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Community Answers

  1. It is pretty good stuff, but it does have some side effects...
  2. Swordfish steak, button mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, garden eggplant all placed on top of foil with some fancy olive oil stuff poured on the foil, and some lemon pepper spice mix from a little plastic bottle sprinkled on top, with the foil then sealed up and placed on the grill for about 35 minutes or so. I've attempted this method of cooking about half a dozen times and only gave myself food poisoning once, so I'm thinking the odds are in my favor.
  3. I sense History Bot and I will get along quite well!
  4. I'd suggest using 90% of your old salary+bonuses as your guide for your fees over the year. As long as the outsourced costs are cheaper than what they used to pay you, they will keep using your services and your company will keep them as a client.
  5. I would lathe to post something that has a misspelled word.
  6. A great find! Any clue why newspapers are spread out all over the floor? And any clue why a realtor would take - much less post - a picture like that??
  7. Maybe we should call it Dredge Bot? History Bot is great! I'm looking forward to it! Many, many thanks, SW!
  8. It'll be sorta sweet when the old employer needs some security help and you show up at their door! And now they have to pay a higher hourly wage to your company than they did when you worked for them as an employee. The only 'downside' is that after all the trouble you went to delete yourself from the security system, now you have to go back through all the effort of putting yourself back in!
  9. Nice! It comes with its own still (disguised as a propane heater). I circled it with blue safety string so now you don't have to worry about the alcohol catching fire or blowing up. When I saw this, my first thought was either Roxanne was putting on the red light or RG was venturing into interior decorating...
  10. Boy, I always get a little nervous because all kinds of odd things start happening when people turn things up from 10 to 11.
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