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  1. smudge


    Ya know how they call Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes? The UP is the land of 10,000 Maki's. Ha! My favorite one to say is Etelamaki. My maiden name is Finn, but it's not Maki. Would have involved a lot less spelling out my last name to people! Ah well. I yam what I yam.
  2. smudge


    I like it!!!! Didja roast the seeds? Mmmmm...
  3. I say this one a lot. "As a wise old sailor used to say, 'I yam what I yam.'". I usually say this when explaining why I was written up again at work.
  4. Yay! I'll grab my tool belt and be there in a few hours!!
  5. That is definitely the plan! 👍
  6. This Is what I buy. I was afraid it would be dumb, but it's really yummy. I recommend it.
  7. The full squish on my Hei Hei is amazing even when pedaling through the woods on a deer trail. It cracks me up how nice that is!
  8. Do you have to plug in the trailer electricity to something, or do you carry batteries/solar? I know you have a nice set-up, but I forget the particulars!
  9. I've got the Big Buddy (Mr. Heater) for the shed. I bought a brand new 20# tank last winter, and that is great; don't have to mess with the little green cans and pray they don't run out in the middle of the night! I like to refill my tanks at a local tool rental place. Only costs 50 cents a pound. Cheaper for me to refill there than to buy it directly from the propane company that supplies them... and the pig at camp! Whatever...
  10. Well, I mean I haven't had an opportunity to try them on the highway in snow yet. Weird considering this crazy October weather this year!
  11. Got em last Friday. Lotsa sipes, should be good for ice and snow. I really like them so far. Firestone Destination AT2.
  12. Did you top off your propane tank for heat in the trailer??
  13. Nah. I just scam it. His eyes did get pretty big when I told him I could do it and watch episodes of Dr. Pol on my phone in the loft! (DirecTV and HoSmudge's wifi)
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