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  1. Gotta say, the Men's ITT was blistering fun, and while I was not surprised at the results, it was a nailbiter But, the loss of a Chris Anker Sørensen is truly tragic, sad, and a reminder of the risks we face on any ride (or walk, run, drive, etc.): Tragedy has struck Flanders on the eve of the start of the 2021 UCI Road World Championships. Former rider Chris Anker Sørensen, at the event as a co-commentator for Danish television, was struck by a driver while riding in Belgium and later died of his injuries. Sørensen had just turned 37 on September 5. According to TV 2 Sport director Frederik Lauesen, Sørensen died after being struck by a van driver in Zeebrugge. The elite men's individual time trial will start from nearby Bruges on Sunday. "It is with great sadness that I have received the news that our good colleague Chris Anker Sørensen is dead, Lauesen said according to usdaynews.com. "Mr. Sorensen was in Belgium for the World Cycling Championships. Today, Saturday, he was out cycling and was hit by a car, and he later died of his injuries. Our thoughts and deep sympathy go to Chris Anker Sørensen’s family." The former professional rider retired in 2018 after a successful career mainly in the team of Bjarne Riis, turning professional with CSC and remaining through its incarnations as Saxo Bank and Tinkoff-Saxo before moving across to the Pro Continental outfit Fortuneo-Vital Concept in 2016. He ended his career with the Danish Continental squad Riwal and took up commentating for TV 2 Sport. Sørensen was a talented climber and stage racer, and won a stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné (Dauphiné Libéré) in 2008. He went on to win stage 8 in the Giro d'Italia and served as an important domestique for riders like Andy Schleck. After the departure of Schleck for Radioshack, Sørensen led Saxo Bank at the 2012 Tour de France.
  2. Category: Scientific Etymology 2 of the 3 men for whom armalcolite, a dark gray mineral discovered in 1969, is named
  3. Category: Blockbuster Movies Clue: Based on a 1974 novel, this film has been described as combining “An Enemy of the People” & “Moby Dick”
  4. jsharr

    Happy Ending

    Here is why I love being a foster for DSDA. Martha and I have had some of the mange dogs in our home after they were on the road to recovery. Here is a story of one such pup. We just had to share Jax (fka #dsdamrsnuggles) in his TUX at his parents' wedding last weekend! This gorgeous boy was one of three pups found 3 years ago (after being dumped in the woods near a lake) by a young lady who advocated for their rescue and was to become a DSDA volunteer. The unsocialized pups were covered in sarcoptic mange (the super itchy kind) and ringworm. But because we had an experienced foster willing to take them in and give them a chance we were able to accept the pups into our organization. Hence, #dsdajoey, #dsdamrsnuggles & #dsdagrace! All were nursed back to health and adopted into amazing families. We love it when we hear back from our adopters. Seeing Jax in his tuxedo & part of his parents' wedding is pretty special - especially since his transformation was so extreme. If you want to help turn a homeless pup's life around visit www.dsda.org/foster for more information!
  5. It's not like this is an Olympic site, so we should be fine, correct?
  6. ...really was cool. But he is gone now
  7. I guess... Currently ongoing or soon to start: The Tour de France The NBA Finals The NHL Finals The Open (aka British Open) starts next week at Royal St George's The Tokyo Olympics starts in two weeks I have been watching the bike race and the basketball pretty consistently. Much looking forward to the Olympics. I'm hoping we will be allowed to discuss the Olympics here as long as we use spoiler tags.
  8. In 2019 this public university attempted to trademark the word “the” for use on clothing & hats.
  9. Monday is a rest day....and they need one....so do I....
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Category: Food & Drink Phrases A 1951 TIME article said, “Since the war,” this 2-word term for a period of time “has been written into union contracts”
  12. ...was oddly "boring". Not sure if it was the coverage compared to "normal" races like a TdF or a cross or MTB event, but the race just seems one long flat dry & exposed farm road, followed by another long flat dry & exposed farm road. I had only watch the "packaged" post-event recap videos in the past, so watching the full broadcast - 7+hours of the 12 hour 200 miler - was pretty much a LOT of Frankie Andreu & his cohost talking, and a lot of guessing where everyone was on the course and who the person on the screen might be. It was all about single riders or pairs after about the 3/4 mark, so the few video cars/trucks/ATVs on course couldn't capture much. Anyway, interesting to see how their gravel scene (at the premiere race in the world) is so - seemingly - one dimensional. At least, on the TV coverage. Looking at the XL women's winner (Lael Wilcox), it looks like almost 19,000 feet of elevation over that 350 distance and over 11,000' for Ted King over the 200 miles, so it isn't actually "flat" but seemingly a ton of rolling hills. I feel like some races - like the Belgian Waffle Ride - are a bit more "rough and tumble" and, while they would also suffer from coverage issues, they might be pretty exciting with some more intense racing? Just some thoughts. Fun to at least see the racing broadcast at all! Baby steps to take it to the next levels.
  13. If you want to know if she wins tonight, see below.
  14. ...were two exciting Giro stories early in the week. I'm ALWAYS pulling for the guy named Taco in pretty much any event. And my local pro - Joltin' Joe Babyface Dombrowski finally backed up his now-distant promise from the Baby Giro. Too bad shit went sideways fast on his birthday
  15. Okay, for all you people who think Final Jeopardy is getting too easy, try this one from tonight's episode. Category: Countries’ National Anthems With words written by a Bishop of Urgell, its anthem praises Charlemagne & says it “was born a princess…between two nations”
  16. The title of this huge hit 1977 album was the idea of the bass player, who specified it should be spelled the British way.
  17. For the last two days, none of the contestants have had the correct response to the FJ clue. I will be mildly surprised if anyone gets this one, either. Category: Eponymous Landmarks Clue: In 1960 the ashes of this aviator were spread over the Venezuela natural wonder he famously sighted decades earlier
  18. In case you want some time to think about it. I think this is an interesting bit of trivia. Category: International Business: Clue: The “effect” named for this company founded in 1943 refers to increased value of a product to a consumer whose own labor is needed. Answer:
  19. I wonder how many people in these states know this bit of trivia? No Googling or other cheating allowed... The names of these 2 states honor a king & his father, who was executed in 1649
  20. Darn good show. Just finished last night. Hopefully they have more seasons.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. ...that no one but me (and maybe @Prophet Zacharia ) would ever encounter and notice: It used to show the "password" on this screen. FTR, it is "Spoiler" and still shows up once you get past this pop-up, but that seems a little late!
  23. Tim Horton's was front and centre of one story. I guess Tim's has now made the big leagues!
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