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  1. Beer snob FWIW I agree with you.
  2. We need to burry it. I got beat to the punch while typing it out. I had to stop and look up how to spell rhoids.
  3. While my wife was going through chemo 11 years ago a had a problem with hemorrhoids. I had them fixed and have been ok since.
  4. Not according to the evil groundhog that lives under my garage. He says it’s spring now.
  5. You’re a nice frog but you are wrong. Summer is the bestest season ever invented.
  6. Longjohn


    When I saw hotboxing this is what I thought of. We hauled hot ingots from the steel mill to forge shops saving them thousands of dollars in energy costs.
  7. I should has titled this “Happy hump/first day of spring Day”
  8. I don’t think petite is that small. We can still hear her.
  9. I brought my wife her oatmeal this morning and when I went to get her pills I heard her laugh. I looked back to see what she was laughing about and she asked me: “what’s the fork for?” I had given her a fork instead of a spoon to eat her oatmeal.
  10. It’s a beautiful start to the day. I about froze. Standing in the cornfield this morning in my jammies to get these photos.
  11. Inflation makes it hard to figure out how well parents actually were doing. My dad bought a couple acres of property, Had a well drilled and septic system installed, and a new house built. He bought a new car every three years. We took vacations every year. My mom was a stay at home mom. After I graduated high school I went to work with my dad at the local factory where my dad worked. I made $80 a week, my dad was making about $110. It was a different world back then. My family was not wealthy by any means but we had a rich life and always knew we were loved.
  12. It’s bright again tonight, we should go out and howl at the moon.
  13. Last night’s sunset wasn’t worthy of Otis. Tonight’s was better.
  14. It’s amazing how much a belt will stretch over the years.
  15. That’s what it feels like when I take my niacin every day. Don’t take it on an empty stomach, you will feel like you are dieing.
  16. Oh my, One year for Christmas Nana ordered a doctor McStuffins outfit from England for a granddaughter that thought Dr. McStuffins was the best thing ever. Dr. McStuffins was a doctor that would take care of injured stuffed animals. For the next couple years we got used to seeing teddy bears with their arm in a sling, doll babies with multiple bandaids on them. The outfit got passed down a little bit but my son canceled cable tv and the younger girls didn’t know about Dr. McStuffins. The outfit with the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and the little hammer that the doctor uses to whack your knee. Altogether that outfit was over $200.00
  17. Dora bandaids were the coolest before Frozen came along. Then it was all Frozen.
  18. One of our granddaughters always asked nana for a bandaid for a three day old bruise. She knew nana carried bandaids in her purse.she also called them a brew instead of a bruise. Of course she always got the bandaid.
  19. Bandaids are for kids. Getting the four granddaughters out of the car on Sunday I must have bumped a scab on the back of my hand. It started bleeding but it wasn’t dripping. I didn’t notice it but the girls all did. They were determined I needed a bandaid. I told them I’d be ok but the three year old wanted us to go find someone with a bandaid. I told them I would take care of it after I took them each to class. I washed the blood off in the restroom and was fine.
  20. Could you hear it sizzle when it hit the water?
  21. As I listen to Otis Redding.
  22. Longjohn

    Who needs coffee

    About fifty years ago my buddy and I had been out partying and drinking all night and were finally heading home on our motorcycles. We were within three miles of home (he was my neighbor) and all of a sudden at 3:30 am in this sleepy little town with one police car six police cars pulled us over with sirens blaring and lights flashing. I figured this was going to be their biggest DUI bust of the year. They checked our paperwork and asked where we had been and where we were going. We told them and they told us to be carful going home. The next day in the paper we read about the bank robbery pulled off by two guys on motorcycles.
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