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  1. smudge

    2018-12-13 Birthdays

    Yay!!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great start to a great year!!
  2. smudge

    A couple images of pups playing in the snow

    Psht! He's smart!! Let the one with the long legs break trail!! I finally learned that last winter when snowshoeing with DoSmudge1. I realized SHE has been the one getting into running AND she's 20 years younger than me! Break trail, girl!!
  3. smudge


    You have to control it. It will grow like a bad weed once it takes hold. Then again if it's Chinook, that's not a real bad problem to have.
  4. smudge

    A couple images of pups playing in the snow

    Doesn't seem to slow him down any. I like happy animals.
  5. smudge

    I just bought a bag of apples

    I'm all about Macs. There is a WI farm that local grocery stores get them from, and they are super good. Mmmmmm, I love Macs.
  6. smudge

    So, mr. has discovered The Container Store.

    HoSmudge is all about organization. Every wall of our large garage has peg board and tons of things hanging. (Dude, there is a carburetor section!) His tool cabinets are also very organized. Ask him where any tool is, and he can tell you which tool cabinet, which drawer, and what it's stashed under! He's not quite into the small containers though. Good luck, roadsue!
  7. smudge

    I won an award

    There we go! THAT's the important question!! :)
  8. smudge

    Buh-Bye Voyager 2

    That sort of shit just boggles my poor little brain. But I like it! Amazing shit.
  9. smudge

    Snow down south

    I'm excited for you! Make sure you tell us how much they love you and want you to start right away!!
  10. smudge

    NFL Sunday

    How bout that smudge?? 153 fantasy football points!!!! Whoo hoo!
  11. smudge

    Snow down south

    Any of our Texas guys getting snow??
  12. smudge

    A few from this mornings walk

  13. smudge

    I played draft horse today

    Is there room for me to join them?
  14. smudge

    Mmm - now THIS is sliced bread

    You HALVE it?? What are you, a girl???
  15. smudge

    I played draft horse today

    Oh good Lord. It's only 8:07 pm. I feel like it's much later.