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Last weekend's group ride, with video


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I have been riding with a women's cycling club called the WAV Riders. It's not a huge club like Cycle Folsom or The Hammerin' Wheels, clubs that I'm also a member of. Even though there's only a few of us, it's still a lot of fun to ride with these gals.


My weekend rides are always focused on climbing, which I love more than any other part of cycling. I am always trying to improve my climbing, so after several cyclists (including Mr. Beanz) advised me to start controlling my breathing, I finally concentrated on taking their advice. The results were immediate. Stacks of PRs on Strava for every ride, and being able to keep up with riders who used to always beat me up hills. On last weekend's ride I was even ahead of one of the fast women on a few climbs, but on others she was back at the front. She's 40-50 pounds lighter than me, so I have my work cut out for me! I need to lose 20-30 lbs too.





I got a K-Edge Go Big handlebar mount for my GoPro. It is the best mount made. The plastic mounts made by GoPro have been known to break off, sending the camera crashing to the ground. The weekend ride was my second ride with this mount. On the first ride I mounted the camera under the bars, but the shifter cables were in the picture. This time I mounted the camera above the bars.


The clicking sound you hear at times is probably due to this..


broken latch on GoPro case>10425999953_bc65076537_b.jpg
broken latch on GoPro case>broken latch on GoPro case by freighttraininguphill, on Flickr


..which I discovered when I got home after the ride. I have a new case in use now, and I ordered a replacement for that one a few days ago. I received the replacement yesterday.


Here is a climb from the ride. I was following the lead rider. The ride host eventually caught us near the top of the climb.



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