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Community Answers

  1. Merrell is ok, but I'm a Salomon gal.
  2. I thought the original point was to hang the yard tools. Well, ok.
  3. Umm, how would they hang?? You need the working end to "catch" on the hanger.
  4. I second that idea for legs to the floor.
  5. Had a great night's sleep last night in the loft.
  6. I generally get Holiday gas, but I've noticed BP gives me way better gas mileage.
  7. smudge

    Free Ride!!!!

    Hills never photograph well. Sounds like a hearty ride!
  8. Our steam and gas show is Labor Day weekend, and very similar to this! I love hearing the hit and miss engines. I can't believe you sat for the whole parade!
  9. smudge


    Ooof, ya that's gonna be tough. Well, if she's had enough.... Her decision. 💜
  10. sigh.... Such a hard thing. Sorry, Maxx.
  11. It's ok. I found it. I think you showed us its best attributes anyway.
  12. Because we all know people who have cats do NOT get alone time in the bathroom....
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