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  1. smudge

    Awesome Freaking Ride!!!!!

    So very glad you rode there. You really seemed to want to ride it. Glad you had a tour guide!
  2. smudge

    My 9/24 bike ride

    Went to Marquette today to ride the north trails. For some reason I was thinking they are easier than the south trails. Ugh, perhaps not. Actually, I rode 3-4 more miles today than usual; so that probably had something to do with it. I knew what route I wanted to take, so I headed out. It was a little interesting since I had never gone on a lot of it previously, but it was good. On the way back, I knew I had to get on the Penstock trail; so I did. I eventually got there. Problem was that was down by the river. That meant a lot of climbing to get back up to elevation. It's not a long climb, just mostly UP! I'll be honest, I walked a lot. I was quite a way into my day, so I was getting tired. I got to the Blue Heron trail, and that was good. Then THAT trail started going up. Ugh, I didn't remember that much up! By the time I was getting to the end of the Blue Heron trail, my ass was really draggin'. I had already eaten my half a Cliff bar, so I started on my Skratch Labs bar. Ginger and miso; cannot recommend it. So I found this for a distraction. I got to the last half mile of my ride and decided to stay on the gravel road. More uphill!! I ended up walking a little bit. Ugh. I smiled when I saw my truck. I love my truck. I went to the Y for a shower and then to Vango's for supper. Now I'm super tired and would like to go to sleep. Thank you for reading. Nighty night.
  3. smudge

    Cross Or Mtn Bike???

    You want to bring the Anthem. Bring the Anthem. You'll be disappointed if you bring the other bike. Make the time for Blue Diamond. You'll be disappointed if you don't (because you sound like you really want to go there.)
  4. smudge

    Material things or time?

    I used that fantastic line from that fantastic artist for a while as my signature line in my emails.
  5. smudge

    Getting cooler

    Oh that's this week? Still blows my mind that it's being held in the thriving metropolis of Curtis.
  6. smudge

    We must do something evil to the fake Randomguy

    I found Fake Randomguy to be a boor.
  7. smudge

    Getting cooler

    We're getting cool weather now too. Whew, bout time! He's in Big Sky Country. Lots of sun there!
  8. smudge

    Material things or time?

    Like ride bikes of all sorts.
  9. smudge

    I love Swedish People

    Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Swedish pancakes. Mmmm, almost as yummy as Finnish pancakes.
  10. smudge

    I sold my . . .

    Kirby is wise.
  11. smudge

    2018-09-22 Birthdays

    Hap-py Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!! Whoo hoo! (mmmmmm, cake and beer!)
  12. smudge

    New door confused kats

    Menard's. Just like Lowe's or Home Depot.
  13. smudge

    New door confused kats

    Ha! Sounds a lot like our screen door. I replaced all the wheels a couple/three years ago. I replaced the screen with pet thickness screen when I installed this cat door. The screen/French deck door was originally installed around 1990 by HoSmudge.
  14. smudge

    since we are talking e-bikes

    Enlighten me...