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  1. I hope your wife feels better soon.
  2. It’s Tramway Blvd. and lots of cyclists ride the shoulder. I’ve climbed it many times, and at the top you can choose to keep climbing further into the hills at a much steeper grade or turn south and fly along a gradual downhill. It’s where “the fingers” are, turn East off that long downhill and take a few short climbs.
  3. Just felt someone there. Didn’t see a figure.
  4. One of my cycling friends had an air horn attached to his stem when we rode the rural highways for that exact situation. He’d blow a few whoots and the dogs would stop. I’m glad it worked.
  5. Me, too. I’m hoping this is one and done.
  6. Forward-thinking men such as yourself would wear a skirt. It is so 2021!
  7. Flat. Some context: for the last seven years, commuting 14 miles is about the only riding I’d done. And about three out of five days, never when it was raining or snow on the ground. I stopped road riding. I retired at the end of May, and was progressively adding miles and speed to my riding. Then I broke my hand in late August, and I’ve been off the bike.
  8. I disagree. I was in Phoenix last week and saw numerous men in the downtown area who were wearing ties. Edit: this is for the interview. The work site culture may be more relaxed. If not a tie, then a jacket.
  9. You’ll do great in your presentation!
  10. Nicer than normal is a guideline. Wear a dress shirt and tie, slacks, polished shoes. Everything wrinkle free.
  11. About four miles. One mile due East to the foothills, then three miles north to the picnic grounds and trailhead. The road leading up to the site is the “middle finger” of a set of five local hills called “the fingers” popular with cyclists. It’s our favorite picnic site.
  12. Hike and picnic at sunset. The Sandia Mountains turn pink at sunset, but not so much tonight.
  13. If I could choose, no. Even the final love scene from Like Water for Chocolate makes me sad.
  14. No. It isn’t better that people burst into flames. Under any circumstances.
  15. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/stop-using-phony-science-to-justify-transphobia/ https://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2016/gender-lines-science-transgender-identity/ Your daily reminder that a funny joke can also be based on lack of information.
  16. “Manages unexpected circumstances?” Check.
  17. IKR?! And I was on track to big miles by this time, the absolute best time of year to ride. But @az_cyclist and @Longjohn remind us all that there is a time and a season for everything. A time to heal and a time to ride…
  18. I do great on the phone. In person…I get distracted and look around the room too much. So I’ve been told…
  19. Are you in charge of just the muddling through and will delegate any further action, or are you also the person who has to twiddle stuff to come into compliance?
  20. Congratulations! Are they flying you to AZ?
  21. Earth is only one of three elements, the others being wind and fire.
  22. We call it sharing. He knows that I know where my keys are.
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