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  1. Damnit! Scrapr is wise. I didn't take all that into consideration. sigh...
  2. Apparently I used my air dam as a snowplow. It sits a little cattywhumpus.
  3. Nope. The Silverado is a fine work truck, but it ain't no Colorado. I almost got a Silverado, but at the last minute I backed out. The Colorado is more fun and way sexier. Ha!
  4. smudge

    Fish are now here

    Wait, what? You hand feed them? The anemone? I know nothing of these. Please explain.
  5. Found this surprise with my stuff last weekend when in GR. Daughter's sig other works for a company that imports and sells Dutch foods. Not sure why they have this, but I was glad the Easter Bunny left me something international.
  6. I've never had one. Don't like the idea of all that wasted electricity. Don't like the idea of the wasted water. And I'm assuming the chemicals have to be harsh since the dishes come out clean with no actual scrubbing. Not a fan.
  7. smudge

    Spring at camp

    It was a gorgeous spring day at camp yesterday. It's not on any Great Lake, so the temp was a balmy (hot!) 66°. A lot of the snow is gone, but the snowbanks and a lot of snow in the woods is still there. Of course my trail is good and solid, so it will be one of the last things to melt. (sigh) I walked my trail, and I have to say I will miss the snow. I think we bonded. I really enjoyed snowshoeing up there this winter. I'll be going up again Tuesday; might be one of my last chances to walk the snow. I brought both dirt bikes with me. I rode the skinny on the camp road, but I probably should have ridden the fattie. The road was soft and in some places really wet. I walked through this the first time but tried riding it on the way back. That was a no. There is a large, open wet spot/swamp farther down the road. It's usually obviously wet, but yesterday it was a lake! Good thing for the culvert under the road so the water has some place to go. It was a really good day. I totally enjoyed the full day of sun and the warm, T-shirt weather. Oh ya! HoSmudge invited me stick around for porterhouse steaks on the grill. He kept an eye on them while I sauteed some mushrooms and made a pasta salad. Yup, a good day!
  8. smudge

    Do you whistle?

    I often times don't even realize I'm whistling. Usually when the radio is on. I don't think I just whistle as I'm doing stuff. I can whistle loudly too. I like whistling.
  9. I never know which one to change.
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