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  1. 2Far

    Hey Further!

    Is your A. C. running?
  2. 2Far

    Hey Further!

    Is your A. C. running?
  3. 2Far

    Hey Further!

    Is your A. C. running?
  4. Mine was a '70 Malibu, 307ci, auto.
  5. 2Far

    Today is

    My sis in Joisey said that she gets more each week now on UI than she cleared in her biweekly pay.
  6. 2Far

    18 years ago

    Time to go back to work. Yeah, he's old, unlikely to see the ROI on a steel roof.
  7. 2Far

    41 years

    WooHoo! Congrats on the marathon.
  8. HBD, VDC. There's a name out of the past.
  9. Kind bar & coffee @ 0530 and a banana @ 1000. Pretty hungry by lunchtime.
  10. Gym. 20 minutes on the DM: full set of weight machines; PTs; stretched a little. Will have +10k steps today.
  11. I am not on the kind of drugs that would have caused me to forget that I'm off on Friday.
  12. 2Far

    Dating, RG style

    In this scenario, does he still have both his kidneys?
  13. 2Far

    Dating, RG style

    Maybe he's caught in a two-dimensional world?
  14. Wasn't he the Jewish opera singer?
  15. 2Far

    These are EVIL

    I like the Bg Kat. Dunno, its something about the surface area to volume ratio that I think I can taste a hint of raisins, kinda like the old Chunky bars
  16. An hour & a small piece on the dreadmill (end of RD episode), chasing toddler ever since. I’m ready for a nap.
  17. An hour on the dread mill before the toddler got up. Been chasing her ever since.
  18. Well, I’ll be in the office FT next week. 40 hours (32 + holiday pay) it’ll be nice after the last 3 weeks of +60 hrs and 20 hours of driving.
  19. 16 miles except mid summer. But I work for a construction company, so YMMV.
  20. I took 1/2 an Ambien. Out from ~12:30-7:30.
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