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Chopped Liver passed away

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This event began 11/29/2014 and repeats every year until 11/29/2114

For My Daddy.

This is Sonny's daughter. I'm not sure if you knew my dad by his nickname, Sonny. But that is what we all call him.

My father passed away yesterday. He had a heart attack while riding his stationary bike in the garage. I found him too late, and there was nothing they could do to revive him when the ambulance arrived. My father was only 47. He had so many health issues for such a young age, battling diabetes, thyroid issues, and a heart murmur.

My father was an amazing man. He was a genuinely good man. He always tried to see the best in people. He was brilliant and logical. I would call him, he would always pick up and give me exactly the right answers. He worked hard to make mine and my mother's life as easy as possible. He wanted us both to have the best in life. He solved all my problems and honestly, I have no idea how to live without my daddy.

We would always poke fun at my dad for going on "his bike forums." He loved checking the forums after work and he would show me conversations he thought were funny. I thought it would be important to tell you all good bye for him. This site gave him a good bit of joy.

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