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  1. I didn't expect this thing to be this "big"; it was supposed to be a little 6x6 shed. Then I started having fun with it! I enjoy working on it and just having something I built. So I need to heat it for the cold months. Not continuously like a home, but I want to be able to walk in to a warm shelter. I currently have a Mr. Heater Big Buddy in there. Now that I've closed up some air loss areas and added some insulation, the Mr. Heater does a decent job. But it goes through a lot of propane....I think. I was thinking of getting a 100# tank from the place that refills the pig we have for camp. They can refill it when we need a refill for the pig. I'm wondering if there is a way to get a small wood burning stove for my small space. I think most of the expense would be in the piping. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. I got to camp the other day and while the propane heater was warming up I burned some frozen food boxes in the garage burner. Instant heat! And lots of it! Yes, I know how to work a wood stove. I'm just not sure I can find a small set-up for the shed. I have been eyeing up the Survivor Cub Stove, but I'm still not sure. Cub stove
  2. How does your daughter feel about the dog?
  3. Sounds like the boss is tough to work for. Feel bad for the nurse left behind. Stupid boss!
  4. "Flat Basset" Oh boy.... Ha!!
  5. Wow! Should be a party somewhere! Happy birthday guys!!
  6. Looks like he did a nice job with the stitches. Lots of antibiotics?
  7. Even one of those barrels would take up a lot of space. And I already realize the money is in the chimney. sigh...
  8. Wait do I <heart> this or < cry> it???
  9. Holy shit, that's a big one. Hugs and vibes...
  10. Was it a major attack?? I sure hope not.
  11. I have a Mr. Heater Big Buddy. It goes through a bit of propane. I'd really like to get a small woodstove, but they are stupid expensive!
  12. DoSmudge2 let me know about some solar Christmas lights at Dollar General. I will put them on the tree by my shed today. Was gonna do it yesterday, but I was very busy with insulation.
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