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  1. His wife does the chores, he doesn’t have time.
  2. DH would be good at that. It’s almost all coasting.
  3. The grandkids sing pretty good.
  4. That looks like a fun ride. I like riding around lakes. Right now I have trouble planning tomorrow but things might be better by next year. I haven’t been to Lake Geneva since I was 18 years old. I liked it then.
  5. I had my son and his family over today. I cooked two dozen ears of corn; cut up a watermelon. Grilled burgers and dogs and a couple pounds of kielbasa’s. I made a large pan of brownies. When WOLJ smelled the brownies she didn’t know what to say. She knew they were baking a birthday cake for me. The grandkids each made birthday cards for me. They were really cute. They sang happy birthday to me. It was a good day but I didn’t get to loaf.
  6. Longjohn

    Rest time

    The remodeled Aldis have shopping carts big enough to haul a months worth of groceries. You can also put twin two year olds side by side in the child seat. I would rather have a cart the size the dollar store used. I don’t need that big thing anymore.
  7. I’m left handed but I still try to live right.
  8. Longjohn

    Ok or replace

    Ok two new hard case tires on and ready to roll. I gave them back their screwdriver I found wedged in my derailleur after the last service. They said they were looking for that.
  9. Longjohn

    Ok or replace

    The schwalb tires look good. Maybe if my LBS doesn’t have anything in stock today I’ll order some online. That won’t help me on Monday’s ride.
  10. Longjohn

    Ok or replace

    That front tire is a high mileage tire. It’s eight years old and never had a flat.
  11. Longjohn

    Ok or replace

    Do you remember Garth from the old place? He posted mostly in the cycling related forums and seldom on the Love Forum. His whole family rode a crap ton of miles per year. I don’t think they owned a car. He had his own chain treatment using graphite and melted wax that he was known for. Gave him like 10,000 mile chain life. He also used Vaseline for chamois cream and didn’t wash his bike shorts.
  12. Longjohn

    Ok or replace

    Neither of these tires has ever had a flat. I think these hard case tires have a tough casing. If Garth had these tires he would probably ride them another year. I remember the photos of his tires with the cords showing and he said they were still ok until the cords start wearing through.
  13. Then I guess I’m glad I didn’t buy her the lift chair. I raised her recliner up several months ago. Her physical terrorist had her practicing getting up and down out of a chair today using only one arm for assist. She did well but was worn out when done. Cancer sux.
  14. Longjohn

    Ok or replace

    I posted in cycling and gear but nobody sees it there. I washed my bike today and noticed the tires might have limited life left in them. Front tire Rear tire My wife says replace them both. That rear tire doesn’t have that many miles on it. I have one new tire, I’ll have to pick up one more. I’m riding with a couple friends on Monday, going to try to do my birthday miles that I missed when I had to take WOLJ to the hospital.
  15. Even when you hit Medicare you can’t depend on coverage. Drugs are outrageous and some companies refuse to cover the cost of them. Two of my skin cancer drugs my insurance won’t pay. One I pay out of pocket and one I go without.
  16. Those electric chairs that stand you up cost about double what a regular recliner costs. My wife could use one of those now but I raised her recliner up to make it easier to get up.
  17. My wife buys a lot of recliners. She thinks the padding packs down over time and it doesn’t feel right anymore. I think most of the ones she buys are over $500. She had a really nice over $800 leather recliner that she decided she didn’t like anymore. She gave it to me and I really liked it. A couple years later she decided to buy a different one and give mine to our son and give me her old one. They are pretty much all the same to me. This one I’m in now is electric recline and footrest. Our couch has two recliners in it and a matching recliner. I guess I like recliners, I used them when I had surgery or broken ribs. I’m not much into spending money on furniture but my wife likes to buy furniture. We have three recliners plus the couch in the living room and one more in the guest room.
  18. I like new stuff but not enough to buy it. The co-pay on one of my wife’s drugs is over $300 the other drug she is on we haven’t heard back from her insurance yet. She just had to buy new insurance because she has been off work more than six months. The list price on a 28 day supply is over $12,000. Her work insurance covered it 100%.
  19. I came here to post about my tires but this thread looks like a good place to do it. I’m a firm believer in “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I ride Bontrager Race Lite hard case tires on both of my bikes and I don’t get flats. I also don’t spend a lot of time cleaning my bikes. Today I removed my front pannier racks because I don’t know if I’ll ever do any long tours again. As I was washing my bike I noticed my tires might have issues. My front tire has a partial puncture. Probably from all the dirt and gravel I ride. This tire has unknown thousands of miles on it. I think I’ll be ok with this tire. My back tire was replaced after Petite’s Big Adventure. They no longer make the ones like I have on the front. When I was washing it I found a white spot showing through. What the heck is that? That can’t be the casing showing through already can it? I always carry something to boot a tire, I’m thinking both these tires have some life left in them. I do have a new tire in my bike stuff that I bought when I replaced the back tire, I was going to put it on the front but it looks like the back one might need it more. Im going to try to get my birthday ride in on Monday. I will be riding mostly a paved trail except for a nasty bypass that is stone and mud. Do you suppose these tires have another 70 miles left in them?
  20. I’m going to try to get the house ready for grandkids tomorrow. They are calling for rain tomorrow so I might want to have somewhere for ten people to eat inside. If it’s not too bad we can eat out on the deck, it’s under roof and has lots of tables. My wife and I always worked together as a team and it’s incredible how much harder it is doing everything myself. I’m thinking about closing the pool soon. Always a sad day when I close down the pool. The grandkids will swim in it even when it’s in the sixties but with nana not well they don’t come around as often. Right now the pool is still 70° so the kids will stay in forever at that temp. They get in the hot tub and warm up when they get cold.
  21. I rode up to where I took the picture. There is a washout on the ride I’m planning on doing on Monday that was almost that bad. I haven’t ridden it this year yet but I’m going to be careful. I don’t need anymore injuries.
  22. The shadows are just hiding the nastiness. It’s big loose rock all the way up. A friend of mine lives at the top of that hill. It’s really steep. Her house is off a road that runs along the ridge. She used to ride this road down to the lake but it washed out so bad they just closed it. It does say travel at your own risk so it’ snot completely closed.
  23. When my son would play an instrument I seriously wanted to hear him play. I worked a lot of nights and slept in the daytime. I told him when he wanted to practice to do it. If it woke me up I would lay there and enjoy listening to him. If it didn’t wake me then it didn’t matter.
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