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Wrapping Up

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I was wrapping up my afternoon ride, and so was one of the local group rides (plus some randoms too).  We all got grouped up at a series of road crossings (fun to see folks "jockey" for position as we stop), and I was tucked in towards the back of the pack.  

As we all get rolling, folks take different times to get back up to speed, and others never really bother picking up the pace.  The dude at the front was anxious to get going (a Gran Fondo NY-type) and even timed the light a bit.  Anyway after the regrouping at the second signal, the second guy in line seemed happy to putter along as did the guy on his wheel.  Being trapped a bit back behind them, I needed to wait for the path to clear before muttering a "let's bring this guy back" and riding off the front. It took a little while and oddly no one followed. Fun, though. :hapydance:


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