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  1. smudge

    6/23 miles & such

    9 miles on the skinny. No fear of heart attack today. Much better!
  2. smudge

    Good morning!

    Morning all! Sunny and cool here. Perfect. Looking forward to a ride on the Hei Hei later.
  3. smudge

    A few more from today

    Cute crooked face on the red Barn. What's the deal with the textured fields? Is that via a drone??
  4. smudge

    I am a happy camper

    Sheesh! Good work!
  5. smudge

    2018-06-22 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!
  6. smudge

    A few from today

    Perfect lighting in the first one.
  7. smudge

    VW Passat, GMC Acadia or Nissan Pathfinder

    Ohh, you just like that one because it's red.
  8. smudge

    Rain rain rain

  9. smudge

    First Podium in short track

    Way to gut it out G!!!!! And first place for best smile and enthusiasm! Not my kid, but I am still super proud!!!
  10. smudge

    I got chased out of the shower truck

    Gotta be a strong woman to do these rides! Atta girl, PP!!!!
  11. smudge

    Day 3..it has "cooled off"

    I hope your accommodations are more comfortable than this!
  12. smudge

    Day 3..it has "cooled off"

    I saw that tree and declared, "Shawshank!"
  13. smudge

    Roots suck

    When was the last time you rode a bike?
  14. smudge

    6/20/18 miles and such

    The Hei Hei, ya goofus!
  15. smudge

    2018-06-20 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday!!