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  1. I think he stays in a cabin they have for the leaders. It’s the scouts out there sleeping in the tents.
  2. The first gym I became a member of bought out a place that went out of business. They had a whole room full of those machines that do all the work for you. They were all like brand new. Sometimes I would see fat ladies working the circuit going from one fat giggling machine to another hoping to lose weight. Sometimes it was hard not to giggle. The gym had all the equipment needed to get your heart rate up and really burn fat but that was too much work. They would rather let the machines do the work and hope for the best. I can only imagine their Facebook posts if Facebook had been invented back then. “Well I’m off to the gym again, I workout for an hour every day before I go to the buffet for lunch. I must have one of those bodies that can’t loose weight no matter what I do.” That gym had a stair climber machine and every morning I would see the same guy on the stair climber when I got to the gym. I would hit the pool first and swim laps before I went to the gym for my workout. He would still be climbing. I worked my way around the gym doing my full body workout and when I was finished he was still climbing. I asked him about why he climbed so much and he said this is the only thing He had found that He could lose weight on. He said he had lost 100 pounds on it so far this year and another twenty and he would start to try other equipment and see if he could keep the weight off while building a stronger body.
  3. Is that an e-semi-recumbent stationary bike? I’ve heard people get just as much workout on them as the non-electric ones. Plus some of them have more places you can hang your clothes.
  4. I think sometimes doctors scare old people away from coffee. They tell them to switch to why-bother (my word for de-caf) and they just can’t do it so they drink tea. I switched to why-bother but since I was taking my BP three times a day I saw that the caffeine wasn’t really affecting my blood pressure anyway. It seemed stress and lack of aerobic exercise had more to do with it.
  5. Happy birthday Golden
  6. Well at least you get to carry bags of pellets in from the shed.
  7. They told their nana that they don’t wear pull up anymore. Now they wear big boy underwear. One is wearing Spider-Man underwear and the other one has PJ Masks underwear. Of course they both had to use nana’s Bathroom. Red wanted to stand and pee like daddy but her toilet was too high so he took his pants and underwear clear off and climbed up on the toilet to pee. Then he ran out to me with his clothes while his brother used the toilet.i helped him get dressed again. He can do it himself but sometimes he gets things on backwards.
  8. I quit riding the alligator up to the fifth floor to visit my wife. Now I run the stairs. I need to get some kind of exercise. I never see anyone else in the stairway, I wonder how long someone would lay there if they fell or had a heart attack? That would be a weird way to go, so close to help but nobody knows you’re there.
  9. Well it’s not the most fun time of my life but I’m doing ok.
  10. Well it is called Mini-snowta.
  11. Sheep herder would be here but as he was counting his sheep he fell asleep and hadn’t woke up yet.
  12. Those twin buddies are amazing. As they were walking towards the hospital the red head said: “now this is a hospital with a lot of sick people so we have to be very quiet”. He remembered what he was told when he visited before. They are not even three years old yet. He kept reminding his dad that they need to pray for nana.
  13. I've had a big pork chop so far. Just got home and haven’t got around to fixing much. I might steam so broccoli or I might just go to bed and have it tomorrow.
  14. It is supposed to be zero dollar co-pay zero deductible. That’s what we pay for.
  15. Nana had special visitors tonight.
  16. I just got the bill. They said they didn’t have her insurance information. They got her name and address, why didn’t they get her insurance information as well? I’ll send it to them tomorrow. I have one of their blankets. I’m surprised they didn’t bill me for that as well.
  17. How many cups of coffee do you make per day? $49 @ 50 cents a cup is less than four cups a day. That’s only one pot. One good maintenance man will drink twice that amount himself.
  18. Boost the pay and they will come. You might have to double it. Some jobs pretty much suck but if the pay is good enough someone will want to do it.
  19. Sorry they don’t like their picture taken. Some do on the sly. One of the young Amish carpenters keeps a picture of his girlfriend with him. Don’t tell the bishop. The two Amish families that lived closest to me moved to the Rome, NY area in 2011. They were all very good looking, mom, dad, and all the kids. There are a few families that look more like you probably think of when you think Amish. If they were more into photography I could have taken some award winning pictures. The one family had seven daughters before they started having boys. Their oldest girl could handle a team of draft horses like a pro. It gets hot plowing up the lower forty. She would let her hair down and was quite a sight plowing the fields. I was so tempted to sneak a picture but didn’t. I know a young Amish mom who runs a bakery on fridays from her house. She has bright red hair and is very attractive.
  20. Yesterday afternoon on my road
  21. Good paint will cover. Behr paint from Home Depot is the best, Sherwin Williams paint is very good too. I had beautiful deep red walls and my wife wanted beige. I told her I’d give it one coat and if she didn’t like it she would have to do the second coat. The Behr paint did a great job with only one coat. I miss my red walls.
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