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  1. Do you also still mow for your mother in law?
  2. No apology needed from my perspective. No one should insult anyone’s family in any way. I obviously missed some posts because I would have come out swinging on behalf of your loved ones. I am going to refrain from other comments.
  3. Where would you be going to make it worth being in this bus?
  4. I cannot Imagine you as a jerk.
  5. Agreed or a needed bio break. But once it hits the stated time, I start. I do not wait For stragglers.
  6. It looks nice. I miss cement driveways.
  7. I will do this if I am scheduled back to back go back. Especially if zoom
  8. I figured he fell asleep in the car seat after the park.
  9. Do you have beautiful homespun yarn to display?
  10. @Mr. Beanz, what is your local experience. Do people look happy?
  11. Love the feeling of newly cleaned teeth.
  12. I used the same answer but I bet conservatively.
  13. Airehead


    And pumpkin spice every where.
  14. Rest and hydrate. Take it seriously.
  15. Oh yeah and COVID too but this strain seems to present more with the worst fatigue people have ever had.
  16. Colds, RSV, and strep throat all goi g around my area.
  17. Sometimes we have appetizers. Like a plate with olives, cheese, bread, maybe raw veggies. Stuff like that. If I was fancy I would call it a charcuterie board.
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