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  1. This should have gotten a response.
  2. Would you do it on call-- 8 hours a week or something? For the right price?
  3. Do you live in the planned community of Reston?
  4. turning off the brain is a serious challenge, I feel for you my friend. It just gets the rest of your body out of sync.
  5. not true, I am still at work.
  6. All those poor pumpkins with the soul sucked right out of them. Ghost pumpkins are sad and unnecessary.
  7. According to the most recent Honeoye Falls New York demographics data available from the United States Census Bureau released in the American Community Survey in December of 2019, Honeoye Falls has a population of 2,742 which is the second most populous of all the places in the greater Honeoye Falls region. The city with the highest population in the area is Avon with a population of 3,261. The overall median age for all people in the greater region is an overall median age of all people of 41.2 which is in the mid range. About 27 % of the people who live here are less than 20 years old.
  8. Airehead

    No heat

    Separate furnace for the garage?
  9. Softball in the rain doesn't sound like fun for the spectators. @Parr8hed do you have one of these?
  10. I will be voting on election day in person in my little town. Lines might be up to ten minutes.
  11. What do you think when you wake up and hear rain outside? Does it vary by season? Today, I thought that it was dark and rainy and I did not want to get up.
  12. If you plan to use the table for food prep try it out in advance. For many the table is the wrong height and leads to back pain and loss of joy. Otherwise, it is your home-- do whatever you love best.
  13. Airehead

    Fun ride.

    Looks like a beautiful day to make memories.
  14. Spell things out clearly to reduce arguments.
  15. All good things to consider and humidity control.
  16. Now you have reminded me that I need to buy a gun safe. I am using the @petitepedal strategy on shopping. Should have the gun safe in three more years.
  17. We have a website that posts all the 911 calls so you know why. Recent posts. IncidentStatusNo.TimeParking complaint 93 BERNARD ST, Rochester WAITINGCTYP20292079510/18/20 8:41amreport of something burning inside not involving the structure 3653 LAKE RD, Clarkson ONSCENEBROF20292078910/18/20 8:38amreport of something burning inside not involving the structure 3653 LAKE RD, Clarkson ENROUTEMCOP20292078810/18/20 8:38amParking complaint 44 PECKHAM ST, Rochester WAITINGCTYP20292070710/18/20 7:49amDangerous condition EB RT 490 WO EXIT 10, Rochester DISPATCHED
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