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I think that the premeditated part of it is what the NHL was looking at


I also think the NHL was trying to make an example out of him. Also by setting this kind of suspension out there for a first offense, they have a precedent for suspending actual goons for a really long time.



but he violated 3 parts of the hockey code:


1) he came across the ice and engaged Orpik from behind


2) he slew footed him to take him down. Slew footing someone is so dangerous because you will almost always hit the back of your head on the ice. You have to be a skater to appreciate this part of it. It is the dirtiest trick in the book.


3) he punched Orpik after he was down on the ice. That's not even a hockey fight. When a guy hits the ice, its over. Period. That's the code.


so for the slew foot and punching Orpik while he was on his back on the ice, he got off easy. He's still in the league and he'll still be playing this season.

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Nate, you make some good points, but Orpik got what he had coming to him.

BTW, Thornton held onto his jersey on the way down to keep his head from hitting the ice, and left his gloves on. It's clear that Thornton was trying to prove his point, but didn't want to seriously injure him.

It was a dirty play on Thornton's part, but that little bitch Orpik got what he deserved. When you line up a player(like he did to Eriksson), and don't answer the to call to fight after it, shit like this will happen.

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maybe so, but when it comes to fighting, a player can decline. I know from interviews with the Pittsburgh press that Brooks Orpik didn't think it was a dirty hit.


Here's the thing: if there is no penalty, then there is no reason to have to fight. You don't fight over every clean hit in a hockey game, even if somebody gets rocked. If your guy gets hurt and it was a cheap shot, then that is when the game is supposed to police itself. A solid check that draws no penalty?


also, top players on a team don't have to fight. Orpik is a top D man, we were in a close game, and he didn't need to be in the box for the next 10 minutes because Thornton wants to be an idiot. Thornton didn't ask Derrick England to dance, so he must not have wanted to fight too bad


In fact, your argument speaks directly to what the NHL wanted to address with the suspension: this was not an impulsive act responding to the Neal hit which was a dirty hit. This was premeditated and he was targeting a player because of a previous incident that had happened some time before and should have already been settled. When Orpik declined to fight, that should have been the end of it if we are playing be the hockey code.

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The hit on Eriksson was dirty. If Marchand hit Crosby exactly like that, Marchand would have been ejected.

BTW, Lucic took on England IIRC.

Orpik is the little bitch that lined up Eriksson, and he's the one that should have answered for it.

It's a shame they wont play again until the postseason. Dupuis needs to answer for his slash on Kelly.

The refs let way too much go in this game.

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listen, there's no reasoning with you here. You hate the pens and I hate the bruins

let's just agree that the Bruins are a buncha fags, and leave it at that :P

Yeah, but the Bruins are the bunch of fags that have beaten the Mighty Penguins for six straight games.

I really don't hate the Penguins, I hate their fans.

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well, your opinion is slanted just like mine


To me, Brooks Orpik is the top American D man, always a clean and honest player, and never takes a cheap shot.


Just like how James Neal took a dirty hit to his knee during that game

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