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  1. I doubt you could do by accident what Nate had already earned all on his own.
  2. I'll admit to not using social media. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram, no linkedin. I don't consider a Forum 'social media', but if you do then you may adjust the number from none to one.
  3. I could not do that job, flying about in brokeraged airplanes. I'd demand they get them fixeraged first!
  4. If your neighbors start giving you sidelong glances and say they want to 'invite you over for dinner', you may want to bar your doors.
  5. I wouldn't say it was too aggressive. I can still get my sneakers off.
  6. I'm reading about the castrametation of soldiers during the Revolution.
  7. I have to admit that I have never, ever, seen a kickstand as wide and as long as that one...
  8. So many people think the business owners will absorb the cost of higher wages and that prices will remain stable or near the same. They won't. Small business, big business, corporate behemoth - they will all pass the increase costs of wages into their products and on to their customers. Small business owners work hard everyday to earn money for themselves through their business, and should not be expected to take a cut in pay themselves to pay their employees more. They have just as much right to earn a higher 'living' wage as their employees do. More so, because the business owner is putting much more on the line to run the business, and with greater risk should come greater reward. Big business and corporate behemoths should produce profits for their shareholders. (That's the whole point of operating a business in the first place - to make money.) Those shareholders invest in the business expecting to receive profits. Of course they realize the risks, but again they have no less a right to earn money from their investments than another person has the right to a living wage. Let the market work. The minimum wage should be $0. Pay people according to their abilities and ambitions, and according to how the market perceives the value of those abilities. Setting an artificial floor for wages causes disruptions and unintended consequences.
  9. I've given hour long presentations on how to use a software program to analyze electric use to predict savings from changing to another rate structure, shifting loads from on peak to off peak, or from load reductions from an energy conservation program, along with a few bits about how the program could justify capital projects for upgrading an electrical distribution system, and the flip side of how the program could be used to find waste so an owner could save money by putting off upgrading an electrical system that otherwise seemed imminent. To make it a 90 minute presentation I'd only have to add in another 253 power point slides.
  10. It wasn't wrong. They wanted to show the plane pushing the banner.
  11. SW cleans up pretty good in a coat and bow tie, doesn't he?
  12. Saturday Mrs. TK and I host Halloween Extravaganza II for the grandchildren. Already a witch has crashed into the tree, a skeleton has parked himself in the rocker on the porch, spiders covered the front picture window with a huge web, and a ghost has settled over top of the lamp post next to the garage. And that's just the front yard.
  13. All you had to do was pick up and I would have stopped calling. Now who am I going to sell car warranties and time shares to?
  14. That stuff works great, but I can't remember what I take it for...
  15. Did your neighbors get mad you were flying so low through the neighborhood?
  16. I think I may have found your axle... It's in there, somewhere...
  17. Check credentials, create a short list, then go to an open house the realtor is holding and 'interview' them as they escort you around the house.
  18. She should ask permission to pick the persimmons.
  19. Regretfully, it appears LJ has a sticky situation on his hands.
  20. Review: "Product not as advertised. Once I got it home I could not get it to start flashing. Does not come with manual. Company website and youtube videos worthless."
  21. Actually, that's pretty sharp marketing. I would guess a significant percentage of people would bail somewhere on the trip, and of course Royal Carribbean's contract would have a 'no refund on the balance' clause. So that means for every person who leaves during the cruise, the cruise line would have no more associated expenses for the rest of the trip, and the unrefunded balance of the ticket price is pure profit. If a significant number of people leave, the cruise line can also cut back on staff too, saving even more money and making even more profit.
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