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  1. shootingstar's post in so need to see this movie was marked as the answer   
    Yup and only certain "facts" evidence are selected.
    I actually don't exist in the minds of some folks or that was the pic they were trying to craft. 
    At work, my boss and her boss, are avoiding talking to 1 of our internal lawyers, on a matter that I handled  with one lawyer who passed the decision to a new incoming lawyer. LIke they seem afraid to talk to him. He's not god, for Pete's sake.  You see, we can't put other people on pedestals. Big freakin' mistake. 
    I'm intrigued on the job, how some people have a hard time just describing a situation as it is, instead of this jungle of obsfuscation, tiptoeing through the tulips avoidance.
    I live in a different universe or I was born in a different family universe. Sheesh.
  2. shootingstar's post in Kim's Convenience was marked as the answer   
    We didn't spend time when we were in Seoul to see if there were 711 stores...
    The Canadian show "Kim's Convenience", is probably known by some English-fluent Koreans in big cities... 
    We found a tiny mom-daughter dinner place.  I'm about to eat octopus from that big huge savoury  crepe dish. In front of me, in steel bowl...is actually restaurant's version of bimbap. No, it wasn't on sizzling hot stone.  
    And it was all an authentic, healthy meal. Actually I only had a bit of kimchi...I was getting tired of seeing kimchi (I know there are different versions/mixes) with many of their dishes.

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