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  2. Iron... And if I feel like something a bit spicy I serve them up using this:
  3. I'm guessing the chickens would readily pay $3.50/lb, and more, just to get their wings back...
  4. ~3 miles, ~6mph avg, towing my grandson in a trailer.
  5. We need to take a vote to decide who Canada is going to have to take back in trade. It's only fair.
  6. Probably unbleached 100% recycled cigarette paper, too.
  7. I usually recommend the white curry paste, applied with a wooden tongue depressor, for Kindergarten projects.
  8. I remember when my wife went shopping for our daughters' weddings, and I thought I had a day free. I was wrong, because it turned out I had a day expensive. This morning I squeegeed a coating of roof sealer on the porch roof of my daughter's house. This afternoon Mrs. TK and I are going to another daughter's house, and our son-in-law and I are going to put our grandson in a bike trailer and tow him around the neighborhood.
  9. I think if SW set up a private forum with links for overseas brides and inflatables where he limited the access to just RG, and took a 0.0001% fee of all the transactions, then SW would make out like bandit.
  10. I agree. Typically each house has a regulator where the gas line comes up out of the ground. Pressure gets too high, the regulator opens up and vents to atmosphere, much along the same concept of the pressure relief valve on your hot water tank. However, pressure relieve valves are mechanical devices that can fail and that have limits. The apparently random houses exploded, I think, will eventually be found out not to be random at all. They will probably find the pressure relief valves that failed were all of the same manufacturer/model that couldn't handle the overpressure, or the houses contained an appliance that used the same type/manufacturer of control valve. It might also be found that all the houses connected to the gas mains the same way, which by design or accident allowed more gas at higher pressure to flow into the houses that exploded. The relief mechanism of the pressure regulator is designed - if you'll pardon the phrase - to only pass so much gas in relief. If the overpressure exceeds the design limits of the regulator, the high pressure passes by the regulator and enters the piping in the house. Appliances, hot water heaters, furnaces, and boilers are also designed within certain parameters. The extra high pressure will ooze, leak, or blow by/around fittings, pilot lights, and control valves. Leave the high pressure on long enough, and the gas will ooze, leak, or blow by enough to accumulate in the basement. An electronic or standing pilot light would be all that's needed to light off the accumulated gas. I would not be surprised in the least if the investigation found out the elevated gas pressure was an intentional act. Doing so would cause exactly the type of chaos where apparently random explosions in sufficient quantity to overwhelm emergency responders (and potentially hospitals). Likewise selection of a single utility (as SW noted) where raising the pressure at one point by tampering with the one setting would affect an area large enough to make the news but on a distribution network small enough that it couldn't absorb the high pressure caused. Consider: any utility will have sensors to detect and alarm when their gas delivery pressure is either too low or too high, and procedures about who is to respond and how. If so, the utility should have responded quickly to the alarms, and before the pressure was too high for too long to blow up houses. I would not be surprised if the utility discovered the alarms were tampered with or disabled as well.
  11. I'm guessing they aimed the telescope at the sun, refocused it, and used it to grill hot dogs and hamburgers. Then there's this from the article: "According to local sheriff Benny Hill, the agency has been working with local law enforcement but refuses to share any details." which I think explains a lot on its own.
  12. In five years' time you will have made so much money off this Forum that you will be so stinkin' wealthy you won't even remember us anymore. ?
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