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  1. smudge

    Hey PP, how are you doing today?

    @smudge is a big fan of Skratch too. Take care PP. If we lived closer, I'd drop off some Skratch.
  2. smudge

    Hey PP, how are you doing today?

    Geez, what the heck is going on with her belly??!!
  3. I just read your puking post from yesterday. Geez, you passed out in the hall?? How are you, @petitepedal?
  4. smudge

    2019-02-15 Birthdays

    Happy birthday! We'll need a report tomorrow to let us know who took you to dinner and all that jazz. I hope you have a great day!
  5. smudge

    Birthday Bot fail

    Darn, i missed this! Happy Birthday a day late.
  6. smudge

    Lad at rest

    He may be resting, but the outside play ball is still close by.
  7. smudge

    Is Petite Moving To Oklahoma?

    It looks as though the US is aging 'cuz everything is sagging!!
  8. smudge

    Critters in the early afternoon

    Looks like a great winter day! And that hay looks yummy! Is it really that green?? I would love to shove my face in there and inhale so hard I suck all the delicious aroma out of it. Seriously. Now, what sort of surgery did Duke have??
  9. smudge

    Should men be scented?

    I like when a guy has just a hint of a nice scent. Like he has to walk past me for me to notice it. For some reason HoSmudge got into the Sweet Pea scented face wash from bath and body works. It was nice; he only used it to wash his face in the morning. They don't have it in the foaming version any longer, so he switched to Japanese cherry blossom. I actually like that one better.
  10. smudge

    Black Lincoln lambs enjoying the heat lamp

    I want to say I love that first pic, but in reality I love them both! But that expression on the little guy in the first pic along with his coloring.... Ha!! Love it.
  11. Yup, black ice. That's my concern about precipitation at that temp.
  12. I sure hope your temps either start dropping so that precipitation only falls as snow or warms up a ton to change it to rain. That's a dangerous temp range for precip.
  13. Around here we call that Tuesday.