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Successful Ways to Advertise


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Advertising can be one of the most difficult tasks a company faces, especially when they are first starting out.  According to Chron, there are five strategies companies need to keep in mind when they are deciding how to advertise.  The first strategy is repetition.  Repetition of the company name or the product being advertised is a great way to get consumers to remember the company or product.  The challenge with repetition is avoiding being obnoxious by being creative with the way the repetition is delivered.  The second strategy is make claims.  Consumers are interested in products for their purpose, and by educating them about what companies are selling they are more likely to purchase those products.  

When making claims, it is important to advertise the products as “the best” products or something catchy along those lines.  The third strategy is associating products or the company with someone famous, or a catchy jingle, something that makes consumers think of the company any time they see that person or hear that tune.  The fourth strategy is the bandwagon technique.  Consumers love to follow their peers when it comes to purchasing products.  Use phrases such as “America loves…” to show the popularity of the product or company.  The fifth strategy is promotions.  Every consumer is looking for a good deal, so by offering special deals and promotions companies are bound to see an influx in business.  

The benefits of car wrap advertising

Car wraps are a great way to nail all five of these strategies in one marketing technique.  WrapMatch is a middleman advertising agency who pairs companies up with people who are willing to turn their vehicles into mobile billboards for companies at a small price.   Car wraps can easily be repetitive and make claims depending on the design of the ad.  They are also easy for consumers to associate with as they are seen frequently on the road, and the more the ads are seen the more likely consumers will jump on the bandwagon and visit the company or purchase the product.  Last but not least, adding special promotions to car wraps such as “call this number for 10% off product,” is a great way to bring in business.  Car wraps have been a successful advertising tactic for years now, and they are a great way for new companies to form a reputation and build their client base.  

Jobs News brought to you by wrapmatch.com

Source: smallbusiness.chron.com/5-common-advertising-techniques-15273.html

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