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    Almost certainly a mental handicap.
  2. JerrySTL

    The science of being clean

    I'm from Kentucky so outhouse safe too.......
  3. JerrySTL


  4. JerrySTL

    The science of being clean

    Preparation H wipes say that they are flushable. There is a disclaimer stating "For best results, flush only one wipe at a time." Don't ask how I know.....
  5. JerrySTL

    The science of being seen

    Over half the group that I ride with have bright rear lights on their bikes day or night. Many also have front lights. I just added a front light myself. I use them on both roads and bike paths. I find the lights very useful in conditions where people are riding in and out of shady areas. I also eschewed the recent fad of wearing black cycling gear. A few years ago I almost ran over a cyclist at a yield sign who was wearing all black plus no lights or reflectors just before daybreak. WTF was he thinking?
  6. JerrySTL

    Prayers, vibes etc needed

    Vibes heading his way.
  7. JerrySTL

    We were outnumbered

    At least the ride seemed un-bear-able.
  8. JerrySTL

    USB cables

    USB-C fits either direction!
  9. JerrySTL

    Paul Allen dead at age 65

    They just need to be rebooted.
  10. I've heard that you shouldn't eat the internal organs, such as the liver, of predators such as wolves or, gulp, dogs.
  11. JerrySTL

    Do you have something that makes you unnecessarily angry?

    Does the mayor or some city councilmen live in that subdivision? It happened in my city, but only with a stop sign.
  12. JerrySTL

    Kiss me?

    I wonder what the parody meter is going to give this excellent effort?
  13. JerrySTL

    For the manual people

    A buddy of mine had one of those Colts.
  14. JerrySTL

    10/14 miles and such

    0. Hurt my right knee running on Friday and need to give it a rest for a few days. Two half marathons next month!
  15. JerrySTL

    Is someone here named Otto?

    I think that you have Peds mixed up with Basil Fawlty.
  16. JerrySTL

    Is someone here named Otto?

    I saw Otto Pilot in another post in the last couple of days.
  17. JerrySTL

    My Local Bike Club Sponsored These

    I had a couple of rims and one frame do that.
  18. JerrySTL

    Low for the night

    22°C I hope!
  19. JerrySTL

    Super Keto

    After a lunch like that, I'd probably have the Hersey Squirts also.
  20. JerrySTL

    OK, so who here is off dairy?

    Two words: Second opinion.
  21. JerrySTL

    Do you like brussels sprouts?

    I love them; however, WoJSTL hates them so I don't get them at home much. There's a bbq place rated in the top 10 restaurants in the St. Louis area and they have great Brussel sprouts.
  22. JerrySTL

    Waiting in the doctors office

    Done with all the itching, I hope.
  23. JerrySTL

    I Need A Spa Day

    You are his human and has you trained.
  24. JerrySTL

    For the manual people

    It doesn't take all that long at all. Even my wife picked it up quickly and she had a hard time learning to shift a manual in the first place. I think that shifting bicycle gears may help also as you use both hands to shift on most bicycles. The only thing that threw me a little is that the gas pedal (petrol pedal?) is near the wheel-well hump and often the pedals are slightly more to the left than on a left-hand drive car.
  25. JerrySTL

    Low for the night

    39°F this morning in the St. Louis area.