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  1. I always find it funny when my wife leaves bfast dishes in the sink. Then my son figures the dishwasher has clean dishes in it and ads to her dishes. Then she gets pissed off that there is a sink full of dirty dishes at the end of the day. I don’t leave dishes in the sink unless the dishwasher is running and more often than not am putting away hers too to avoid the situation noted above.
  2. Damn sorry to hear that. Does her HR know in the event they need to spool up Covid protocols?
  3. ChrisL

    The Cercle

    But is it a SS???
  4. Not sure who but ain’t it the truth. We have numerous really attractive young women at work and it’s funny to me how open & friendly they are to me. I’m like a dad or maybe grandpa to them. But I’m totally cool with that it’s as it should be.
  5. In hindsight probably so but I also had a young child & didn’t want to be looking for work if they called my bluff either. When I eventually did leave the company the owners son tried several strong arm & scare tactics to get me to stay. He finally said, how much? How much what? How much for you to stay? I was so frustrated with them I said it’s not about the money but damn what if I said $200K (I was making about $75K). I wonder what he would have said.
  6. My dads passing was really the first one anyone really experienced and it was handled really poorly. Nobody spoke at his which was odd. One of my BIL’s was supposed to but backed out. My oldest brother was still a drug addled mess and really couldn’t and the middle brother & I were kids. My sisters really gave him crap for backing out but he really shouldn’t have been asked to do it as he hardly knew my dad. FF 30+ years and we learned many lessons and our moms services went off really well. A really joyous and still sad celebration. As I’m the only one in my family comfortable in public speaking I MC’d the service. She was really a pillar in the Indo community and the church was standing room only with people lined up outside. Really amazing how many people she touched over the years.
  7. FTR I liked this part. Sorry about the rest…
  8. Yeah but I’m looking at this from the employer side with retention & employee morale in mind. I’d rather pay more to tenured staff than place & retrain them. Life ain’t fair but I’m not gonna piss of my good employees. That also happened to me many years ago. I started out in management at $24K a year. About 9 months into my employment the entry wage got bumped up to $30K. At my 1 year review my wage increased to $28K. I tendered my resignation and told my boss he could rehire me for $30K or replace me. He talked to HR and they bumped me to $30K but that always left a bad taste in my mouth.
  9. I faced that very same dilemma. I told my vendor if you raise the entry wage you have to raise the existing staff accordingly. They didn’t make that connection but ultimately did it. This increases my costs tremendously…
  10. I think resort towns are an outlier though. You have to treat service workers well, pay them well above industry average as you have a diminished labor pool, semi isolated area and very expensive housing. These factors really aren’t being faced by companies in NY, LA other major metro areas.
  11. Nice rant! I employ contract staff and my vendor is always trying to get me to increase the entry wage. I did once but I’m still getting low quality staff on a couple of vacancies. I give them a week or so but have been sending them back, yeah thanks but no thanks. 2 things I have noticed providing and now utilizing an entry level work force is: Higher wages doesn’t directly correlate to higher caliber person. In a tight labor market you get what you get. The last bonehead who came in for $16.50 would have taken $15 if that’s all there was available. Work environment is critical for retention. Treat your people well, empower them and make them feel valued. My tenured staff are all critical to our operations and have earned wages exceeding $20 an hour, over $5 an hour more from where they started.
  12. True but it really depends on the city. Many cities and CA in general are implementing living wage ordinances. In Los Angeles the living wage is over $19 an hour. If you are flipping burgers for McDonalds in LA you are earning decent money for unskilled labor.
  13. IIRC these have to do with RICO laws that went into effect in the 80’s due to drug lords dumping so much cash into accounts. I didn’t word my response correctly above either. We could have wire transferred more than we did, just anything over $8K had to be done in person in the branch.
  14. Probably not. My industry is cyclical but guys like me generally don’t get whacked. I actually hope I can ride this job into retirement but my gut tells me I’m in for one more job change.
  15. Your gas tank would probably fill my trunk! 😁
  16. Ouch! That’s almost two fills for my car and our gas is expensive!
  17. About 2X the amount of your bike. I think the limit (for my bank, maybe others too) was $8K for wire transfer.
  18. Earlier this year. I had to make a transfer that was too large to make electronically so had to go in to the credit union to do it. Before that….. Not sure several years.
  19. Animal House was on one of the movie channels recently and I flipped to it just as it was starting. My wife had actually never seen it and really didn’t get into it. Not really a chick movie but I enjoyed watching it again.
  20. Uphill, downhill, either way I’m glad you are back on your bike!
  21. For one ride I can do anything from a 54 to a 57. I’m 5’10 34” inseam measures to the ground. Im sure we’ll be back in NOVA at some point but my wife is in no hurry to fly back during the Pandemic.
  22. Late in my enlistment I shipped my bike to VA and rode it some. Mainly rode the Potomac trail between Mt Vernon & DC. I’d like to ride NoVa again for old time sake… A meet up ride with @Old No. 7 & you would be cool!
  23. 90 minutes on one topic would be hard for me… I can talk for sure and have no issue presenting to large groups but I tend to be on the quieter side.
  24. Well…. One quiet night on Ft McNair I was doing building checks. I came upon a small office building and noticed a light on? That’s odd so went into the building and checked it out only to find it completely dark? Went back outside and looked from the outside, hmm light is on. Went back in and found all lights off. So I’m thinking someone’s fucking with me so I call a K9 unit to do a sweep. K9 rolls up and says what’s up? See that light on? Yup. Everytime I go in that building to check all the lights are off. I think someone’s in there flipping the light on & off. OK let’s go check it out. So the K9 is at the door, dog is barking, Military Police K9, come out or we’re coming in and you will get bit!!! After a few seconds nothing so he lets the dog off leash and the dog freezes. Tail between legs & whimpering at the doorway. WTF Duke get in there!!! Dog won’t budge!?!! The K9 Sgt looks at me and says building secure yeah? Fucking A let’s get out of here! And we leave the building with the light still on.
  25. We have nice memory foam pillows we like. We went through several pillows until we found some we like. As for the spare room we just keep a bed spread on it to keep dust off the mattresses. Pillows are out away so they won’t get dusty. We very seldom have guests.
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