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  1. Smudge, don't be so hard on yourself. You are a studdette. The fact of the matter here is that not many people would even try it. There are men that won't ride in the snow and harsh conditions. Plus your bike is really burly and maybe a little big for you to maneuver easily. Big bikes are tough on techs trail.

    Please reconsider giving up on racing, unless you are truly not having fun. We don't want to see you miserable. 

    For the enduro, I trained for 5 months. I trained so hard for that series. I was putting in like 80-100 mile weeks with over 10,000 feet of elevation a week. That race series went well, but I have a bunch of bad races in the past too. I've dropped out before. Sometimes, things just don't come together for racers. We have bad days. The snow conditions sound horrible this time around. Mashed taters and slippery ice is frustrating. I've ridden on it and it sucks. Plus you don't have studs or the best tires on that beast. All these things can add up for a gnarly day.

    Good write up. Thank you for sharing your life and adventures with us. I still wish we could ride together. I think we would laugh til our stomachs hurt.

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