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  1. Would the invincible person be held responsible for his actions? Asking for a friend...
  2. I've posted this picture previously and the story behind it...
  3. I've seen woodpeckers attack utility poles to the point where there wasn't much wood left, just an outer shell at one spot and very little of that. I'm not sure why a woodpecker would find creosote or wood-preservative flavored insects all that tasty, but the pole was so badly damaged it had to be replaced.
  4. I don't recall the last photo, but here's a photo of me with my first car...
  5. I think silver or natural finish aluminum wheels would have looked sharper than the black ones.
  6. I don't know about your town, but around here you can get arrested for waving your dipstick around in public like that.
  7. You'd think they'd get used to that in a short amount of time.
  8. Did they let you play with the sirens and lights?
  9. I'd suggest you save them, sprinkle some on your plants, and see if the deer choke on it as much as much as your daughter's friend did. You may have just invented an organic deer repellent! Just imagine the wealth and riches!
  10. I just finished watching a whole documentary series about beer brewing where they had a secondary fermenter very similar to yours:
  11. I think Boston is experiencing a Little Ice Age all of its own. Some information I found interesting, especially the discussion part where they state the earth has been ice-free for most of its history. Not quite sure how they figured that out, but an interesting statement nonetheless. https://faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/bronze/climate.htm
  12. Not sure if you have to be a Ninja to operate it, but it's a very interesting concept... https://odditymall.com/hide-a-ride
  13. Will RO be disappointed that you have a Little Bunny glass and she doesn't?
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