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  1. It will shimmer nicely.
  2. Time for a cheese steak.
  3. A dog handler friend suddenly had a major life crisis. He was in the hospital over a month. Dog handlers typically do not have good insurance being self-employed. Kind people took in his dogs. His mother died suddenly during this. All lead to him having to sell the house they both had lived in for years. He was homeless. Kind people helped. He took a second job with UPS, worked hard and saved. Now six months later just bought a little house with room for dogs. A few of his will come back others are well adjusted in new homes which makes him sad but happy for the dogs. It was the right thing to do. He worked hard and is making his situation better. We are having an online house warming party for him because his brothers pretty much took everything from the house while he was in the hospital. Families can be not so nice.. Friends pulling together is very nice. Terrier people are very loyal. Feels good to be part of it.
  4. I like to pay at local stores with cash if I can. Saves them the fees. Generally however I have about two dollars in my purse unless I know I am going to a local store.
  5. True. I find vat cooking a couple meals makes week nights easier. I realized as an adult what a gift it was to have my grandmother do most of the cooking when we were kids.
  6. I am in the kitchen right now. Big pot of veggie soup with a little beef, broth I made months ago and froze. Threw in some of each veggie that was in the Co-op box: kale, tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and couple beets. Also just made Brussel sprout slaw for a few lunches. I prefer dressing on the side so that is now in little containers. Other Brussels sprouts just put in to marinade in a little olive oil and spices. Those are tonight’s dinner with pesto encrusted salmon and whatever I do with all these purple potatoes.
  7. Airehead

    Hey, Aire!

    I love the memories
  8. Good jerky is a delight.
  9. I think @AirwickWithCheese Is eating a salad with light dressing.
  10. Airehead

    Hey, Aire!

    I stop at that veggie stand. We really should all gather for a meal. To be truthful, Rush and East River Road got too crowded. We just built a fancy Airedale farm in Honeoye Falls. I know a bunch of the Werner’s.
  11. We will wait for the next installment
  12. Airehead

    Power is out

    Several good sized trees down when I left this morning. Crews already on the scene.
  13. At least put it in a plastic sleeve. Congratulations.
  14. Airehead

    Hey, Aire!

    I have spent many miles on the trail. Running and cycling. You should come visit for old times sake. Imread this to Mr. Aire and he said, “Yep, it was and that is right.”
  15. Airehead

    Power is out

    If you lived out here you would have gotten the night off.
  16. Power was off here due to wind and rain. Fancy generator works.
  17. She is adorable. Zero here at Airedale Activity Are. Not even the little girl across the street.
  18. Airehead

    Win or lose

    I am not an Astros fan.
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