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  1. We never knew any of our 4 grandparents. That is the case for many immigrant parents who fled war/revolution and when air travel was still very expensive. Sometimes the mother country has changed so much, it would bring back more pain, than joy because their loved ones died after my parents immigrated. We just know stories told by father when he was alive and now, whatever we can understand from mother. Keep in mind, our Chinese fluency/comprehension has deteoritated a great deal. We can't even explain probate to her. Out of all the cousins who have immigrated in the past 35 years to CAnada, only 2 cousins have become fluent in English as well already Chinese. I would ask her about my father's line. There are more stories awaiting behind wings to be revealed. All the nieces and nephews have seen my blog. A personal story : 5 Kids in One-Bedroom Apartment- Unearthing Space and Its Impact – Cycle Write Blog (wordpress.com)
  2. I don't know the U.S. shops. Does she know that her father wears real wool? Some people find wool itchy. But I would not buy acrylic wool nor real cotton, because the type of fibre and knit quality doesn't hold over time for sweater. Unless hand washed. Nordstrom. We have sales....for Nordstrom Canada at our end.
  3. Thx for the link. I read the whole thread, Zealot. I wasn't aware of it. Sometimes if we can help others know how we want them to see, address us...and not deny our deepest, longest life-held feelings....and identity. When I described just a few wks. ago that in my deep dreams, people are racially and visually defined in my dreams. How else could I identify a parent, a sibling in my dreams?? It isn't just sensations/feelings in a dream, it's highly visual and racially defined for me..just as it is in real life. While true, human emotions are universal, who we might naturally associate/ wish or fear in dreams, can be distinctly and visually defined for me, in a dream...unless it's a scary animal/monster.
  4. I'm lost about pricier corkscrew wine bottle openers. It makes sense for a wine connoisseur.
  5. arrow shoves all gawkers somewhere else.
  6. I would agree, not allowing massages for underage kid. Sorry for whatever bugged you Zealot as a kid ...with ghosts of whatever haunting. Because I shared a bedroom with a sister at different times in life, I never had problems sharing sleeping accommodations with other women. As for gay, it might help if I knew the person in advance and if there were other women sleeping in same rm too... but most likely, wouldn't worry. I was never the sort of person in a change room, strutting around totally naked / talking about a ton of stuff. Some women do that, but not I. Me: take shower, get dressed and out the door. I can do my yaaaking elsewhere.
  7. petite, I hope you have a good nice meal with her and all good vibes in evening.
  8. Mother told me about paternal grandfather something I didn't know, which shocked the hell of me. It deeply saddened me that my father hid the terrible sad secret about his own father/my grandfather from his children. He took it to his grave.
  9. At right time, maybe with 1 person around, offer a short story/snippet. Sure, sometimes the young aren't listening or faking boredom at times. During my last trip in Toronto with family after not seeing them for 3 years, I did exchange some stories. I told a small story to 21 yr. niece...who has shown an interest in knitting/crocheting (she is studyin mechanical engineering @university) that PoPo (Chinese term for maternal grandmother) knitted a fantastic creme yellow sweater with a knitted ruffle collar and pin-hole diamond pattern knitted throughout. I told her the sweater lasted 20 years through handwashing. That I wore it ..and later her mother/my sister wore it. She had never heard of the story and listened to everything I said. I wanted her to know there was someone she knew in family, who was gifted in this craft already and had the skill. That's all.
  10. Story: They stayed with me in Toronto for 1 night. So anyway, I stepped out briefly to buy some small grocery in morning. When I returned, I learned that they shared the shower together. I was amused. They are childless couple but their love and affection is something to see. He helps with housework...which is not typical for conservative Mennonite men.
  11. He was /is partially paralyzed which now he needs rehab. My good friend realized her hubby incredibly survived. Her hubby came from an Old Mennonite family, meaning the Mennonites who wear black and ride buggy-horse. Even she had to get to used it. She wears a white net over her hair bun and always knee length dresses of certain style and low shoes. She was my supervisor at K-mart. Our friendship grew from there. I was her wedding photographer. Have spent various occasions/dinner with her big family. Several siblings have left the Mennonite fold, but she hasn't.
  12. Now you know what type of music that I listen online and go to live performance concerts that include Handel's "Handel Music", Pachbel's Cannon. Latter has played at several family weddings during the march down aisle. Pachebel's Canon, was my dear departed sister's favourite piece she listened often. Her children know this piece very well. We also played the piece at her funeral. Canon reminds me of approaching a magnificent soaring mountain that reveals its glory slowly. Understand dearie and I in Prague, when we got there attended via paid ticket a classical music concerts in historic churches. Believe me, to know pieces is like Shakespeare, you can go concerts internationally, and assess the quality also... very well known classic musical pieces, are like an international language.
  13. I'm not saying that we all have some cool stories drawn from back dungeons of life. But did you have to ask your parents/grandparents? Instead of them offering some info. voluntarily? Over the years, we've had to ask parents. With loss of father, now it gets harder. Elizabeth Keating’s article in The Atlantic, The Questions We Don’t Ask Our Families But Should, she starts out by making the very true observation that
  14. The word meningitis comes from the Greek μῆνιγξ meninx, "membrane", and the medical suffix -itis, "inflammation".[13][14]
  15. The word meningitis comes from the Greek μῆνιγξ meninx, "membrane", and the medical suffix -itis, "inflammation".[13][14]
  16. I'm fine in terms of no cold. I just feel sad and missing dearie. MoseySue's video post of Garland's song Have Yourself a Merry Christmas, made me sad and wistful.
  17. she sent me a letter which I got today. She is conservative Mennonite in the county where Rattlecan and I each grew up. They don't use Internet. Her hubby contracted it back in Aug. On one hand I'm shocked but not really. Certain sects of Mennonites avoid doctors and hence probably no vaccinations. However I am aware she has seen a doctor over the years for certain problems that got severe (which could have been avoided if she saw a doctor earlier). He is in recovery but needs rehab. and is at home. Yes, he was quarantined, I believe and at a local hospital.
  18. I would make sure the meat was partially already cooked before assembling the pie. Phyllo dough doesn't take long to bake and get crisp.
  19. I believe with our municipality and across the whole province, by law, it's set up that one has to register with the municipality to conduct a search on property and its present assessed value. I don't know about historical data. The owner name is not given by the municipal authorities in their database... to the general public. This restriction is directly related to freedom of information and protection of personal info. legislation. For alot of the real estate sites I've seen so far, only the latest sale price is given. Not the owner's/buyer's registered name. One can for a small fee, search or, have a land title company search for the property title and name of owner, which are managed by databases owned by the provincial government authority on land title authority, in each province. Again is the privacy legislation in place, to prevent general public access. It doesn't prevent a bozo who sets up their own independent database, but they would be violating the privacy law in Canada. Remember, telephone directories once upon a time? All that address, contact person was openly available. I'm pretty certain no one can search on my name and get the price I paid for my place, on open Internet. Many phone numbers are not listed anymore...including mine.
  20. I'm certain your son has taught you the differences amongst various types.
  21. I like my rice just 1 notch below Calrose glutinous..almost for sushi-making unless it's for sushi.
  22. I'm certain you have decorations from your children and grandchildren that they've made. I have some baked, painted ones from niece or was it nephew. Oh yes, I have a tiny plastic beer stein with German name/logo.
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