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  1. All you had to do was pick up and I would have stopped calling. Now who am I going to sell car warranties and time shares to?
  2. That stuff works great, but I can't remember what I take it for...
  3. "Right this way! Come see the man with a dozen balls!"
  4. Did your neighbors get mad you were flying so low through the neighborhood?
  5. I think I may have found your axle... It's in there, somewhere...
  6. Check credentials, create a short list, then go to an open house the realtor is holding and 'interview' them as they escort you around the house.
  7. She should ask permission to pick the persimmons.
  8. Regretfully, it appears LJ has a sticky situation on his hands.
  9. Review: "Product not as advertised. Once I got it home I could not get it to start flashing. Does not come with manual. Company website and youtube videos worthless."
  10. Actually, that's pretty sharp marketing. I would guess a significant percentage of people would bail somewhere on the trip, and of course Royal Carribbean's contract would have a 'no refund on the balance' clause. So that means for every person who leaves during the cruise, the cruise line would have no more associated expenses for the rest of the trip, and the unrefunded balance of the ticket price is pure profit. If a significant number of people leave, the cruise line can also cut back on staff too, saving even more money and making even more profit.
  11. Mechanical shifting plus a phone app. The phone app broadcasts on the wireless shifter frequencies, randomly duplicating a different shift command every five seconds. It doesn't do anything on my bikes because they don't have electronic shifting, but it makes it really easy to figure out which of the riders around me do.
  12. I can help! (Ahem, ahem, in best tele-robot voice) "Please listen carefully because our menu options have changed." "Press 1 for English. Para Español presione el número 2." "If you are an existing customer press 1. If you are a new customer press 2." "Thank you for that information." "You can find answers to many of your questions on www.peacocktv.com." "Please enter your account number." (computer processing noises) "Got it! Thank you for that information." "So we can direct you to the person who can best solve your problem, please tell us why you called. You can say 'account billing' or 'order status'." "I'm sorry, I didn't understand @#?% $*#. So we can direct you to the person who can best solve your problem, please tell us why you called. You can say 'account billing' or 'order status'."
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