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  1. But I don't want to camp with a bear that has a taste for well-marbled humans like myself! I am ok with it being food for bugs. Where are the pics of the banana peels?
  2. A MONSTER! By the way, I am deep into the 2nd bar. I like the two-tone and the sudsiness of the 2nd one and the smell of the first one better. You make excellent soap!
  3. I won't be going to an inside restaurant until well after a safe (a PROVEN safe) and effective vaccine has been rolled out for at least 6 months. If ALL doors and windows are open, then maybe MAYBE an exception could be made. If a place has put in a new-fangled coronavirus filtration system that sucks exhaled air up and out, then that might be worth another look, provided that testing proves such a system eliminates the vast majority of the air in the place. Eating outside seems relatively safe by all accounts (and, most importantly, scientists and disease specialists). Inside dini
  4. The story is from today, the link in my original post referenced an article about the summer to make a point about how it is now getting worse. We are all gonna die tomorrow, apparently, except people in MI.
  5. Despite making progress after a difficult summer, most of the US is heading in the wrong direction again as the nation closes in on 200,000 Covid-19 deaths. In 31 states, the number of new Covid-19 cases has increased by at least 10% this past week compared to the previous week, according to data Sunday from Johns Hopkins University. Only four states -- Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana and Michigan -- have had decreases of more than 10%.
  6. Quick easy spin, 7 miles.
  7. It is part of any well-balanced diet.
  8. Wow! I have found bear prints near my tent a few times in the morning while camping, I figure everything just travels through and sniffs around to see if there is any food around any campsite.
  9. Plus, I slimmed down and had some age-reversal procedures done!
  10. In field goal range, too. Hey jsharrt, are you excited? The cowboys won! Who woulda thunk it? I sure didn't.
  11. Holy crap, it is a game! Dallas recovered the onside kick, are two points down, and are driving with less than a minute left.
  12. I am sure Amazon had thousands of them, and probably many hundreds of thousands now.
  13. It takes very little time to scan reviews and try a different tire. Plus, aren't gatorskins heavy as hell, ride like shit, and are hard to mount? That was my experience, the only reason I would ever ride those was if I was getting 2 flats every ride. Since I am not, no way. Other conti's are good, the GP 4000 is excellent, the 4 seasons I have had in the past have been very good, also. Edit: Maybe for winter commuting in horrible conditions or on a trainer they would be an ok choice, but that is pretty much it.
  14. I ordered a hoodie last spring, and the size I got didn't work. I then ordered the next size up, but shipping during the pandemic became more than a month before it came, and hoodie season was over. I also rethought the color, and called amazon to send it back when it finally arrived. I got sidetracked continually and there were massive lines at the UPS store for the sendback, plus I rationalized that it was only $20 and it was more for warmth than style, so it never went back. I am wearing it now, and the color has grown on me. It is a little big, but I haven't washed it yet. It i
  15. Probably the beans you ate...
  16. Hmm, when I had a trainer years ago, I noticed the rear tires square off really quickly and wear increased, a lot. I never got a sidewall cut on the trainer, though. Anyway, once I thought a rear tire was cooked from road use, I might save it for the trainer and see how long it would last, then discard when the weather got better. Usually, I would put a sorta worn front tire on the rear wheel for trainer use, though. I like the conti's on the bike I have now. I used to ride Open Corsa tires when I could get them wholesale, despite the shortened wear life, but no tire ever rode bet
  17. Holy crap, the 30's already? Why doesn't Kirby live up there?
  18. I don't feel like it, plus it is cold and I haven't eaten yet today. Screw autumn, it sucks.
  19. It is important information that guides your next tire purchases. If you know the mileage you get, you can buy again if favorable or look at reviews and make a different decision. If you are getting gashes and staying with the same brand, you could then switch to something with a better sidewall. Usually, it is a performance vs. wear vs. grip equation when you are putting in big miles. I suppose it is much easier to gauge when you are putting in 200+ mile weeks, which is when I learned the habit of checking wear, particularly on the rear tire.
  20. If you have one or two primary bikes and a computer on each, it isn't hard at all to keep a running mileage in your head. You should pretty much know , if you are observant, where your tire's mileage is at.
  21. Yeah, that is what I have been doing. Jets are going nowhere with Gase, it seems. I want to see how Trubisky and Jones do (Jones just threw a pick), so that game is a bit more compelling.
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