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  1. You can use a putty knife, screwdriver, or a glazing tool. The trick is not to push down on the glass - at all - while seating the glazing point. Any and all force should be parallel to the flat surface of the glass so the glazing point slides along the surface of the glass and the actual point embeds itself into the wood of the frame. As long as you don't push down on the glass, and as long as the wood frame isn't twisted or doesn't have any high spots, you'll never break a pane seating a glazing point by pushing parallel to the glass.
  2. Especially if the toilet paper has a slight yellow or brown tint to it.
  3. Boy, the kid's really talented! But I think the band could use a little more cowbell.
  4. And the man says "Not in today's plan". That LJ is one smooth operator, I think.
  5. The more we hear about this 'captain', the more it sounds like he 'somehow' got the treble hook 'accidentally' snagged on a one-eyed trouser trout. Now that might qualify as an 'emergency'.
  6. If RE thinks RG is high maintenance now, the situation will only become worse. Just think about what's going on here: RE is putting RG's junk in a vibrating folder.
  7. Those little electric robot mowers are all fun and games until you get one and you realize how often you have to empty the grass clipping bags:
  8. Agreed. Wouldn't you ordinarily have someone just push the barbs back up through the skin, cut the barbs off, back the hook out, and get to fishing? I suppose afterwards you could be cautious and ward off the possibility of infection with liberal application of some medicinal alcohol. Which any salty sea captain should have in plentiful supply on any real charter boat anyway.
  9. Those quieter unassuming ones that stand in the back - they are the ones you need to keep an eye on.
  10. Make the best of the day left to you, and head out for a relaxing three hour cruise.
  11. Take a week off and go visit your MIL.
  12. In other words, an Air B&B that has no air.
  13. I would not and could not do that, as of your criteria is 'in their right mind'.
  14. Tree Fort Bikes, since my local LBS closed several years ago. I bought some tires for my daughter's bike. One came through with a cut in the sidewall - somebody opening a box with a sheetrock knife (not me) - and the other one blew off the rim it was so loose. Clearly a manufacturing issue. I contacted them, I sent them a picture of the sidewall cut and they instantly gave me full credit for both tires. I turned around and bought two more tires from them which were, of course, more money but I was happy to pay the difference for the better tire. They also have a price match f
  15. Of all the physical traits in my family tree, I seem to be the only one with a thick skull.
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