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  1. Longjohn

    Are you stuuupid, or just a litt-le slow?

  2. Longjohn

    Would you take overtime pay or lieu vacation time?

    Nobody hears most of the bitching that goes on in my head. The part that spills out by accident is a small percentage.
  3. Longjohn

    Would you take overtime pay or lieu vacation time?

    You do what you have to do. I had times in my life when I needed more money, if you don't have money to make the house payment and they offer you the chance to work and get paid double you are a fool to lose your house over wanting some time off.
  4. Longjohn

    Have you ever met someone with a glass eye?

    By now you should know that all of RG's stories are real.
  5. Longjohn

    Have you ever met someone with a glass eye?

    My first industrial job I started out in an entry level job and the guys working there were either new hires or losers of some sort. It was common for someone to have something in their lunch that they didn't want. They would offer it to whoever wanted it. If no takers they would usually unwrap it and throw it at someone not watching. This one day a guy had a pod of grapes and he was eating them but said they were not very sweet, anyone else want them? No takers so he said: "maybe George wants them?" George was a machinist working on a milling machine while the operator was on break. He tossed a grape and it hit George on top of the head. George turned and looked at the group. Everyone was all of a sudden looking at their lunches or talking to each other looking away from George. I was still laughing looking at George. He dropped what he was doing and came running over to me mad as a hornet. He reaches up and takes out his eye and holds it in my face. You think this is funny? Someone threw a grape and hit me in the eye and it got infected an they had to remove it and now I got this. His face was beet red and he was serious. I didn't say anything and he put his eye back in and went over and went back to work. I turned to the guy that threw the grape and said: "I bet you can't do that two times in a row?".
  6. Longjohn

    Are you fat as hell again?

    That would be nice.
  7. Longjohn

    Are you fat as hell again?

    My next check up is on the thirtieth of this month. I had my lab work last week. My oncologist retired in December so I have never met this new lady doctor. I hope she is hawt. My old doc had icy fingers and she always apologized as she was groping my body looking for more lymphomas.
  8. Longjohn

    Are you fat as hell again?

    Not by a long shot here, take my leukemia it makes it easy to loose weight.
  9. Longjohn

    It'll Buff Right Out

    I didn’t even take before and after pictures. That was back in the day you had to go get your camera and make sure you had film.
  10. Longjohn

    Damn Kids Dissing Oldsters!

    Why doesn't he just buy his way in the way they do the Ironman races?
  11. Longjohn

    It'll Buff Right Out

    I've seen better crashes, most of that can be salvaged. I had a guy that worked for me and all he could talk about was the plane he was building. One day he announced he had finished his plane and was going to fly it as soon as he got off work. He came in the next day and called me over to his vehicle to see his plane. It was nothing recognizable, just a pile of shreds. He was hoping to salvage some of the parts but told me later that nothing could be salvaged. His plane came straight down into the ground.
  12. Longjohn

    For some reason that made me mad.

    I thought PBR was light?
  13. Longjohn

    For some reason that made me mad.

    Are you off prescription pain killers yet? Get on down to Huc-A-Poo’s and get some over the counter pain relief.
  14. Longjohn

    Church was canceled do to weather.... so

    I have noticed that myself about cycling. Is that a state law or a city law? It sounds like a city slicker law, they don’t want their ankle biters to freeze. Does that law include coyotes? Out here there are outside dogs everywhere. Does a doghouse count as inside? How do you make your dog go in it every half hour? I should dig up my picture of Tazz when I tried to get him to come inside during a big snowstorm. Classic stink eye. I let him stay out till my wife got home.
  15. Longjohn

    Dad's blanket

    The tone was nice, the content was stupid. My therapists use that tone and I like it.
  16. Longjohn

    Dad's blanket

    It’s difficult to do a butt massage when they are wearing clothing. That’s why you disrobe for a full body massage. I was the model about eight years ago for some advertising videos for a couple of my massage therapist friends. The drape gets in the way in making a video so for the first one I wore skimpy underwear. We watched the video and decided to ditch the underwear for the second one. That therapist sure yaps a lot. Most people would want to tell her to shut up, I’m trying to get a massage here. I talk with my massage therapist but it’s a conversation not a one way yap fest.
  17. Longjohn

    Pokey was here on Friday

    Pokey come on back, we miss you.
  18. Longjohn


    You win, only -4 here. I don’t mind that you win.
  19. Longjohn

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    He might be busy getting ready for work. Sometimes when I worked day shift I didn’t spend much time on here before work. Getting breakfast and packing my lunch sometimes took more time than other days when I just packed leftovers that were already in containers from the night before.
  20. Longjohn

    I wish these folks had been my in-laws

    Good answer.
  21. Longjohn

    The Pilot is snot as bad as I thought.

    how many inches is that @Longjohn? I didn’t take a measurement, it’s over the top of my boots. I had to shovel it away from the doors to open them. Mrs. Longjohn did ok at 4:30 this morning. I watched her from the window and she was driving very timid. She got to the end of the space I shoveled and was still driving timid. She made it about thirty feet and got stuck. I watched as her back up lights came on and went off and the car never moved. I went downstairs and put on my Carharts and Sorell boots and when I got to the door she was just starting up the road. It’s -4° this morning. Since I was already dressed I grabbed the wheel barrow and made a trip to the woodshed for another load of firewood. It’s beautiful out this morning with the bright moon shining on the snow.
  22. Before I put too much effort or money into clearing my long driveway I decided to see how it would do. The underside of the car drug the whole length of the driveway but it made it.
  23. Longjohn

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    I did some shopping in town, WOLJ stopped at her mom's long enough to download some work for tomorrow. Had lunch at Bob Evans, came home and unloaded groceries and then I dug out a turn around for my wife so she could get a run for the driveway which isn't plowed. Then I soaked it the hot tub for awhile to get warmed back up. Just a nice relaxing day.
  24. Longjohn

    turning upside a tad

    You must not have got the memo?
  25. Longjohn

    I wonder if the people from florida survived

    It was five degrees today, it didn't stop my grandkids from playing outside when their daddy got home from Colorado.