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  1. I have this week off. I want to go to camp, but why? The temps will be in the 90's; too hot for me. 😭
  2. One can never have too much land.
  3. I've always said value doesn't matter. I'm building this place for ME. The future owners are just gonna tear it apart and personalize it for THEM anyway.
  4. You won't have to build one wall, however there is the expense of making it a fire barrier. We love having the garage attached. Convenient on many different levels.
  5. Nope. I went outside around 10 am to stand there holding a hose to water the raspberries. I worked up a sweat standing there. It's an inside day all around.
  6. Don't be offended @Dottles. @petitepedal is just expressing the Midwesterner in her. We're like that. 💪
  7. Ha!! This fer shure!
  8. smudge

    Day trip.

    Well those pictures are nice, but no pics of lunch???!!
  9. Sadie is wise as "she never even 'woofed' at these bears."
  10. Holy cow, that's still a lot. But I'm glad we don't have to worry about you and the ridiculous heat.
  11. Cute!!!!! P.S. I hope you had a super zoom lens or were downwind so mom didn't notice you!
  12. The quietness of a Wing always makes me chuckle. I don't want aloud bike, but I do enjoy a bit of a rumble. My 750 Honda Shadow had a nice take-off rumble.
  13. Ooooh, send some of that weather our way!!! 70° at 6:30 this morning. Blech
  14. I don't mind the top tube, but they need to straighten out the down tube. I just hope they don't start doing that with the wheels.
  15. smudge

    Mom's new gate

    Mom in the background.
  16. smudge

    Mom's new gate

    Ha!! I'll be sure to let her know she's cute. 😄
  17. I've bought frozen wild blueberries from Maine is what I think the package said. They were pretty good. Now I just pick them at camp. Freeze. Pick from freezer.
  18. smudge

    Mom's new gate

    As usual, it took me three times longer than it should have, but I made a new garden gate for my mom. Believe it or not there were a few challenges for such a simple gate, but I got it! That's my sister with me. She helped me with the install. It was fun, and my mom was happy.
  19. I'll be sure to keep that in mind.
  20. Wow, there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Happy Birthday! Stop in and say hi; we will probably say hi back to you!
  21. Argh!! You're making my shed look like.....a shed! that trailer is looking great!
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