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  1. The Android's Dream, by John Scalzi Mobituaries, by Mo Rocca We may be brothers. I LOVE OMW. What a great story. "Tell me about her." & "Sometimes, you just gotta hit the road!" The Churn is great for the background to the main stories. Have you read any of the other novellas?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSHd2rnkRTE
  3. 2Far


    Yeah, unless he was holding the gun to her head, I don't see him being criminally responsible. Brandon Lee was killed in a similar incident:
  4. Human Performance. Confined Space Entry (limited audience)
  5. It was just the way he was, or maybe the Sea of Galilee has some divine power
  6. Yeah, funny as hell guy, but a lot of N-words. Part of the schtick, I guess.
  7. While i did not know the stats, I realized a while ago that there was a strong link to water & Spectrum kids.
  8. Nope. However, I will say that I was on a fishing trip with a bunch of my buddies & we saw a spectral form walking on the water towards us & we all though it was a ghost. Turned out it was our buddy Hay-sus just making us look foolish again.
  9. Hard to say, I'm thinking about back to pre-covid. My biggest jam was the 0.8 miles to the next main road from my house. Elementary school at the light, .2 miles later another light. Since 2/1/2020, it has been under construction, took out the school light put in a circle, extending & adding lanes. It was going to be better either way. Evenings, it is way down, but an extended lane & the circle really keep things moving.
  10. LOL, that's what I was going to suggest.
  11. I kind of echo what I read about it last week, paraphrasing, "Yeah, if my daughter & her BF went on a camping trip, and he came back without her, the BF woulda disappeared too."
  12. 2Far

    Junk Drawer

    As a matter of fact, I was.
  13. 2Far

    Junk Drawer

    In a strange twist of time, space, & fate, ditto.
  14. The JimmyJohns oatmeal raisin cookies are great (and big). Oreo thins & Oreo double stuff
  15. I saw that this AM, It's a "Keeper"!
  16. The right coast of SA is pretty dangerous for a lot of very toothy reasons.
  17. 2Far

    Play nice

    ? I always miss the controversial stuff.
  18. I read on the internet that PETA is going after him for assaulting that deer.
  19. Its what the previous guy mounted his wall-mounted bike storage bracket to.
  20. Day-um! You got to drive a new car to school?!
  21. I think the Roth option is more geared for folks who are likely to have so much money put away in a 401(k), that when the mandatory withdrawals hit, they will be in a higher income bracket. Alas, that is unlikely to be me.
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