. I have a friend who had his boat professionally ceramic treated. He claims that the boat is much faster, which he admits could be from the initial cleaning. He says that the boat is staying much cleaner, and it's been 2 years now.
  13. Working as a contractor and changing jobs often had a big downside when it came to vacation time. When starting with a new company, you could only earn 2 weeks a year. So you might leave a job with 3 or 4 weeks vacation only to begin with zero vacation time. I made sure that I could take unpaid vacation if needed. Lately companies are offering 3 weeks at the start. My worse experience was leaving a job with over 200 hours of sick time. Three months into the new job, I had my heart attack. I only had a few hours of PTO, so I went back to work after 3 days. I sure could have milked that 200 hours!
  14. I actually understand 62% of that. I was using git towards the end. I'm using RemotePC to troubleshoot an Access database and its link to Outlook this morning. It's not much work and keeps me in beer money for a month or two.
  15. Not really. There's plenty of room for improvement, but I've become set in my ways.
  16. Watch 3 grandsons all weekend. That's more than enough.
  17. Interesting argument. There's nothing tangible about US or Canadian currency since they aren't backed by silver or gold anymore.
  18. I have this sign in my garage.
  19. I'd change that to "anti climb attic".
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