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  1. But it sounds like you want to bang, though. Is it just me that thinks that?
  2. This. I hate that at least once a week they appear.
  3. I sat in the gym until I roused myself, then I did dumbbell military lifts and curls, then pull-ups, then bench, then straight-bar military lifts. then I drank a protein drink, ate two oranges, then pasta with broccoli, asparagus, and red sauce.
  4. Speaking of good in bed in the regular meaning, I have been phenomenal and also not so good, depending on the chick (more good than bad, I am presuming). Some women you just have dialed in or you can read so intuitively, and some you just can’t read at all. Chicks are difficult.
  5. You know, every now and then I have Lipton, and i am ok with this. Everyday would be problematic, but a couple of times a month is fine. Diner tea.
  6. “I like you, but not as a bang buddy; more like a Ken doll”.
  7. I don’t know, either she is toying with him or she is annoyed that he is toying with her. Somebody will have to dump or get off the pot at some point.
  8. This is just as confusing. What are your intentions? Are you being friend zoned?
  9. I don’t like the “Einstein” name, it sounds like Mr. Aire is being made fun of.
  10. Maybe he is in a “it puts the lotion on it’s skin” scenario. I hope he grabs the doglet if that is the case.
  11. The quotes by those who are confused by the lack of enthusiasm over their face tattoos reveal that you should be at least fifty years old before considering getting your first tattoo.
  12. I am in the YMCA, trying to psych myself up to workout. I feel low energy so I am sitting in the lounge whilst I ramp myself up. The lounge has about eight tables, and a tv, the tv usually has a news channel on. The tv is not on, so it is quiet. I hear a scraping sound. I look over, and sure enough, there is a black dude with a bunch of lottery tickets that he is scratching away on. I am sitting here and wondering why someone, who is obviously a member, would check in and take an elevator to the third floor and sit down with lottery tickets. I am annoyed by this behavior.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-50478621#share-tools You ought to.
  14. I got off a train and had to wait for somebody at Dunkin’ Donuts. I feel very strongly that this place should not exist, but it does. Anyway, I order tea and see the impossible vegan thing, so I order it. They have to make it, so they start on the tea. I am not watching tea prep, but turn around when she is putting the lid on, and it looks wrong. I ask the indian chick to unlid it it and ask what the hell is it that you are trying to serve me. “Tea”, she says. “Why the hell does it not look like tea at all?” I ask. “It is just tea” she says, to which I reply “Why the hell is it all white?” “Well that is the milk”. Geez. She is seriously confused that by asking for tea, I wanted just the damn tea. The impossible sausage sandwich sucked. It was microwaved and really dry. Dunkin’ Donuts should not exist.
  15. I fear he has become involved with one or more fallen women. Discus.
  16. You are confusing me, please define the nature of your relationship so we know best how conduct ourselves inappropriately. Thank you.
  17. So are you guys dating now?
  18. Yay! Please tell her we all said happy birthday! what are the plans for the day?
  19. You people who think dogs are hot are sick.
  20. WRONG! Myles Garret will come out swinging this year, I bet.
  21. Yay! I bet it will feel good to head out on the field again.
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