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Bosque to breakfast


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…and back. 
It’s one of my favorite morning rides, and today was the first time back on this route since breaking my hand last August. 

Starting at the Hispanic Cultural Center, we headed north along the paved  multi-use trail, but had to detour through the historic Barelas neighborhood right away because of trail maintenance. We picked up the path again and rode into a modest headwind for six miles. It felt good to turn east away from the path for a few blocks toward Rio Grande Blvd. I had forgotten my sunglasses, and my eyes were feeling dry and scratchy from the wind. A quick pass through the roundabout and a few more blocks north to our breakfast destination.

I ordered an iced coffee, carrot muffin, and turkey green chili sausage patties. mr. ordered French toast. He also ate one of the sausages. The restaurant has a pet friendly patio, and one of the dogs was barking for some treats from its owner. We talked about our remodel and trips to Hawaii and Tulum. The food was yummy. 

We returned by way of the multi-use path after a short, westward connection between the boulevard and the bosque. The distance was a bit longer, but our average speed increased in the tailwind. A few roadie cyclists passed us, and I could see they were enjoying the wind at their back. Although I was a little concerned about crossing a busy intersection at the detour, we ended up there with a few other cyclists, so the busy traffic wasn’t as intimidating. 

14 miles total, a joyful ride, and looking forward to doing it again next Thursday. 

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