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  1. Tell her to learn how to park.
  2. I mean, what's she gonna do.... complain to the board president???
  3. I like the blue rope. It's pretty.
  4. My daughters have a 7pm to 5 am curfew tonight and tomorrow. Hang tight PP. Hope this settles down soon.
  5. We only have the two boys right now. My girl died almost a year ago, but I don't have the heart to "replace" her yet.
  6. Especially when I'm working on my shed. And using tools.
  7. OMG,< insert drool emoticon here>
  8. I already had blueberry pancakes, but I'm down for some Mexican eggs....
  9. I am measuring, cutting, painting, an installing trim around my new window.
  10. Hmm, I read that site a bit. Very interesting. Makes my cast iron pan seem like not as much work as I thought. I like that site for the info. Thanks!
  11. Will the transfer be ok for them? They won't get shocked from different water?
  12. My shed isn't nearly as "glamorous" as that. Has tools, ladder, seeds for woodland creatures, work bench....stuff like that. And I love it 😍
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