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  1. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Bike Man Cycling is a very good name for our forum was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like the start of a movement.
    So much so, in fact, that I don't think anyone should poo-poo the idea.
  2. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in The forum needs some fall decorations was marked as the answer   
    I like fall decorations!
    Especially when the fall decorations look like a bike!



  3. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Did I Rescue A Gamera Spawn? was marked as the answer   
    Instead of moving it over onto the grass you should have just let it pass you, already.
  4. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Electric weed eater? was marked as the answer   
    I've owned several electric weed whackers and found using them essentially became an exercise in frustration getting the string to feed properly.
    So, I threw then out and bought a propane-powered model:

  5. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in We effed up. Sad. Couldn’t there have been an alternate reality? was marked as the answer   
    I guess it depends on your point of view.  If not petroleum or fossil fuels, what would we have chosen had we more knowledge or clairvoyance?
    Continued use of whale oil, to the extermination of all the whales?
    Wood, the burning of which releases particulates and isn't nearly as energy dense as petroleum?  Granted, wood is a renewable resource but it wouldn't have been renewed at the rate it was consumed.  I've read numerous accounts where a factory or an industry closed up and relocated simply because they'd burned up all the timber within an easily and economically transportable range.  It was cheaper to move the factory than to keep transporting the timber.
    Come to think of it now, in some sense whale oil could be considered a renewable resource...
    There's nothing wrong with imagining alternate realities, because that's were great ideas sometimes originate.  But in looking back and looking forward those great ideas have to have some bridge to reality - announcing humanity should have transitioned to cold fusion at the beginning of the Industrial Age serves no purpose but to create an excursion in fantasy.
    Everybody in today's petroleum economy can do something.  It just depends upon the depth of their convictions.  Everyone can turn off lights when they leave the room, leave their car parked instead of driving to the next store a few blocks away.  Small everyday actions that simply reduce waste or avoid needless use. 
    Or, depending on your convictions and commitment, go big.  Recycle or don't buy a cell phone.  Recycle or don't buy clothing made with petroleum.  Get rid of your house and move into a small energy efficient apartment or one of those tiny houses featured on that TV show.  Grow all your own food and put aside enough to carry you and your family through the winter or through the off-growing seasons.  Hey, it's been done before.  Hardly realistic, though, if one wants to continue to participate in today's modern society - but if one's commitments and convictions are deep enough that's one way to follow them.
  6. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Puzzling paragraph was marked as the answer   
    If her remains were found in the lake, and she was found dead in her home, then the obvious conclusion is her home is in the lake.
  7. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Post your best was marked as the answer   
    Get some bricks of white tofu, maybe 10 or 12:

    Some medium sized lentils, preferably smoke-flavored:
    Of course, we'll need some chili:

    A large quantity of beans, probably cheaper to buy in bulk in bags:

    Combine everything together, seasoning lightly with herbs while mixing vigorously in your food processor:

    Cook under medium to high heat on an outdoor charcoal grill for 20-30 minutes, basting occasionally with a light olive oil:

    Set aside in a large container to cool:

    Once cool, take the top off and share with friends and neighbors!

  8. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Is there a reason for Swiss cheese's continued existence? was marked as the answer   
    Swiss cheese disappoints if you focus on its individual qualities.
    To truly appreciate Swiss cheese, you must take a hole-istic approach.
  9. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in So what did I miss last week? was marked as the answer   
    Well, there was that episode where the gay man that delivered Parr8's rowing machine ran off to Las Vegas with DH's friend, Mr. Mooseknuckle.
  10. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in neurology checkup today was marked as the answer   
    I had one of those done.  The doctor came out with all the test results.  I asked "So, what's going on?"  The doctor said "Oh, nothing, really."

  11. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Documentary fans - what should I watch? was marked as the answer   
    I would suggest a documentary about life and people's views of the afterlife.
    It's called 'Dracula - Dead and Loving It'.
  12. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in My kid got sent to the office at school, AGAIN. was marked as the answer   
    Your turn for taking credit will come when the form says "Brought a delicious bass to class, and enough for everyone to share!"
  13. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Well, that sure did not take long was marked as the answer   
    Unless I'm missing something, it took the guy about an hour, same as Jens.
  14. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Question about hanging an inside door? was marked as the answer   
    The door still looks structurally sound.  You may not even need to take the door off the hinges, although popping the pins like Krazy suggests could make things easier.  (Did I just agree with a Krazy guy?)
    To fix the hole: Crumple some aluminum foil for some backing and stuff it in the hole, with the foil below the plane of the door.  The idea is to use the foil to take up space and use less Plastic Wood.  Lather on the Plastic Wood and let dry.  It will crack, no big deal.  Put on another coat, maybe two, making the last layer extend in a very thin layer onto the undamaged surface around the hole.  Sand, 'feathering' the Plastic Wood so the bulge over the hole is very nearly even with the door's surface.  Paint.  You may be able to use premix spackle instead of plastic wood.  I like the stuff that turns color so you know it's dry.
    The other side is the same process without the foil backing.  Fill in the low spots.  The wide split will probably crack when the initial fill dries too.  Just put another coat or two until it's level with the door surface, like the other side.  Sand smooth, then paint.
    This approach may sound like a lot more work than hanging a new door, but filling, sanding, and painting are skills within the reach of most people whereas measuring/trimming a door to match an opening and setting a lockset to match an existing latch are not quite so common. 
    I respectfully disagree with Krazy that you'll spend more on filler than on a new door, but price it out for yourself. 
  15. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in These are the Times that dry men's soles. was marked as the answer   
    It appears jsharr has left a paper trail...
  16. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in SLA -1 was marked as the answer   
    What a stroke of luck!  You hauled your generator out and fired it up, didn't you?
    That kind of stuff never happens around here...
  17. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in So Wade asked me a question last night and I do not know the answer was marked as the answer   
    Banks have branches for the same reason people put down roots.
  18. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in I'm pooped was marked as the answer   
    I suspect you'd feel much better once you got rid of the runs.
  19. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Near death experience was marked as the answer   
    I bet Krazy was dressed up like Tippi Hedren.
  20. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Should I warn my teachers was marked as the answer   
    I think you have a good plan.
    One way to clear less effective people out of a company is to make them uncomfortable.  The less able, less energetic people often hate change and deal badly with it.  Rather than adapt, they leave the business and seek employment elsewhere.
    Which is fine, because you want your competitors to hire all the less able, less energetic, resistant-to-change people your company can get rid of.
    If some of these less capable instructors leave, then their students will either
    1-leave with those instructors or
    2-take up a classes with one of your remaining instructors.
    In the second case, your remaining instructors will have more students in their classes.  They will get paid more and they will be happy.  The students will be happier with a more able instructor and will enjoy your studio even more.
    I suggest you have a private conversation with each of the instructors you wish to keep.  Tell them you expect that you might lose an instructor or two, but you're working on how to keep students.  Let them know you can't promise anything, but if the students stay with fewer instructors that will mean more students per class for the instructors who stay.  Especially if the remaining instructors themselves encourage the students to stay when their normal instructor leaves.  I think the remaining instructors will understand that fewer instructors + same number of students could = more students per class and = money for them.
    I would suggest you do NOT have a similar private conversation with the instructors you would prefer not to keep.
    People do not like change, and like to feel secure in their routines.  Do what you can to make your better instructors feel secure, that this change will not disrupt their routines, and that they could have an opportunity to increase their pay under the new method if they help you retain students.
    You can manage how many students leave.  If an instructor decides to leave, send each of the instructor's students an email offering a promotion of some sort if they attend class with a remaining instructor.  You decide what you can afford to offer.
    I don't think you'll lose that many students, because, as I mentioned, people dislike changing their routine.  For them to switch to a new studio will require effort to work out a new routine of fitting yoga into their day.  Especially when you consider that the instructors who leave you certainly will not get the 'plum' time slots at their new studios.
    So, my apologies for the long response. Have confidence in yourself when you make your changes, and hold an awareness and the expectation that you will probably have to modify your plan to achieve success.  That doesn't mean you had a 'bad' plan, it simply means you have to manage circumstances you didn't anticipate.  But then again, that's why you're the boss, isn't it?
  21. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in What do you call a twitchy cow? was marked as the answer   
    A moover and a shaker.

  22. Thaddeus Kosciuszko's post in Wow - this forum really sucks on the weekends! was marked as the answer   
    I recently
    Dracula, Dead and Loving It out of the DVD 'graveyard' and watched it.  A phine recommendation, if I must say so myselph.
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