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  1. I used to carry a bandanna handkerchief in my back pocket. I kept forgetting about them When getting undressed for the shower. They never came back in the clean laundry. I switched to carrying industrial disposable wiping cloths in my back pocket, they always came back. Some sucker was keeping my bandannas.
  2. Did you manage to get them to withhold federal incom tax?
  3. My neighbors never have that problem.
  4. I always leave my wallet in my pocket when I go swimming and it never gets wet, go figure.
  5. Longjohn

    Happy Sunday

    Looks good. Going to cook an egg for my sweetie and make her a half a piece of toast.
  6. Does the other fridge have an ice maker? Turn the beer fridge into an icebox. Just carry bucket of ice from one fridge to the other. The Amish do that with old refrigerators, they bring in ice from the ice house.
  7. Yep, that’s about it. They arranged for a volunteer to come one time while I was having some medical testing done. This was a new volunteer so they sent another volunteer to teach them the ropes. My wife said the two of them sat at the kitchen table the whole time playing on their devices.
  8. I have them cover for me to go to my doctor appointments. Normally the aide is there for about an hour a day. The nurse comes every Monday for ten or fifteen minutes. There are volunteers but they are not allowed to do anything so basically worthless. I called three for pay caregiver companies and the calls went straight to voicemail. I left messages and nobody called me back. They are all $20-$30 an hour.
  9. I would like to walk. This going round in circles doesn’t cut it.
  10. I don’t think I have been to one this year. My LGS will give me $20 cash back with no fees. I have done that some.
  11. I’ve turned into my dad. That’s not a bad thing.
  12. We have an exhaust fan. All poo is not created equal. I’ve gone in a public washroom where it smelled like something died in there.
  13. Longjohn

    Fish ridge Farm

    When my son lived in Louisiana we swam in a lake that has occasionally had gators. He claimed they don’t usually come on his side of the lake.
  14. Longjohn

    Fish ridge Farm

    No water moccasins or gaters?
  15. Longjohn

    Fish ridge Farm

    What all is in that pond that can kill you? Not being from the south I’m always a bit skeptical of open water swimming in the south.
  16. Great photos, I like all the smiles. The third picture is the best.
  17. Dr. Mickin has talked of selling and moving in the future. I have always bought with the thought that this is the last time I’m going to do this. If the house had a better resale value it would bless my kids more when I’m gone unless I end up in a nursing home and medicaid ends up with the house.
  18. So they can build something like this. They can live in their trailer.
  19. I was never hospitalized but did have some scans after a crash on my race bike. I can’t say the same thing for my bicycles.
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