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  1. Wisdom. These are two of the most important points to consider. But if it makes your decision any easier, I'd suggest you don't get too hung up on the second one.
  2. Hardest... I've been riding a while so how to decide... The longest? That would be the Jersey Double. If anybody tells you New Jersey is flat, they're a liar. Worst crash? Then the century where I crashed at mile 93. Afterwards I couldn't swing one leg over the saddle, but could manage the other. Rode the last 7 miles, as I found out later, with a fractured pelvis and a fractured rib. Most nettlesome? Then the century where I flatted 5 times, including twice on the front wheel of all things. It seemed like I'd never get to the end of that ride. Loneliest? That's the lo
  3. It's clear you need the modern conveniences of today's society:
  4. I do regret to say, Petite, that you should have started deciding this about two months ago.
  5. If I remember, that was right after the LF went to a bright white background... Glad THAT doofus didn't show up here!
  6. Description says "...convertible boat..." So, when you put it in the water it converts into a submarine?
  7. To me those things are a solution searching for a problem. I guess you could say I'm a disciple of the Zealot School of Environmental Management. My sisters got one of those for my parents, who are 85. We were sitting at the kitchen table talking to each other and it butted in. TK: "Alexa, be quiet." Alexa: "Ok. Would you like to hear today's weather?" TK: "No. Be quiet, Alexa." Alexa: "OK. I'll be quiet. Would you like to take a survey of how I responded to you? On the basis of 1 to 5..." TK: "No! Alexa stop!" Alexa: "OK. Would you like to..." T
  8. I think it's rather quaint. With all the computer systems in the health care system, in federal/state/local governments, and the health care related industry they give you the vaccine and hand you a little paper card with some information written on it by someone who took hours of training classes on how to write like a doctor.
  9. Oh, and you could put on your resume' that you've been gainfully 'self-employed' in the business for many years.
  10. I hear it pays more than a concrete guy who can't use a GPS properly.
  11. At the local Tesla dealer, when SW was shopping for his new car...
  12. He'd turn you in? Into... what? If he turned you into a newt, you'd be ok because you'd get better.
  13. Doesn't it follow that if all sorts of good things come with $15/hr, then $20/hr would be about 33-1/3% better?
  14. Ok, that makes it sound as if the USPS is rather forked up.
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