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also Engo has been suspended a couple times before, and he did knock Abdulkator out of the game, so what he got he got

At least abdulkator was making a play on the puck. Orpik just lined up Eriksson, and the hit was worse(though the result was the same).

The Engelland hit was no worse than Orpik's, and the result was the same. Why wasn't Orpik even penalized?
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Back in the good old days, all players would fight from time to time.

Now the NHL has skilled players(that play dirty) but refuse to fight. Now we have enforcers, that fight for those rat players that refuse to fight.

The NHL sucks now

If you lay down a brutal hit, you need to answer the call when challenged. If everyone answered the call to fight, there would be less cheap shots, and no need for enforcers/goons.

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Btw, some players have the same opinion of it that I do.

Here's Dan Janssen's thoughts on it.

"You never, ever want to see something like that. Anybody that gets hurts like that – I’ve been in that situation – you never want to see that, somebody get hurt, get knocked silly that. In saying that, Thornton was definitely riled up. He’s a very honest guy. He’s an honest, tough guy who has a tremendous amount of respect for me and what I hear, a lot of people in the league. Orpik, he’s a great player. I do respect him a lot. He’s a hell of a hockey player. He hits guys, he catches guy with their head down. He hurts guys because he’s powerful in his hits. I do the same thing. But you do that, you crush guys like that, you’re going to have to step up and stick up for yourself once in a while. Because if you don’t do that, then the other team feels like they haven’t had their justice yet. Then the game becomes a donnybrook."

You don’t fight Thornton, Thornton calls you out, he’s calling you out in front of everybody, and you don’t fight, then it’s not over. Then we’ve got to get our justice. We’ve got to get our justice and then something happens and boom that happens. All of a sudden he’s hurt. If Orpik would, once in a while … Once in a while … you don’t have to trade punches, you don’t have to stand in there and go toe to toe. If Orpik just would have dropped his gloves and grabbed on – he’s a strong guy – grabbed on, held off Thornton, maybe took a couple [punches], and threw him down or whatever the case it, then it’s over. Then it’s over. Then it’s done. You fought. You stuck up for yourself. If you don’t do that, somebody else on Orpik’s team, somebody on Pittsburgh has to do it for you because of what you did."

"If Orpik would have just stepped up – all he had to do was grab and hold on, hold on to him – then everything would have quieted down. You stuck up for yourself. You knocked [bruins forward Loui Eriksson] out. You stuck up for yourself. All of sudden it’s over. You fought. Boom."

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BS! He's done it before.

He was suspended once before, but more than the 18 month window that the CBA defines as a "repeat offender", so I don't fully understand the extent of the discipline. It seemed like a reckless hit, but less malicious than the Phaneuf, Cowen, Carkson, etc hits that all got two games last week. I don't think Engelland intended to line up Abdelkader for a head hit like some of the above names, the play just happened. Heck, I think Phaneuf leaves his feet for a head hit at least twice every game I've seen him play. I'm still not sure about what I saw last night. Looked like Watson boarded Schenn badly, and Getzlaf ate the boards heavily, although I'm reading muted responses to both of those events. I suspect a lot of these hits/plays are so grey that if you are a fan of the hitter, you can justify. If you are a fan of the hit, it's an outrage. And slow motion and retrospect is the devil that confuses realtime, in the moment decision making.

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