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  1. Pokey's post in Gracie got a ball today... was marked as the answer   
    Good Girl, Gracie!
    Gracie knows that soccer and all its running is evil.
  2. Pokey's post in Barfing sucks was marked as the answer   
    Sorry that you're feeling so crummy, DH. I'd suggest that you go into Mooseknuckle's cube/office/whatever and share the moment.
  3. Pokey's post in So Destination, how many mooses have you seen so far? was marked as the answer   
    My uncle hit a moose with his car in 1946-7 or there abouts. Wrecked the car. Freaking moose got up and was really pissed off at being hit. It kicked the car a few times then went off into the bush.
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