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  1. The doctors don’t think it was a hypoglycemic event they think it’s heart related. This is not a cardiac hospital . They are going to do an echocardiogram and maybe ship me off to Erie. They have done cat scans. I just got moved to a private room.I haven’t had anything to eat or drink since noon.
  2. Mine is all blood thinners, beta blockers, and ace inhibitors. I use the morning and nighttime pill dispenser. This week I missed a lot of pills. I have a doctor appointment at two pm today.
  3. I wonder if they will honeymoon in Elbonia, waste deep in mud?
  4. I explained in another thread. I think my body is making too much insulin for the amount of sugar I am eating. I’ll see if I can get an appointment with my pcp. I don’t think this is heart related.
  5. I probably should have had them deliver it. There is a sharp curve in our road. I took a short cut through the bushes.
  6. I think I fingered out what my trouble is. When they say eliminate salt I eliminate all salt. Eliminate sugar and I eliminate all processed sugar. I eat oranges, apples and grapes. This week I felt like crap all week. I would take an extra strength nighttime Tylenol and go to bed. When I would wake up to pee I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand up and I couldn’t see. Last night I passed out while trying to find my way to the bathroom. I fell on top of my vacuum cleaner and it turned on. I don’t know how long I was out but when I came around the vacuum was very hot. I was coming up with a plan. I cr
  7. He got wind of my new bike. He looked like a pig farmer. Not an athletic build but could probably lift an ornery hog into a truck.
  8. I always kept my heart rate just under 170 for an endurance race. Once the finish line was in site I let it go usually to 185. Fast heart rate isn’t what damages the heart. Stress and not enough exercise damages the heart.
  9. I wear a mask as a fashion statement.
  10. I felt like crap all week, it may not of been heart related. I wasn’t going to try to drive myself to the horse spittle.
  11. My next door neighbor’s daughter is getting married this weekend. I hope to take some pictures. It is going to be a really big shindig. This is the neighbor that is a carpenter. He could have built Dr. Mickin house and DH ‘s house and had a year left over. He built a temporary front porch and enclosed it then he built a temporary back porch and enclosed it. Today he put up a huge tent. They will party all day on Saturday. I like being able to get a peek into their culture.
  12. You will never know because it wouldn’t make sense after you disposed of a body to then go and tell everyone about it.
  13. Don’t listen to Oscar, he lives in a trash can.
  14. I would like to get jerseys made for Petites Nuther big adventure. I don’t like wearing tee shirts on a bike. Of coarse for the price difference I might go cheap.
  15. You should have your house number displayed in big letters on your porta potty so you can get pizza deliveries.
  16. Longjohn


    They all taste like ice melting chemicals.
  17. That hasn’t happened in at least 25 years. I think he was selling a service to remove dust mites. He ask if I enjoyed shopping at Walmart. I told him I don’t shop Walmart. He thanked me for my time and left. There are so many real jobs out there now I can’t imagine why someone would go door to door.
  18. Longjohn


    I felt better when I was eating salt.
  19. I haven’t eaten since Sunday after church. It was the first time I went in person. I always watch the service livestream. Everyone was wanting to shake my hand. This is the 21st century, nobody shakes hands. If I go again I won’t be shaking hands. Someone had cooties and I have been miserable all week. This morning I’m starting to feel somewhat alright.
  20. Well I like boobs but they are not a priority for a man in his seventies.
  21. I was bike camping with a lady from Wisconsin one year. I had just bought a cheap tent for the trip. The problem was the rain fly was the same size as opening in the tent that the fly was supposed to cover. No overlap. She laughed when we had tornado warnings the one night. She said you ain’t sleeping with me, I just have room for me and my bike. The tornado blew over all the portable toilets but we didn’t get any rain with it.
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