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Community Answers

  1. Mine is all that and a big bag of chips.
  2. Wut??!! Happy Birthday, girl!! Hope you have a great day. 🎉
  3. I hate hitting deer, vehicle or snowmobile. Very sad indeed. I try to convince myself it's best the dumb ones like that are taken out of the gene pool. Still makes me sad.
  4. Hundreds of dollars for brakes turns my stomach. Makes me appreciate HoSmudge more every day.
  5. A couple short rides on the Roubaix and some gravel/woods riding on the Hei Hei. Not nearly enough of either.
  6. As a matter of fact they ARE shutting down the Wentzville, MO plant for two weeks. Great. Just great. My new Colorado was scheduled to be built this coming week. sigh....
  7. He pushes them back BEFORE taking it apart. The.puston stays put, so no clamp needed prior to reassembly. Easy peasy.
  8. Nope. He doesn't need it.
  9. Fingers crossed McCaffrey can stay healthy.
  10. HoSmudge just uses a big flathead screwdriver to pry them back before taking them off.
  11. Hey, happy birthday!!!! Got plans?
  12. HoSmudge's riding lawn mower needs repair. The ring gear on the flywheel is plastic and lost a lot of teeth. We won't worry about the snow throwers until we get a big snow storm. So probably a few weeks. 😆
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