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  1. YES!!! Thank you, I have been thinking that it is almost violent with it's disregard for the peace and quiet of everyone near it!
  2. New York state has an app, NYC has its own app, NJ has it's own, too. Why hasn't this been simplified so that one app can do the the job in the whole country?
  3. That is sooooo much better than a double sink!
  4. Wow, what a fucking bitch! Being fired for coming into work sick in the middle of a pandemic while unmasked and coughing sounds like a decent start in this case.
  5. So millions of Americans should just lump it and stay destitute because some people don't want to pay the extra quarter for their big mac and fries or 2 cents more for a gallon of gas or milk or sherpa-lined hoodies that only cost $31.80 to begin with? Prices were and are going way up before any of the wage talk made entitled folks go fight a losing PR battle, and rents are pretty damn high already, as high as the markets would bear (as they do). Requiring a livable minimum wage should be able to keep people off of welfare and other social services that the poverty level dwellers need to survive, and reduces the chances that the most desperate will go commit crimes to get money, which also reduces the need for extra police, extra prisons, etc.. If the minimum wage doesn't do that, it should be higher still. Yeah, yeah, I know some asshole or other will say something stupid like "Well where does it all end, why don't we make minimum wage $100/hr already, smart guy", and to that I will ask them to stop being assholes already and you know what I mean. It shouldn't take decades to increase the bare minimum. There aren't too many significant downsides that I can see to paying a livable minimum wage, other than that asshole who owns 94 McDonald's franchises might have to sell one of his vacation homes or other until he figures a way around the higher wages. That prices will go up a percent or two so people can actually have a life that isn't all misery is a thing that I am not so broken up about at all.
  6. I see these cooking shows where some jerkface or other says something like "Thoroughly wash your chicken" and proceeds to fill the sink up and soak the chicken in there for a while. I find this completely disgusting and unrealistic. Most people's sinks are disgusting, mine sure is! To top it off, these tv chefs will then just wipe their hands on some week-old greasy towel and handle all kinds of other kitchen items like spices, plates, platters, silverware, etc. with their unwashed hands. Dumbfucks. I bet your bathroom sinks are gross, too.
  7. Seriously, narc the hell out of that chick!
  8. God, that sucks, I hope it is just a passing thing. People are horrible, a lot of them.
  9. I may have dated around a bit; I am not without charm! I am bummed that I am now old and fat and aren't cute anymore, though. Was it Jerry that said his daughter told him that you get invisible to chicks once you are past 50?
  10. This is truly a win if I have ever heard of one.
  11. I think that was the whole point of that "experiment". He went only to businesses where owners were crying very publicly about their supposed inability to find people to work for them, which turned out to be disingenuous at best. The reckoning IS long overdue, I agree. Leverage needs to be applied when leverage is obtainable. You strongarm your workers long enough, it is cool to get your medicine back at you if your whole business model is based on keeping the poor so poor that they have no choice than to continue slaving for you. Also, based on the previous model changing, do you really need 170 Dunkin' Donuts locations just in Manhattan? How about more than 250 McDonalds in the city? Walk an extra block for the crap food if you need it, I won't cry if half of those places close, although we know that they will find a way to adapt to a new lowest common denominator.
  12. You should have asked for $34K instead of them hiring and training someone new who might not work out. I would have been plenty pissed, too.
  13. Actually, they are not that dissimilar when you think about it. People staffing minimum wage jobs can't afford to live in NYC or LA, they have to come in from a distance. If they can get the same wages and save an hour and a half each way on their commute, they are way ahead of where they were previously. That means LA and NYC businesses have to treat people better and pay them better still to retain them. Here, you have the rich folks crowding out the poor folks, so much so that it has been hard for a while to find decent help in the lower echelons.
  14. The funny thing is I watched the whole clip too, that is some detestable shmoopie action right there. How many scenes from "The Contest" can you recall exactly in photographic detail? I would watch those clips in full again if someone posted them and laugh, just as I would if it were "on tv" when I walked in the room.
  15. That is exactly it, I already know all the scenes and lines from the show. He really did call attention to and educated lots of people about their horrible habits that they were previously unaware of just how annoying they were.
  16. I dated a chick with herpes for a little while about 15 years ago. She told me all about it before our second date and I educated myself about it then, too, all before first bangage. You can only catch it when the other person is symptomatic and you bang. She only had symptoms once when we dated, and we didn't bang for a while to be absolutely sure all would be well. Since we were careful, I knew I was fine. I got myself tested after we broke things off to be sure I was clear (I was officially unherpified). I don't think dudes can unknowingly have it, but I wanted to be sure I wouldn't bang half of New York and spread it around; I am cool like that. She did have a sherpa-lined jacket, though, if I recall correctly.
  17. I know those are just the words of someone with severe Ohio envy, no need to apologize.
  18. Yup. I think lots of folks where one spouse could stop working decided that they were sick of their lives being filled with unnecessary stresses and aggravation for what was not enough to make it worthwhile for them. Plus, with minimum wages going up, lots of previously filled jobs became openings. Time for some change, and this seems fine to me. You gotta admit, that was good pot-stirring while being 100% factually correct and really inarguable except by the most shit-headed amongst us.
  19. If you don't have a livable minimum wage, what happens is what happened until recently. You make the poorest and most desperate out there work three low paying shitty jobs just to survive, and treat them like interchangeable shit and never train them so they can ever aspire to something better. If you have a livable minimum wage (where NOBODY gets rich, a necessary disclaimer for the ignorant fucks that don't think people should be paid for their labor and that those people somehow want to be millionaires for breaking their backs for minimum wage), then those three-income folks can become two or even one-income folks and actually see their kids, have a life, and maybe go take some community college or trade classes to actually better themselves. That leaves businesses with exploitative business models scrambling to find folks who no longer have to take the first crappy job offered and can and will easily walk for better treatment and better pay. Adapt or die, in the survival of the fittest way. Capitalistic Darwinism, isn't that what everyone wants? Oh, some people will cry, bitch, and moan "Oh, what about the poor exploitative business owners that employ the bulk of their workforce at minimum wage, they will never be able to compete with (insert stupid bullshit comparison here) anymore, they need to treat their workforce like slave-owning thugs now more than ever!" Yeah, sure, stump for corporate welfare some more, you useful dolt/pawn of the shitheads!
  20. I just checked, the lining is 100% polyester. Does that make a difference? Same question. This would definitely be layered in the frigid Kirby season of hell.
  21. I would never haul logs wearing an easily tearable expensive layer! I'd love to have one, but that ain't happening anytime soon.
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