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  1. In that last photo, is that a trickle of water coursing through the rocks? Is that from melting snow? I find it hard to believe that water running down through all those rocks all along that hike didn't somewhere didn't create a waterfall. Cough up those waterfall pictures, mister!
  2. Completing a double is an accomplishment, but three... in a year... year after year... <doffs hat to AZ> I especially liked the third picture. One thing I noticed your area seems to predominate with browns and tans, whereas my area (except in winter) tends more toward greens. Probably not remarkable at all, except that it seemed so different than what I'm used to. Congratulations on a fantastic ride! And my thanks, too, for an excellent story!
  3. Oh, I hardly think so. I think, instead, it was quite ingenious. 1 - You're in bear country. 2 - Your friend is behind you taking the picture because you 'forgot' your phone. 3 - If a bear shows up, you've got a head start on your buddy as to who becomes dinner.
  4. Isn't that, like, a trip to Starbucks to get a large coffee? Air runs out at that elevation. I read it on the internet, so it must be true. 157km is something like 43 furlongs per fortnight or about 100 miles. And crossing the continental divide, even. You are mighty! I bow to you. (And great pictures - especially the last!)
  5. Last weekend the weather was warm and sunny but ride plans fizzled in deference to projects that had to be finished before cooler weather. This weekend had a few hours for a ride so I headed out for a loop around the Mohawk River to take in some sections of recently opened bike trails I hadn’t yet ridden. The car dash said the temperature was 35F at the bike path parking lot. A fog had settled in because of the warmer river. Since most of the ride followed bike paths or trails I wasn’t too concerned about being visible to drivers. A group of Army ROTC cadets were on the bike path
  6. A most cogent observation. When I first considered bike camping, I looked at all the ways to tote gear and it seemed to me that a trailer was the better way instead of hanging weight all over the bike. It seemed to me that a trailer, simply because of the size and shape of the trailer bed, allowed more volume and flexibility in packing whatever I wanted to bring. I didn't know how much I'd like bike camping or how often I'd go. So I was reluctant to invest in the uber-compact, micro-light camping gear. I selected more economical (OK, cheaper) equipment anticipating I'd upgrade lat
  7. The forecast for that evening and following morning in the suburbs was mid-30's. Rockwood State Forest is near the Adirondack State Park. I'd guess if the forecasters were somewhat accurate the temperatures would have been low- to mid-30's. It wasn't too bad. I'd learned from sorry experience that if it's going to be cold you put the next day's clothes in the sleeping bag when you go to sleep to start the next day a bit warmer. Dennis, those waterfalls are magnificent! One of the best parts about the waterfalls out your way is they haven't been industrialized like many around h
  8. About nine years ago I made a bike overnight camping trip to Rockwood State Forest. As my summer list included at least one bike overnight trip, I planned a return trip there. Anticipating a 3-1/2 to 4 hour ride, the ‘plan’ was to pack most everything the day before, take a half day vacation, and head out about 2 in the afternoon. Unforeseen circumstances trashed the plan, so I was leaving about 3:30. That meant I’d be wandering around the trails of the State Forest in the dark, looking for the state-designated primitive campsite. That’s not something a sensible person would do, so I got
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  10. Iron... And if I feel like something a bit spicy I serve them up using this:
  11. I'm guessing the chickens would readily pay $3.50/lb, and more, just to get their wings back...
  12. ~3 miles, ~6mph avg, towing my grandson in a trailer.
  13. We need to take a vote to decide who Canada is going to have to take back in trade. It's only fair.
  14. Probably unbleached 100% recycled cigarette paper, too.
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