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  1. I can manage a 37 million dollar budget, fire people who disrespect the mission, and cry almost every morning when I see the empty playground. Yep, I am that person.
  2. No where near that good or tidy. I said no because I feel for the clerk who didn’t make it rotten but would have to smell it.
  3. Mr. Aire bought a round watermelon. Yesterday, I told him it looked delicious. Tonight, I wiped down the counter, wiped down the watermelon, and reached for a knife. I stuck the knife into the very attractive watermelon. I didn’t get it in but an inch when the whole thing cracked and exploded. Wet, sticky liquid, with an odor so noxious that I can still bring the stench to my mind just by writing this, came blasting out. Literally shooting into the air, hitting the backsplash. Now I know why they call it a backsplash. Then it hit the window and me and ran off the counter into the dish washer. Some ran down the cupboard door. The smell.🤮🤢🤮. Did I mention how bad it smelled? Just awful and the liquid was all over the counter too. Keep in mind, I had only made one small puncture to this melon Typically a kitchen disaster brings the Airedales looking for treats to steal. Not this time, they backed away— far away. I got out a mop, a couple rags, and hot soapy water with non- chemical cleaner. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up. Mr.Aire came in and said, what are you doing?” I tried to explain, yet, he was doubtful. Then I showed him the cracked watermelon shell. There is about half the flesh gone and a big empty cavity. On the outside it still looks lovely. I made him take the bag of smelly waste to the curb. it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I am wondering if it was injected with something as a prank or whether it just rotted internally and fermented. It was bad. The end.
  4. Airehead


    That makes sense. I think tonight may show unrest in your city even more so than last night
  5. I hope there are more peaceful gatherings.
  6. Airehead


    You are safe at home, yes?
  7. I had some last week. All in all, it was disappointing
  8. Airehead

    It's tempting

    I think it would be fine.
  9. We have that kind of fence but in black. It is to keep the deer out and Ylva and her boys in
  10. Airehead


    It looks like no one cares about the covid anymore.
  11. Well I gave out my food. Thread over.
  12. Curfew in effect now. Sounds quiet so far
  13. Send him an email. It will make both of you smile in an ugly world.
  14. ....I bring food. Making and gathering food at the moment to take downtown. Peaceful clean up is going to start at 10:30. My first stop is to my friends who own the local Fleet Feet running stores. We know they are already there cleaning up. Next, the plan is to just travel about handing out food to those pushing brooms and clearing debris. Wish I could do something that matters more. I am so sad. The message that needed to be heard was lost last night.
  15. At least one of the guys involved with setting the first police car on fire has been identified as a local dude who lives just off Monroe and hangs out in front on Enright’s. Our city, like most others, has home grown folks who are motivated by using violence to create their vision of how they world should be. Who really knows if they had help from outside. They are misguided. I am incredibly sad today.
  16. Rochester actually had a very peaceful protest from one to four.
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