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  1. smudge

    Need a vet

    We need an update. Come on, Paulie; you got this!
  2. I didn't think you needed to have it on at all times. Ugh....
  3. That's totally frustrating. Speedway is my go-to when downstate. I don't know why, maybe the points? Sometimes Speedway drive me nuts, sometimes I love Speedway. But that experience was ridiculous!!
  4. What a prick. I'm glad they didn't harass you further. Did you catch a couple more perch for a nice dinner? (I love perch)
  5. So you're more of a brownies guy than a cake guy?? Happy birthday, and celebrate however the hell you want!! 👍
  6. Exactly!!!!! Oh wait...have you found the puddle IN the house?
  7. Holy cow. For a couple minutes there I thought @bikeman564™ got hitched to BCC! Or @Longjohnand Nancy took the plunge!! I thought, "I need to check in more often!" Whew!
  8. Fer shure!! These things are the size of peas!
  9. Ya, on ME! 😭
  10. Actually, there could be more because we have many wild strawberry plants at camp. But I found this one and grabbed a quick pic. I was being swarmed and bitten by a ton of teeny bugs. I had to run! Anyway, I found one little berry.
  11. Definitely fake pills. 😋 Sorry about the absurd back pain though. Dammers.
  12. I say if you're truly interested, make the drive.
  13. Flats with pins in the Hei Hei and fattie, traditional pedals on the Sirrus, Shimano 105's on the Roubaix.
  14. I say do it. What else ya got to do, ya retired bastard. Hell, I buy my trucks from a dealership in Grand Rapids...6 hours away.
  15. Either way, diapers in a pool = 🤢
  16. Happy Birthday, man!! 🎉
  17. And my red truck always has a dusting of yellow (pollen). Take care Jim. We need our weather reports!
  18. smudge

    I am packed

    They are finding me quite yummy this year. And the big flies are biting like crazy!
  19. smudge

    I am packed

    Soooooo.... You're at Lake Superior?? 😋
  20. Happy Birthday 🎉
  21. smudge

    Oreo Swirl

    I see 3 happy snugglers. 🥰
  22. Maxxi!!!! Happy Birthday, man!! Hope it's a great start to a great year.
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