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  1. I am not surprised to hear this. Question in my mind is whether it was a suicide or he died of being out there after suffering?
  2. No I would not. Too structured. I am however seriously planning a Danube River cruise for 8 days highlighting some wonderful Christmas markets. 125 people on the boat. Really more of a floating hotel. Budapest to Vienna.
  3. Airehead

    Junk Drawer

    Thanks for explaining. I thought it was a dumb ass.
  4. Airehead

    Junk Drawer

    Might be true but I do not want to see a picture of that!!
  5. I,would like to be at either of your houses. I had a pear.
  6. The default should be stream and I pity the fool who changes mine.
  7. You are right. I was trying to forget that.
  8. Airehead


    Who do they contact?
  9. Airehead

    Junk Drawer

    Each person should post a picture of their junk drawer. (NOT their junk pouch!) I am driving home right now to take a picture of our last drawer in the kitchen, right above the cupboard where we keep dog foods, dog medicines, dog vitamins, and stainless steel dog bowls. We do not keep treats in that cupboard because Paulie opens it and takes out treats when we are asleep.
  10. Sounds like the world has lost a smart, kind man. I am sorry.
  11. Airehead


    She is adorable. Do you need me to share it with my TExas people?
  12. I think really the commercials are an indicator of how far the "star" has fallen. For example, I read this, "Actress Charlize Theron has graced the ads of French luxury design house Dior for a few years." Who the heck is Charlize? And this, " With a little help from a clip of Marilyn Monroe and her white dress blowing up over a sidewalk grate, William Defoe plays a cranky Marilyn in this highly popular promotion.." Who the heck is William Defoe? and....Renowned actor and film producer Ryan Reynolds made the news when he and Mint Mobile became involved.
  13. In describing "The Long, Slow, Torturous Death of Zima", writer Brendan Koerner cited Zima's perceived reputation as a "girly-man" beverage and its persistent parodying by late-night TV host David Letterman. The Chicago Tribune reported that distributors were asked to stock "caffeinated alcoholic beverage Sparks on retail store shelves to make up for Zima’s absence". Koerner, which sounds a bit like coroner to me, wrote, “ There are a million ways to slight a rival’s manhood, but to suggest that he enjoys Zima is one of the worst. Zima was the original “malternative”—a family of alcoholic beverages that eventually came to include such abominations as Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Silver—and it has long been considered the very opposite of macho: a drink that fragile coeds swill while giving each other pedicures.“
  14. Apples are cheaper, fresher, and lack,lots of the chemicals store apples have. Plus it is fun. You would get great pictures and make a lifetime of memories. If you would finally plan to come here, we could take RO on a hayride, pick,apples, eat cider doughnuts, and try our luck at the corn maze.
  15. Luxembourg would be top of my list despite some challenges. Lëtzebuergesch (Luxembourgish), French, and German are all official languages but strong French and German language skills are helpful. Many, not all, people, speak some English but it isn’t enough to only speak English. It is expensive. A “secret” many locals use is to go shop in Germany even for every day items like toilet paper. pit can be difficult to find housing. @goldendesign, I admire your planning and courage n
  16. I was trying to figure out how to say just this.
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