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  1. Pretty much by the second quarter. I didn't think they'd win, but geez....
  2. I'm not working today. My cold went into high gear yesterday evening. I called in sick. Bugger of it is the sun is out and I really want to climb to the tops of the snowbanks and shovel off the tops a few feet. Getting tough to throw snow up there! But I know I barely have enough energy to climb up there much less chop and throw snow.
  3. My post nap snack???? I am SO moving next door!
  4. smudge

    Hold my beer

    Huh. I was gonna say I'd do it. But everyone else seems to think it would be dumb.
  5. I was supposed to do laundry today, but I had enough work yesterday and again today. Watching football now.
  6. smudge


    Probably peed his drawers all the way down. This way he got to rinse them out.
  7. You have Menards there??!! Heck ya I can move there! (Still hate the Vikings though. )
  8. OMG, we got at least 6" of snow. HoSmudge is at camp cleaning up that snow, so I got to take care of snow here. Four hours. Part of that was replacing a missing bolt on the snowthrower. Part of it was clearing sidewalks for the neighbors. I missed lunch. Was 5:00 when I got done. I was going to get a 6" chicken sub from Subway. I was so hungry and tired, I went to the Buck Inn and got a half pound burger with sweet potato fries to go. It didn't have a prayer!
  9. OMG, my grandmother made fantastic pierogies! Her parents came here from Poland, but all the kids were born here. The fillings included mashed potatoes and cheese, sauerkraut, sweet cabbage, cottage cheese....hmm, I think that's all. I was amazed when in NYC and found a place that made pierogies very similar to my grandmother's. My grandmother never made duck pierogies, but the restaurant did; holy crap they were fantastic!
  10. HoSmudge's cat has me pinned. I really do have to get outside to deal with the snow, though.
  11. So after the initial excitement they slept well? Did you sleep well? Agility show??
  12. U-haul has a long connection. I noticed it when I used one. It was weird.
  13. Driving in that crap with a trailer? Whew! Stay safe!
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