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  1. My gym bag has a smell that I can’t get out of. I throw some fabric softener in it when I use it which helps but yeah that bag definitely has the funk.
  2. WOChrisL was in the garage this morning and said I think something died in the garage. I go in there and am like, oh damn yeah that’s rank. The cans don’t smell so it’s not rotting food. She then goes to the work bench and says I think it’s behind the bench. It then clicks, I went fishing Wednesday and had some stripped squid that I left in my pack. I unzip the pack & it hits me, oh dayum!!! Words to live by, don’t leave squid in the garage for 2 days, it smells bad!
  3. I did this as well but I don’t think KBB is keeping up with current market trends. I got several thousand more from Carmax than what KBB suggested my car was worth.
  4. We haven’t really looked into that but I think we’d rather replace it at this point.
  5. WOChrisL’s tablet died and we have one of those Lenovo Yoga laptops but the hinge broke so it can’t be closed and the screen is loose. I posed the idea as she really doesn’t do much on the laptop other than her banking & managing her budgets via google docs. The rest of it is surfing the net & social media. We looked at some Apple tablets with a detachable soft keyboard and she’s open to the idea but thinks the tablet won’t have the memory she needs. Anyone do this or have thoughts on if it would work?
  6. I loved an old add for Titus Cycles where a teenaged kid is looking at a Junior College brochure with a look of WTF!?!? And the Dad is in the background with a big smile. The ad said something similar, that sacrifices had to be made or such.
  7. No big plans, usual stuff, family dinner today & Sunday, ride & chores.
  8. When I was stationed in DC we rented a boat and water skied (well tried). I’ll never forget taking a shower afterwards & the brown water coming off of me in the shower. The Potomac is like a flowing river of mud…
  9. Kupp had a fantastic year but being a longtime Rams fan I have seen that he does get banged up often. He’s a possession receiver who is also good with after the catch yards. So he gets hit a lot and hard. Last year was an outlier for Kupp in that he mostly avoided injury. I think that’s why Rams brass added Allen Robinson and will likely bring back OBJ. I’d temper expectations on Kupp having another year like last year.
  10. It’s really hard to say right now. Do you have a Carmax near you? They buy cars with no obligation to buy one of theirs. They often beat out local dealers on buy backs. I had taken my Subie to Carmax for a quote and then took the quote to the dealership that had the car I wanted to buy. They were really honest in that they couldn’t touch that offer and I was better off going back to Carmax. So we halted the process & they said they would hold the car, I sold the subie to Carmax and went back to the dealership. The only dicey thing was I couldn’t transfer the carmax check so had to float a check for like $13K.
  11. At the time it seemed like a good call and once we discovered who he was, you did let him know a condition of his staying here was based on his civil behavior. He blew it, not you.
  12. I suppose it depends on the coaches, players & how they practice but Sean McVay hasn’t played a projected starter in the preseason since he arrived in LA. The Rams haven’t been sluggish to start their seasons but many criticized the methodology at first. Now he’s considered a trend setter…
  13. When we were feeding the ducks he kept picking up the dried goose shit thinking it was bread (it dries brown & does resemble chunks of bread). I didn’t report that part to mom! Yeah mud pies! 😂
  14. SW and I were at the center of his previous blow up and I actually didn’t realize I was doing harm but recognized it after he pointed it out. I would reference him in posts and others would take that opportunity to zing him. I believe it was when SART closed for a bit. We took it off line where I apologized and he went off on me making veiled threats of violence if I mentioned him again. He didn’t want to meet me, on rides & such. Fine, I left him alone. Fast forward a few years and he tries to sneak back in, we realize it’s him and we let him back. I guess at this point I was OK as I kept my promise but he never once recognized that his actions were also wrong. I mean he went off on me for referencing him in posts, I’m an “instigator”. I wasn’t even being snarky. He must have felt he was putting me in my place even though I owned up to my actions and apologized…. Much of this blow up was another instance of his perceived instigating. He felt SW posted the verbose post as an attempt to get people to pile on and some did. Some of are doing it again here. I know Beanz has his issues but I don’t think we should be piling on the guy. We are basically doing what he does. I will say that Beanz does draw attention. I mean we are talking a lot about him now that he’s gone.
  15. That song is like 20 years old! Those girls in the band probably have teenagers now! 😂
  16. Crap, that little guy wore me out! Mom just picked him up and now I need a nap! I guess that’s why you have them while you are young!
  17. Good luck! I hope you find something soon.
  18. He did. My daughter & I switched cars and she has a remote to our garage for her car so it was a short walk in. We had water time after a late lunch.
  19. I can’t say grand kids are the same. It’s a different kind of love that is hard to explain. We love our kids but the grandkids are a whole different level.
  20. And to visit Oma but I couldn’t keep my eyes open 😂
  21. Where there is a pond with ducks! Who needs lunch when you can feed the ducks!😂
  22. And climbing the rocks! He’s pointing to the top of the hill. Let’s go up there so we did.
  23. Man did we have fun. 1.5 hours at the park!
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