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  1. Longjohn's post in My 45 year old daughter ran 50.5K yesterday was marked as the answer   
    Some forms of insanity are hereditary.
  2. Longjohn's post in Howard Johnson’s Motel was marked as the answer   
    Our hojo’s motel is now another chain motel but they closed off the hallway leading into the restaurant and a Margarita King is located there.
  3. Longjohn's post in LJ & WOLJ was marked as the answer   
    Judie picked a Hawaiian theme for the picnic wedding but we haven’t planed a trip yet. Probably go to Texas at thanksgiving.
  4. Longjohn's post in Are you very horny? was marked as the answer   
    I thought this thread was about something else, I’m out.
  5. Longjohn's post in What is wrong with people? was marked as the answer   
    I used the phrase more something than you can shake a stick at and Judie said she had never heard that. City girls live a different life.
  6. Longjohn's post in Maybe If I Used 200mph Duct Tape was marked as the answer   
    Smear some epoxy on it, then drill it and put a bolt through it, then buy a new bike.
  7. Longjohn's post in The Sunday post count :( was marked as the answer   
    We can’t win them all.
  8. Longjohn's post in Who is riding to work today? was marked as the answer   
    Yes 🏆🏆🏆
  9. Longjohn's post in So, here are a few photos from yesterday. was marked as the answer   
    You need to work on that.
  10. Longjohn's post in Are you ready for heating bills this winter? was marked as the answer   
    I know a guy that was giving away free firewood. 
  11. Longjohn's post in Longjohn tell us about your romaine was marked as the answer   
    Mine comes from Aldi. Romaine hearts, three in a pack. They last about a week. I don’t have time to garden anymore.
  12. Longjohn's post in Ralphie to the hospital food phone. was marked as the answer   
    I didn’t know your kids had names. I thought they were like thing one and thing two?
  13. Longjohn's post in I'm on the BMI Fatso Trail eating cake right now was marked as the answer   
    Good job.
  14. Longjohn's post in So my cardiologist thinks it is time for me to stop being a lardass by using ozempic or equivalent was marked as the answer   
    What did you do with your Fitbit?
  15. Longjohn's post in So, we bottled our pomegranate liqueur. was marked as the answer   
    Is this some kind of health food?
  16. Longjohn's post in Are dogs proud of their farts? was marked as the answer   
    We had a dog that whenever he heard a fart sound he would sniff his butt. The kids thought it was hilarious and would make fart sounds and he never disappointed them.
  17. Longjohn's post in It is almost 50° was marked as the answer   
    My wife had a wheelie walker with brakes and a seat. She never got well enough to try it out. It would be good if you got half way around the block and had too much pain to continue, you could sit down. one night I got up to use the bathroom and after I peed I only made it halfway back to the bedroom and was in too much pain to continue. I stood on one leg and my crutches for a long time until finally I was able to continue. I could have used that walker with a seat that night.
  18. Longjohn's post in This is the first day was marked as the answer   
    Whelp September is over. I rode over 400 miles and raised over $1,000 to fight children’s cancer.

  19. Longjohn's post in So True! was marked as the answer   
    The motorcycle shop that I bought all my bikes at except the Harleys got in a bunch of jerseys with their advertising plastered all over them. I asked if I could have one of them. They said not have but we will sell you one. Now besides buying three new bikes off of them I raced every week nine months out of the year and about once a month in the winter. I wore out parts that they had never seen wear out. I bought parts every week and was probably their best customer. I went ahead and bought one of their jerseys but the more I thought about it the madder I got. I ended up going to another shop, if I wore that jersey I would wear it inside out so I wasn’t advertising for them. I even removed all the logos off my race bikes so most people wouldn’t know what brand of bike I was riding.
  20. Longjohn's post in If RG was to start a container garden was marked as the answer   
  21. Longjohn's post in The Dancing Nancy’s story continued. was marked as the answer   
    I haven’t heard from Nancy C. Since March 19th. I figured I better give her a heads up. She probably figured it out already but I don’t want to leave her wondering. I sent her a long message and explained what has been going on. She knew about all the other women I was meeting because I was upfront about it from the beginning. I told her that Nancy R. and I have really connected and I didn’t just want to disappear. I thanked her for her time and told her I really enjoyed being with her. I told her that I hope and pray that she will find her perfect match. I felt like I was sending her a “Dear Jane” letter.
  22. Longjohn's post in Hung dog was marked as the answer   
    If you decide to lick it you better pet him first.
  23. Longjohn's post in Maxx and LongJohn May Discover A Similar Thing! was marked as the answer   
    How much more rural can it get? We’re lucky to have electric and my neighbors travel by horse and buggy.
  24. Longjohn's post in So my interior door handle on the del Sol broke - this is snot going to be easy to fix - I hate deal was marked as the answer   
    Preferably in a different color, that makes the car look cool.
  25. Longjohn's post in I Get Why People Stop Exercising! was marked as the answer   
    You need a new bike.
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