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    Remember Yaz?

    Unfortunately, a startling number of women who were taking Yaz reported dangerous side effects, some of which posed life-threatening risks. Since its initial approval, Yaz has since become the subject of more than 10,000 lawsuits that call Yaz unnecessarily dangerousand risky.Mar 29, 2018
  2. Longjohn

    Happy Tuesday

    I have a pool and hot tub full of granddaughters today. Even had my wife out on the deck to eat pizza with us and watch the girls swim. It was good to see her laugh and smile.
  3. The lyric to pat’s song went: Green is the color of my mind, with orange and purple hanging down to the ground. But I don’t mind cause I’m color blind.
  4. It wasn’t that song but I really like that song too. A funny thing happened when it started playing. I’m sitting on the deck watching the granddaughters swim and when the intro came on with the seagulls chirping a hummingbird heard the chirping and flew up to about a foot away from my phone and watched the video for about 15 seconds and then flew back to the feeder.
  5. Longjohn

    Happy Tuesday

    Just had a phone call from my dermatologist office. All three biopsies came back squamous cell carcinomas so I have a fun day of surgeries scheduled. I’m taking the Pilot in for inspection this morning, I hope it passes inspection better than I did.
  6. Pat sang a psychedelic folk song called “Green is the color of my mind” I couldn’t find it but I found this
  7. We live in the boondocks. There is no broadband service available other than satellite so I have a large dish mounted on a steel pole. I have the fastest internet they offer and it isn’t fast enough for my wife’s work. She had cable internet hooked up at her mom’s empty house twenty miles away and worked from there. I’m thinking she probably won’t go back to work.
  8. I had Pat’s album “Live At The Icehouse” . He was a funny guy.
  9. Longjohn

    Sticker shock

    Mix your own or brew your own or become a tea totaler.
  10. You just melt butter in a skillet until the oil separates from the stuff that looks like curds. The oil is called ghee edit: dang, day late and a dollar short again.
  11. I was on the local paved bike trail and heard a plink sound like something hit my spokes. I didn’t run over any sticks or anything so I turns and looked behind me to see two halves of a chipmunk still twitching in the middle of the trail.
  12. Longjohn


    I buy stuff like that. Our market has a BBQ section that all the meat is 99 cents a pound. They have steaks, chops, all kinds of chicken, ribs, boneless ribs, and sausage patties. It’s all coated with a red powder. I’m guessing it was getting old and they coated it and marked it down. So far we haven’t died yet. I use a meat thermometer to make sure it’s thoroughly cooked.
  13. I’m to late, was just about to start it.
  14. You could quickly raise the handlebars by either doing a wheelie or a manual. It’s hard to keep them raised for very long. I suggest ape hangers.
  15. It rained all morning and took a few hours off in the afternoon, it’s raining again. The few hours that it wasn’t raining I was on a run to hermitage to turn in my wife’s internet modem and buy a few things. She has paid $250 for internet that she hasn’t used since she got sick in February. She finally cancelled the service. I told her that the bright side was she had great internet at a great price. I pay $130 a month for crappy internet.
  16. A squirrel through your front wheel can mess you up, a chipmunk on the other hand just gets himself chopped in half.
  17. My kayak had a good bit of water in it by the time I made it back down the lake to where I parked. No danger of it sinking, I was in my fishing kayak. My other kayaks you have to be careful, take on too much rain water and they go right to the bottom.
  18. Playing with kids is awesome. Even better if they are your kids or grandkids.
  19. Being in the cabin does sound better than being the highest thing in the kayak. You don’t get wet and you don’t get fried.
  20. I wish I could, I still have to stay here and take care of my wife.
  21. You can do this, I’m sure Dottie will loan you his bike. I get my stamina and fitness back fairly quick after a medical setback (surgery or illness) I think it’s harder for the folks that let themselves put on 50 lbs or so while laid up.
  22. I was thinking Specialized Junky Wiener
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