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  1. ChrisL's post in I can't believe my life is trusted to these was marked as the answer   
    The pads are just one piece of a braking system though.  If you think about it, there are a number of things that could go wrong, a loose anchor bolt, bubbles in the lines, overheating & boiling the fluid. I mean the pads are just one of many potential causes of death on the bike.   
  2. ChrisL's post in Well yeah, rona in the house... was marked as the answer   
  3. ChrisL's post in Top Gun (spoiler) was marked as the answer   
    Maybe if Charlie hooked up with Ice Man to spite Maverick for being such a douche and following her in the ladies room. 
    Now that would have been an odd spoiler worthy twist! 
  4. ChrisL's post in They learn by watching was marked as the answer   
    Last night I was at that softball game & was holding CJ.  My brothers Ex showed up and we do get along but give each other mad shit constantly.  So I say to CJ, wave to Tina and I manipulate his fingers so he gives her the bird.
    Tina punches me in the ribs and my daughter kicks me on the leg.  My daughter then says if he flips another person off your gonna have hell to pay! 😂
  5. ChrisL's post in My wallet is getting fatter - and this sucks! <bike commute related> was marked as the answer   
    Good call on the bus!  
    Yeah I ride this trail near work that has a 20’ narrow wooden bridge that goes over a 3’ deep by 10-15’ wide culvert.  I could easily ride through the culvert & have when pedestrians are on the bridge but I like testing my skills on that skinny bridge. I find it helps my overall riding skills as I have to hop up on it and then ride across.
  6. ChrisL's post in Did Wheels ever announce a winner? was marked as the answer   
  7. ChrisL's post in The speed sign flashed “20”. was marked as the answer   
    Uphill, downhill, either way I’m glad you are back on your bike! 
  8. ChrisL's post in Anybody Else Disappointed? was marked as the answer   
    Reminds me of the time my wife brought home 14 donuts that were leftover from a meeting.  She has one as a dessert.  The next morning the box is gone, donuts too. My son crushed a bakers dozen in one sitting. 
  9. ChrisL's post in Oranges have sucked recently was marked as the answer   
    I haven’t been buying them as it’s still too early in the year.  They need at least another month to come in season.  
    You are probably buying Southern Hemisphere fruit picked well before ripe & have been sitting for a while.  
  10. ChrisL's post in What's the Frequency, Kenneth? was marked as the answer   
    My wife met and got to hang back stage with Stevie once.  She said he was a cool dude.
  11. ChrisL's post in So, a “Cutie” is deceptively not pop-able. was marked as the answer   
    OK so I know a thing or two on this matter...
    Cutie as a brand used to be part of the POM Wonderful company.  They ownership had a falling out and the new owners kept the name but not the orchards. Cutie now outsources their fruit through several other orchards and many believe the quality has dipped since.
    The old Cutie fruit is now Halo.
  12. ChrisL's post in It is going to be a shit show was marked as the answer   
    Clean shaved. No joke, nothing left to the imagination.  I mean she was posed for a gynecologist exam 2’ from where I was standing and just laid like that for several seconds until we walked around the couch to help her up.
    My wife was like, did you get a good look? How could I miss it???
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