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  1. YOu know what I've noticed who is selected from North America for Asian overseas work assignments or reading work profiles for white guys who do well in certain Asian companies..... I think it's guys who don't look thuggish/come across as too bro macho. I really mean this. Dearie for instance, had a naturally gracious manner that was naturally respectful (he was raised by a mother who expected manners of her sons) and...he had a softer voice compared to other men. Also my 2 white brothers-in-law also naturally have low-key non-ultra macho personnae....one plays ice hockey often and the other does jog, did several marathons. All 3 guys have/had blue eyes. Any white guy can't dominate with their personality and style in those countries, to be successful in business and other areas of life there. A white person still has a elevated position in those societies....no matter how modern /savvy certain societies can be. There is no scientific basis for my remarks, but just what I've noticed ....you have learn to "feel" of the overall culture in power, status, male and female roles. In my personal opinion, as a white person you should be there to listen when working in those societies....alot. Not demand, direct everything your way.
  2. Some people are encouraged by having a buddy do same activity with them. However some of these folks sound as if they have been non-walking for ...over past a decade. For instance, I probably need to take class or 2, someone to show me how to do some weight lifting safely. The thing with me, I'm abit geospatially challenged, so I needed dearie to show me certain routes and how to join multiple routes together for a much longer route.Then later I would do on it my own and build up my knowledge, not just by looking at the bike map. Going on a long group rides might have not helped me because I would be worrying, trying to keep up and not paying attention to certain landmarks to memorize the route.
  3. Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington.... and I growing up on English language TV, no Hollywood handsome Asian guys. (And we are still waiting for many different guys to fit this bill in 2021 on Hollywood and in series) Not interested in Hong Kong movie stars when I was young since they are culturally different.
  4. Of course, I do this to my resume...always for my entire career: Minorities Who 'Whiten' Job Resumes Get More Interviews - HBS Working Knowledge Of course, I include cycling in extra-curricular....not just because I live it as a lifestyle for many years....but hey, cycling is the recent new "golf", as business networking activity. For instance, all the valuable volunteer work I've done where it's participating in volunteer board meetings/discussions on race relations, perception, building understanding with other parties ....it's not reflected at all my resume. I would have to name 2 organizations which includes ethnicity/race. Even if I didn't name the organizations, just saying race relations, would probably 'cause discomfort among some recruiters and peg me as a rabble-rouser. I'm not that dumb. Corporate cultural fit is what they are looking for also. But learning how to articulate difficult concepts to others and learning from others how they speak and put forth a position in a logical argument, has been instrumental in growing myself and skills transferable to my paid jobs. The article covers a research study done at the University of Toronto, undertaken by Harvard Business School where resumes the last names of applicants were changed to Eurocentric (not asian-sounding) and just to compare shortlisting by resume screeners.... it's very interesting and does show bias ...just even on the last name.
  5. Meanwhile coming back to the present... 2021 Whenever we (office workers) for our organization are required to return back to office building, I'm not especially looking forward waiting around in winter for train while people wander about. I feel safer cycling to work around the city and the odd time I've had to drop by the building to print stuff off, spend a few hrs. because remoting into network didn't work... The attacks on Asians in North America during covid, usually have been the victim is alone/unaccompanied or is smaller in build. My nieces and nephews are aware they can "pass" to be white..which means they can hear and witness things that are racist because others may not know they were partially non-white. This is why it is important they develop a clear understanding and above all, comfort level of their own racial identify, understand 2 parts of their family lineage and the different overlapping histories that comes with it. And the fact it is advantage, though there will be times, they wish they didn't have to explain anything /defend anything. This year, our organization did have some employee group sessions on discussing how to change dialogue, inclusivity. Over 100+ employees joined in the session. I found it (not surprisingly) not great. 3 people were co-facilitating,....1 was South Asian, 1 was black and latter was white. Alot of participants in chat were....white. I knew there were a number of Asian employees, etc. there. I'm just telling you all, just the topic is complex that it's hard enough for those of us who have experienced certain things in a career, to even properly and neutrally explain what happenend.
  6. I don't have a problem if you mention about going to Catholic schools when your mother is Jewish. Clearly she was more "liberal" by allowing you to go there or? Or maybe it was just limited choice and proximity of school for you, Page?
  7. Some half-Chinese niece and nephews. Oldest niece. I really like it she doesn't spend much time trying to look beautiful on her social media. She is married after all. In her latest rom-com, she has 1 main character from a family like ours, immigrant parents from village on mainland China, whereas other character's family are more recent immigrants from HK. I'm glad she's figuring out these cultural nuances ...probably because she has a number of friends from both backgrounds, plus her high school by coincidence has alot of Asian descent students...which is not surprising in Toronto....it is like parts of California. Her brother who is married to a Russian immigrant. She came as a teen at the time. Another nephew..below from a different family. Hair is getting long.
  8. It's only in the past 15-20 years, I"ve noticed more immigrants from Mexico and some of the Central and South American countries in the cities where I've lived. To me, they don't look Asian at all. And we already have sufficient folks in the big Canadian cities where I've lived, with ancestry from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malayasia and Cambodia as my visual reference point. I suppose those from Nepal and some Filipinos...to me look closer to Hispanic (well, actually some of them do have Hispanic ancestry since Philippines were colonized.) Is it funny that we all look alike? Only amongst these other groups...it's an in joke. Not in the bigger world, when some folks bitch/get overly concerned about "too many" immigrants:....get over it. There's more and more 3rd, 4th generation Americans and Canadians now. I've had some Filpino-Canadians tell me after knowing each other for awhile...which side of their family/relative, is Chinese. And of course, they ask where I'm from...which I'm never offended if it's another Asian descent asking me. I'm not offended, because we are trying to figure out family, even linguistic cultural reference..what we may or may not have in common at all.
  9. I've been thinking for last few years this is true for me as well...I notice when I do certain stretching exercises.
  10. To me you look more Hispanic in features. Now if I wasn't expecting a phone call in a few min., would have latest pics of growing nieces and nephews here.
  11. Or maybe you just don't give a flip or wasn't paying attention. Clearly the Asian guy on left, tans very well. And he is Asian descent just by his facial structure and features.
  12. For the lst time in my life with a white close friend I've known for the ..past 3 decades, we did discuss some recent racial incidents. She brought this up to me: She is overseeing a project to "decolonize" the database catalogue in terms of the thesaurus. It is modernize and more accurate neutral metadata/indexing terms ie.: not Eskimo, but use Inuit, not just native Indians, but use other terminology that more accurately distinguishes First Nations...which is an incredible diverse group peoples....ie. Plains Indians...several different groups, then there are lots of direct dialects, etc. She thought the committee members were too narrowly focused on their own pet versions. I said to her borrow from another university library who have these project led/worked on by First Nations librarians (University of BC, University of Manitoba,etc.). Save yourself time. Her group was led by Metis librarian (half French and half First Nations) from a Canadian university but he suddenly dropped out only after 2 months. We both felt it seemed wrong, in fact he left the university. She told me how he was questioned at a conference when he and others were presenting on this work. Some were questioning his expertise. My friend had great difficulty verbalizing to me why it all felt wrong. I drove the stake right out: "this is fuckin' insulting. Are people not understanding that is insulting? Were we any better taking a thesaurus on a body of knowledge that we didn't know deeply?" It's ok, she's close friend..middle class, British. She's read my blog: Bumping into the Personal: From Museum Exhibits to Identity, Anti-Asian Sentiment and Activism. Part 2. – Cycle Write Blog (wordpress.com)
  13. Well the lst 2 paragraphs, was incredibly pointed about some group of people. What is the demographic composition of your neighbourhood in the last 5-10 yrs. ? There was no reason for the butting in line woman, not to thank you. She didn't need to look at you, but at least speak in your direction. Can I be honest? based on dimly of photo I've seen vaguely. you look more white to me. I am saying this since as you know I have 2 sets of nieces and nephews (4 kids in total) from 2 sisters who are Chinese-Caucasian. 3rd sister has 3 full-Chinese Canadian kids. So I'm amazed how these other people are making alot of assumptions. I can tell you have lived a racially mixed life...not just because details about your mom and dad, but how you seem to understand instinctively things I've said related to race, culture and language.
  14. When I'm cycling, depending on the weather conditions, sometimes I have to wipe tears from eyes ....cold temperature from warm indoor temp., or sun beating into my eyes too long. Of course, problem of snot while riding after awhile..
  15. Not worried about virus spreading.. 'cause it's just me around here. Usually when I come home, I inevitably wash my hands or turn on water to feel water temp.
  16. I can still squat like this little tyke and all babies.
  17. Women with long hair below their armpit, etc. I've noticed tend to stroke their hair... Or much longer hair. I've noticed it on women with fairly long hair, in their 30's, 40's, etc. at meetings. One thing: may not be a good idea to do it at a job interview. With short hair, I lost that habit several decades ago, unless my overgrown bangs are hanging in my eyes...and that's while I'm cycling, not sitting at meetings. Sometimes I might prop my chin under my hand at a lengthy videocam meeting. I've reached a point, that I don't need to be perfectly stone straight on camera while listening to colleagues.
  18. I used to do that unconsciously, tie my shoe in the air while standing on one foot....that was 25 yrs. ago. Dearie was amazed when he saw it. 13 Standing Yoga Poses to Improve Your Balance | Livestrong.com 10 looks like a good start for anyone, other than the tree pose. See this. Very interesting: The ability to balance on one leg for 20 seconds is a sign of a healthy brain — Quartz (qz.com) So let's practice...for our brain too. Excerpt:
  19. I think there was a guy who made it to the NHL from our high school also. Sittler? Wow. Yes, had read Gladwell was from Waterloo County. However, several kids in my class, went on to do well in other pursuits within their professions.
  20. I thought I was going to open thread about...the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. TSO is playing in background for piece below. Catherine Daniel, mezzo-soprano. She's belting a number from the Messiah. It's a piece normally sung by guy. She adds wonderful rage, resolve. Yes, that place is permanent in downtown Toronto. Toronto is pretty dynamic and kick-ass of all cities where I've lived.
  21. I haven't checked our vax, covid numbers and those who resist. To me, if there are enough folks who have moved in from another province /country, that can change the tenor of the dialogue or simply greater awareness to push past "stereotypes" which sometimes it's true in some quarters. Just 1 yr. prior to covid start, the provincial premier was polling Albertans if interested in separation from Canada. This little movement now will be shot down for a long time: covid has made it screamingly obvious we absolutely need the federal government to communicate across the provinces, make health care funding transfers to provinces, deal with our borders, the level of coordination required when our hospital ICUs were full, we were transporting covid patients..to another province! Now with the floods in B.C., is a very stark illustration how any province under disaster stress can't fund their flood repair/mitigation work independently. (Alberta had its own flood river disaster a few years ago which required capital funding from provincial and federal govn't.) If anything covid has amplified our interdependencies among provinces and at the national level.
  22. She sounds like she may be ok in the end if she has self-discipline on the job which could translate well/help her overall. Hopefully she sees this in herself /himself.
  23. We had a dusting. And may not get snow until in a few days. It's been remarkably snow-free for ...so long and generally sunny this month. This is actually very weird /abnormal for so long for us ..meanwhile on other side of the Rocky Mountains in B.C., hellish rains flooding and destroying alot of property.
  24. I read somewhere that for transgendered folks, the suicide risk is high. Becoming a woman, you really have to put up with how you might be treated by some folks. Sorry, I know we live in the 21st century but not in all quarters of society, being woman is being heard equally or being viewed as "aggressive" when the woman is merely being assertive. Coming out as a gay in North America these days, maybe a tad easier in terms of acceptance by friends, family and society.
  25. Becoming or being transgender maybe pretty tough going. Truly becoming, transgender is really the frontier specially if one takes the medical route for permanent bodily change. Changing one's body to another gender via surgery and hormone therapy...is a very serious matter. Then there's the whole psyche adaptation. Dearie's brother's stepdaughter became transgendered..became a guy. For the longest while, the family didn't hear much about her. All I know is her mother, has difficulty accepting this. Don't where the money comes from for surgery... the family doesn't have it.
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