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  1. Hey there! Happy Birthday 🎈
  2. Well..... whoever did it last time...... I need the new pic! PUH--LEASE!!!!! It's super cool, and I really like it! PUH_LEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSE! and thank you.
  3. Still waiting for the updated avatar. Just sayin'.......
  4. I might have to get a new one too. The display lights up but the buttons don't respond. Greaaaaaatttt........
  5. Sounds like he is in the right place now! Keep us posted.
  6. This is why we wear chooks and caps; they can be washed.
  7. I love it!!!! This should be the updated avatar fer shure. And @Dottles yes.
  8. Be sure to send your bill to Rubio's. Glad you didn't have to join the heart attack club. How are you feeling now? Doin' ok?
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