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  1. JerrySTL

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    Worked from home. Not a holiday for the company I work for; however, the government building that I work in was closed. So WFH. I also cleaned the driveway and walkway of snow. Filled the bird feeders. Pedaled 70 minutes on a stationary bike.
  2. JerrySTL


    I've been considering buying a Breezer Doppler Team bike. It's a touring/gravel bike with fatter tires than my touring bike plus disk brakes. Bike Nashbar's web site says "Extra 20% off Sitewide - Including Bikes. (Some exclusions apply) I tried ordering bike, but, alas, it's one of the excluded items in the very small print.
  3. Easy. I'm an idiot. @Kzoo got it right in that I meant to type baseball.
  4. My high school never had a football team. When I went to HS, there was only basketball, football, and shooting. Seeing a classmate walking down the hall with a gun was normal. Oh! Those sports were only for the guys. Gals could be cheerleaders. Today they've added many sports especially for the gals, but still no football.
  5. JerrySTL

    Not all living rooms are created equal.

    I love the minimalist décor including the paintings of polar bears in a snowstorm.
  6. JerrySTL

    I am 35 years away from being 20 years old

    Yes. After all the stupid stuff that I've done and still being alive, I must be nearly immortal. Or is that immoral?
  7. It could be. However Illinois is dumber than both Kansas and Missouri.
  8. JerrySTL

    Sunday, Jan 20: workout, miles, snow shoveled

    70 minutes on a stationary bike. Kept my heart rate just a little over 100 bpm.
  9. JerrySTL

    Damned Telemarketers

    They are getting worse and worse. Below are some calls that came up on Caller ID in the last couple of days. I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. They can leave a voice mail. They are from oldest to newest. 435-222-7119 432-219-8009 417-815-0639 414-240-7339 412-274-7672 304-309-6152 305-307-5549 Notice the similarity of the numbers especially the last two. I'm about 99% sure that the numbers are spoofed. I report junk phone calls to https://800notes.com/ phone number lookup site. Another guy reported 5 of the same numbers in the last couple of days. I wish that I could reach through the phone line and punch the telemarketers in the throat.
  10. JerrySTL

    Damned Telemarketers

    I've done that to a few email spammers. I've even given out fake social security numbers and bank accounts. Then I claimed I made a typo and have them try another set of numbers. I even have a junk email account for such hi-jinks.
  11. JerrySTL

    Finally got my DVD player doing it's thing...in color

    I've hacked a few DVD players so that they can play discs from different regions such as Doctor Who episodes from the UK. It's rather easy to do as companies make the same player for the entire world, but just have software/firmware differences to limit which discs they can play.
  12. JerrySTL

    Thought provoking

    I read the piece and it was powerful. I don't know what would happen to me in similar circumstances. Back in the day I did drive drunk a few times but no more than 2 beers in me now if even that.
  13. JerrySTL

    For those of us battling the bulge...

    When it comes to the Battle of the Bulge, I quote General McAuliffe's reply to the German surrender demands: "Nuts". I've started replacing various snacks with a variety of nuts. Much healthier than things like potato chips and pretzels.
  14. JerrySTL

    Did it taste like you remembered it?

    White Castles don't taste quite as good now as when I was a child. I was a lot skinnier and hungrier back then. Skyline Chile still tastes great to me.
  15. JerrySTL

    Texas got snow

    In early 1973, I was at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls and we got pretty much snow. A guy also there was from Miami FL and never had seen snow before. He went outside in flip flops, shorts, and T-shirt to take photos. I warned him but he wouldn't dress properly and got sick a couple of days later. A few weeks later I stopped him just in time from taking a flash photo of a skunk and, yes, the skunks ass was pointed at him. Obviously a southern city boy.
  16. JerrySTL


    Waiting until the last minute is by definition a time saver.
  17. JerrySTL

    the official snow report thread

    About an inch where I live about 15 miles southeast of St. Louis. It's somewhat icy so the roads could be bad, but I'm not going anywhere today. The wind has picked up and the temps are falling. At 4 PM it's 10 degrees F colder than at 9 AM.
  18. JerrySTL

    The will wake you the Eff up at 04:30

    Oh Snap! I had a crank arm crack on a new bike where the pedal screwed in. Same result though as I had to pedal one-legged for about 7 miles. Fortunately is was very flat.
  19. JerrySTL

    Star Trek was a little ahead of its time in other than the obvious way

    Harry Mudd is on Star Trek Discovery.
  20. JerrySTL

    If you have self income...

    My son is a CPA and he hates doing taxes.
  21. JerrySTL

    In other news...

    That's news?
  22. JerrySTL

    Strange ads being tossed at me

    They obviously have you mixed up with someone else.
  23. JerrySTL

    Trying to explain parody to WoScrapr

    For some reason that I can't yet fathom, I don't think that this will work too well.
  24. Sorry to be pedantic, but Orcas aren't fish. Actually I'm not sorry at all.
  25. JerrySTL

    Harem pants

    Works great if hit by explosive diarrhea or an awesome fart.