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I've done subtle digging about fair work-life balance in my past few interviews.  Fortunately, most of them have pushed that as something they believe strongly in before I get to it, because I've seen too many employers in the past couple of years that don't understand that the key to a job well done is ensuring that an employee gets their de-stressing time after hours or on weekends.


"2. What have past employees done to succeed in this position? "


I've actually phrased a second version of this --"What is your company philosophy when it comes to helping ensure employees further your goals for success?"


I've seen places that throw someone in to sink or swim.  Whether they succeed or not --entirely up to them.  That shows a real lack of vision in setting up your people for success.  Set your good people up for success by giving them the tools and reasonable expectations, and they'll shine.  Expect them to figure everything out on their own;  you're going to burn and churn.  And if you provide the setup and they don't succeed, you've done everything you can.

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