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  1. Another great day for a ride

    That is soooooo nice! Pwetty! Oh, is it very cold?
  2. Baby update 3.5 months

    That first lying on her belly pic is nice! I like that she's in focus but the background is not. Like it!
  3. Oct 16 miles and such

    I told you it was wet... Actually pedaling on the fattie... Look at that pitiful, scrawny left leg. sigh.... Believe it or not, it has come a long way in the past 8 weeks.
  4. Oct 16 miles and such

    If none of you slackers will start this thread, I guess I'll have to (sassy!) Went to camp today and brought the fattie. 4.67 miles today!! I was scared to ride it at first; then it was good. I was too scared to ride through all the water holes along the two-tracks and the gravel camp road. (they got 2" of rain Saturday, and the place is still soaked!) I DID get brave on the way back to camp and road through 2 of the lakes across the camp road. I knew they weren't deep, and I had to do it at some point. It was so easy it was fun; I almost turned around and did it again. (blushy) So ya. A safe, successful first ride gettin' back on the fattie. whew!
  5. Ride Videos? Yea or Nay?

    I love the play-by-play. Well explained!! (Still chuckling. Good job)
  6. Healing the broken finger

    Healing seems to take forever. I totally hear ya on that. And I totally agree on getting it to heal properly. That little girl had a volleyball injury; volleyball hit pinkie. Tape is fine. DH f'in crashed! Broke her finger in two places! Totally different injury. Heal well, sister!
  7. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    I'll bet he complains about cold ice cream too. Ugh....
  8. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    Love it. You sound cool. I wanna ride with you. . Ha!!
  9. So today......

    Will you find out if the mass is benign? Please keep us posted. Looks like a nice guy.
  10. Another Bluebird day

    Riding in snow??!! Wish I had been there!
  11. Project fatass

    I may need to steal this for my avatar! Ha!!!!
  12. Does Anyone Here Watch This Old House

    We DVR it and watch it all the time. If HoSmudge could hang with those guys, he'd be in heaven. Bob Vila just seemed too commercial. My mom doesn't care for Norm's looks. We basically shame her out of our house when she does that; we love Norm!! Woodwright Shop. sigh.. He is amazing with all of those hand tools, and my husband loves that show too. I don't know. I'm not sure if it's the silly guy or the hours upon hours it takes to make that stuff the years-ago way; it stresses me out. Then I feel bad 'cuz I know when built with those techniques, that furniture can last generations.
  13. Happy Saturday

    You're such a good Grandpa.
  14. The Possum Incident

    Yup, I agree. When Skunkie is in the garage, I only know he's there because the cats are both intently staring in the same direction. I can't smell the skunk.
  15. The Possum Incident

    I love this story on so many levels! Ha! We don't have possums around here; but I do feed a neighborhood cat, and occasionally a skunk meanders into the garage. I make sure Skunkie is outdoors before closing up for the night. Of course I round up our two cats before closing up...