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  1. He hasn’t been out here yet. Owl take it slow.
  2. She could kill two birds with one stone
  3. I might work on getting the cover off the pool. It might take awhile.
  4. Happy birthday Petite, how are you going to celebrate? With a new toilet?
  5. Longjohn


    Most new toilets come with the tank packed separate and you have to mount the tank yourself. They also come with directions, women read directions. They are like a recipe. Petite doesn’t have any trouble following directions. If the toilet doesn’t have any other issues I say she should go with the gasket kit. Ask the friendly folks at Ace Hardware, they will guide you through it.
  6. I say put them In zoos where they belong.
  7. Yes we can, if one goes after one of my grandkids he is going to be one dead bear.
  8. Longjohn

    Who’s Hungry?

    My wife loves chicken pot pie.
  9. I was the most popular person when I went to pick up the four granddaughters for church. I got to my son’s house a half hour early. The twin dudes brought me books to read to them. I had one on each side of me. As each of the girls got ready for church they joined us on the couch. We FaceTimed with nana for awhile.
  10. I have my pool ready to open. Just need help getting the cover off. The granddaughters offered to come over and help. If they come their driver I’m sure will be able to handle it.
  11. My wife got timid in her old age, she won’t go anywhere alone.
  12. Longjohn

    My new love

    Once they stock the pond with fish you will have to be careful around that pond. Fish love frog legs.
  13. We are keeping the medical professionals in the latest in pleasure boats. I have a big eye exam tomorrow morning, all the computer testing and photos and then the super dialation where they attach a microscope to my eye. They skipped this test the last four times I was in but warned me no skipping this time. Tuesday I get the stitches out of my face from the skin cancer removal. Wednesday I see the surgeon hopefully for the final follow up visit. Not sure about that, my PCP ordered blood work and found me anemic again. The rest of the week will be taking my wife for treatments. I want to go kayaking.
  14. Whelp WOLJ isn’t out of the woods yet. She got the results of her day of scans. The lesion on her brain appears to be gone but she now has lesions on her liver and lymph nodes. The bones are still involved but appear stable. They are changing her medication again. They plan on starting another round of chemo but are waiting the results of a biopsy.
  15. That’s how they get students to stay in school. If they gave the summer help all the good jobs they would be tempted to drop out of school and just work for a living.
  16. Longjohn

    What do you think

    Buy it anyway, she will grow into it.
  17. You win, working with hot steel is dirty work but the foundry jobs are the worst. Did you wear a respirator? Did you do any chipping? Driving truck I got to see it all and I decided I didn’t want a foundry job.
  18. I didn’t see how much the trauma team charged each time they revived me.
  19. I had to back my trailer up next to a ladle full of hot steel to load some equipment one time in a steel mill. I had to guide the crane and and unhook the cables. My tires were smoking and the lenses on my marker lights melted off. I was glad the tires didn’t blow while I was standing on the trailer. I got the heck out of the building before I chained down my load.
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