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  1. In July to see my son Daniel. It’s been years since I’ve seen him. He didn’t come up for his mom’s memorial service. Driving down with my son Benjamin who sings about Carolina.
  2. You don’t know what you’re missing.
  3. My vision was ok until I developed cataracts. The surgery to fix the cataracts put distance lenses in both eyes. Now I need to use reading glasses or bifocals. Reading glasses are a PITA so now I wear bifocals. The reading correction is 2.5
  4. Doctor Squatch only uses natural men’s fragrances like coal tar, diesel fuel, and tobacco.
  5. I thought they replaced that coke plant with a meth lab?
  6. It doesn’t look like that for long.
  7. I bought a whole bike online. When the Trek dealer couldn’t get bikes he told me if I could find a bike somewhere else to buy it. That’s when I bought my Lynskey. I also buy my bike clothes and shoes because my shop doesn’t sell clothing. He has some shoes but none in my size. When I needed a different cassette I found one at Competitive Cyclist. The LBS guy told me to order it myself because he was still having trouble getting parts. I try to support my LBS as much as I can but he has a small shop and very limited accessories. I have bought 13 bikes from him so I did pretty good.
  8. Have a nice trip? See you next fall.
  9. Make me think of @Randomguy?
  10. Liberty Avenue was interesting. I don’t know how they cleaned that up without using a wrecking ball.
  11. It always amazed me to see people riding bicycles downtown. When we did it on Petite’s Big Adventure it really wasn’t that bad but we only had to ride from Point park to the hot metal bridge. Nice view, what was the restaurant?
  12. A couple of my friends in high school had no oil change cars. They would just add a quart or so every time they bought gas. I think their engines were self changing the oil. There was always a puddle of oil where they parked.
  13. FIFY Praying for you Z.
  14. First job I was 15 and worked as an usher in a brand new movie theater. I started at 60 cents an hour but got a raise to 75 cents an hour within a couple weeks. When I turned 18 I got a job at a Chevy dealership as a parts manager at $2.00, an hour. Later that year I was hired at a Westinghouse plant taking home about $100 a week.
  15. You can have mine. They just put fresh gravel on this section. my house is on the left on the other side of the valley.
  16. Did you order them? Are you still looking for them? If you are still wanting them post a picture of what you have in mind. Pennsylvania Amish are faster than Ohio Amish. I also have a good friend from church that makes furniture for a living. He is busy but I don’t think he is 8 months busy.
  17. An air mattress wouldn’t be very good company, I would recommend a girlfriend. Much better company.
  18. I was in the LBS talking with the owner while he worked on a mountain bike that was in for it’s 60 day check up. He was commenting on how beat up the bike was after only 60 days. He had to replace parts and retrue the wheels. I think it needed new brake pads too. He wondered how he could beat up the bike in such a short time.
  19. Ok Beanz you have to have this jersey
  20. I think it’s time for you to buy a new BIKE.
  21. Well at least you still got a piece of tail on your birthday.
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