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  1. No Covid yet, rode in a maxed out 130 passenger flight to texass and back with recycled air. I don’t like crowds, never did.
  2. You non- Facebook people missed a lot of cute pictures and videos of Chris’s twin granddaughters. They made my day.
  3. Longjohn


    The sad face was not about the car, it was about the link. You must be a subscriber to access this premium content.
  4. Longjohn


    Everyone gets a trophy 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
  5. Longjohn


    Where is Kzoo when you need him?
  6. Just don’t hit the wall as hard as Dale Earnheart.
  7. Filthydelphia does snot represent Pennsylvania .
  8. You know you are going to get one anyway. sleep study = seecrap machine
  9. Sue has a yogurt studio but it’s on the other side of the country.
  10. Longjohn


    Next time get a Bunn. You don’t have to sneak a cup while it’s still brewing. It brews a full pot while you are still waiting on the first cup from other pots.
  11. Longjohn


    I actually liked the Edsel. I was too young to buy one and my dad didn’t buy Fords. He went from a 56 Chevy wagon to a 1960 Dodge wagon.
  12. When iPhone came out with the really slim phone a few years ago my son put his in his back pocket. When he pulled it out it was bent. He took it back to the Apple Store to get a replacement and they said they don’t replace broken phones. He said it snot broke, it’s bent. They gave him a new phone. I carry mine in my left front pocket.
  13. When Judie scorched dinner the other night there was dark matter stuck on the bottom of the pan.
  14. When I buy a jug of milk the cashier always asks if I want my milk in a bag? I tell her no, just leave it in the jug.
  15. I don’t use the outside toilets in the winter. I prefer to write my name in the snow.
  16. Ben Klingston mall guard comes to mind.
  17. I could never understand the attraction of the malls to begin with. If you buy stuff you have to carry it with you to any other stores you want to shop. Or take it 1/4 mile away out to the car. It didn’t make sense to me. Now that they are dying it makes me a little sad but I don’t know why.
  18. Our mall (25miles away) has a JCPenny as the last man standing. New mall owners are trying to kick them out and Penney is taking them to court.
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