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  1. My big local rail trail is the W&OD and is 45 miles long from the VA exurbs that ends just at the edge of Wash DC. Anyway, it snakes its way from rolling countryside to increasingly denser areas, and one section toward the DC end in Falls Church has been upgrading the path to better accommodate the cyclists - VERY popular commuter route by that point - and pedestrians. I finally got in that direction last evening to see the new "stuff" that they are finalizing. Not bad. Their still sorting out the road crossings and curb cuts, plus some degree of landscaping being worked on. But, in general a nice stretch that they should consider modeling for much more than the 2 or 3 miles they did. They also added a huge sweeping bridge over a bigger road, so that helps really alleviate a bottleneck/slowdown/risky intersection altogether.
  2. ...does anyone else have electronic shifting on their bikes? @Square Wheels has the SRAM (I think) and I have Di2, but now that it has been out for over a decade, I'd think more folks here would have it? Anybody?
  3. Finishing up my ride last evening, and I was closing a gap on two dudes on road bikes. They seemed together, and they seemed to be happy puttering along. I rapidly caught up to them, but as it was a busy stretch of the trail and the lead guy seemed to hog the center of the trail, I ended up just freewheeling for a while behind them, and waiting to roll past when the opportunity presented itself. Anyway, as we slowed at an intersection, and then started up again on the other side, the guy in front of me continued his pokey pace, so I started passing him and assumed the front slow guy would continue with his similar pokey pace. BUT...as I approached the front guy, he was out of his saddle and accelerating much quicker than his partner. I still completed my pass, but was left scratching my head why he would - seemingly - ride so erratically - ie poking for 1/4 mile (and clearly much longer than that), but for that little bit where I was going to pass, he would greatly increase his effort. It dropped his buddy, so it just seems like erratic riding, but my assumption that a pokey rider would remain consistently pokey seemed a mistake. I'm thinking he was really a pokey-pokey-pokey-rush-rush-pokey-pokey-pokey rider.
  4. ...to Fayetteville AR for the UCI Cross World Championships in Jan? And how many folks can sleep in it??? How about @BR46? Doesn't he have a camper? @Rattlecan now that the border is opening??? Others??? 2022 UCI Cyclocross World Championships Jan. 28-30 The UCI Cyclocross World Championships will be held in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Jan. 28-30, 2022. This is only the second time that the championships have been held in the United States! Hosted at Centennial Park in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the Worlds is a two-day event featuring six championships races for Elite Men and Women, Under 23 Men and Women, and Junior Men and Women spanning a festive weekend. The World Championships give athletes the opportunities to compete for their country, just like the Olympic Games. Cyclo-Cross is a fall and winter cycling sport that has grown in the last decade, especially in the United States. Competitors race on a spectator-friendly course approximately 1.75 miles (3 km), in length that includes short steep hills and obstacles that may require dismounting and running with the bike. Races take place ‘rain or shine,’ making cyclo-cross riders some of the toughest across disciplines. Click here to find out more about cyclocross. The World Championship weekend will be part of a multi-day festival for both new fans and die-hard cyclo-cross spectators. The race will be the pinnacle of a weekend filled with activities and events that showcase all that Northwest Arkansas has to offer. Visit Getting Here on experiencefayetteville.com to start planning your trip to enjoy the Worlds. Need lodging options? We've got you covered! Click here for a complete list of Fayetteville hotels. For full event details, visit cyclocrossfayettevillear2022.com.
  5. Yesterday, for my midday ride, I had to wear an UNDERSHIRT!!!! It was chilly! Sure, it was a short sleeve undershirt and jersey, but still, that sucks! It looks like undershirt, jacket, windbreaker weather is here And, I have to wear a light jacket walking the dog in the AM
  6. On a ride with my wife on Sat, we passed a big horse trailer being backed up onto the shoulder of the bike path. The paved trail has a cinder "horse" trail that runs parallel for most of the 45 mile length. However, this section was through the town of Leesburg, and the horse trail goes away for that stretch (becomes a single track running alongside the paved trail). Anyway, they parked that horse trailer in the grass just next to the paved trail, but we rode past without figuring out why. Well, on my ride yesterday through the same area, I "solved" the mystery! It was a goat trailer!
  7. Yesterday, I went out to the garage to head out for a ride before dark. As normal, I squeeze the tires and decide to add air or not. The front was SOFT. Very soft. Not flat, but under 20psi (vs expected 80psi). I had ridden it Sat with no issues, and a 60psi drop is NOT normal. I grabbed my spare front wheel off the wall, pumped it up, and went to swap it on to the Tarmac. NOPE! It was the setup I used for the Roubaix and had the 28mm Conti 4ks, which are about 1 or 2mm too wide for the Tarmac I have So, I swapped back to the soft tire, pumped it up, and committed to paying attention to it on the ride. I'd lost some daylight, so I knew the ride wouldn't be too long anyway. So, went, rode, checked it a couple times, got home with no issues, and when I checked it this morning, still full (or firm to my squeeze). We'll see what happens over the next 24-48 hours, but definitely annoying
  8. Usually I ride alone which is the most convenient for me and keeps its simple. But, I do ride with other folks, and I realized after a couple rides with a buddy of mine, that I talk a shit ton during those rides. When you're on a ride with someone else, how much do you talk? For me, with the exception of fast downhills, I'm pretty much in a conversation the whole time. One time, on a ride with my wife, she was suckered into a very steep climb. She was PISSED at me and I was just noodling along next to her trying to have a conversation to distract her from it. She told me to just shut up. Anyway, sitting in a room or office, I'm generally fairly quiet-ish, but on a bike ride???? Babbling away. How about you?
  9. This was going to be my tenth time crossing the entire Katy Trail. This made me excited. Two days before the ride I was cleaning and lubing the bike when I found the rear derailleur cable very frayed. I replaced the cable before it broke. This made me proud. The day before it was a long bus ride to the start. I read two magazines and checked on the weather. Predicted to be windy, wet, and cold on the first day of the ride. This made me apprehensive. Heavy thunderstorms moved in with lots of rain that night. Fortunately my tent stayed dry. This made me both happy and scared. The first day of the ride was cold and raining hard. Even though I had on good rain gear and tires, it was difficult to ride. The trail was very mushy. In fact it was my second worse ride on the Katy Trail and I’ve ridden on it well over 200 days. I felt sorry for the people on road bikes riding in shorts and short sleeve jerseys. Many abandoned the trail and rode on roads. Others sagged in. This made me sad. When I got to the camp, I found out that my favorite aunt had died at age 92. This made me very sad. I started to make plans to leave the 5-day ride early depending on when the funeral was to be held. This was putting a strain on my brain. That night was dry but down to 47°F. My children bought me a 3-season sleeping bag for my birthday. This made me happy and warm. The next morning WoJSTL called me in a panic. She’d put in a load of laundry and went back upstairs. An hour later she came back downstairs only to find that the washer was overflowing, and three rooms had water in them. That made me worried. Very worried. I called my son-in-law and put my plan to get back home into action. He had to take off a day of work, but he owes me big time. This made me feel better. I did that day’s ride and the weather was much, much better. I was just getting out of the shower truck when he arrived. This made me happy. WoJSTL had called a company to vacuum up all the water and had the whole house fan running to dry out the place. This made me proud of her. We are going to replace the old carpeting in one room and laminate flooring in two others. This made me happy that we have enough savings to cover it. I hope to do my 10th Katy Trail crossing next year. This gives me something to look forward to. The End. P.S. I just checked the weather on the trail for the remaining 3 days of the ride. It’s going to be wet and miserable. I feel like I may have dodged a bullet. I took photo below of my feet during the first 15 miles of the ride and that's on a bike with fenders!
  10. ...is not a bad group of bike brands to have under one roof. Toss in Schwinn and some other bike brands, and Pon becomes quite a player.
  11. ...I am definitely frustrated with my front brake. Took the longest adventure yet on my new tubeless wheelset with the 43mm Gravelkings, and was VERY happy with how they felt across pavement and gravel. I am still honing in on the proper PSI so probably higher than is correct right now, but went 40 rear & 35 front. Still felt firm, so that seems a little high and plenty of wiggle room to get down into the lower 30s??? Anyway, the front brake seems to be fouling itself. I have thoroughly wiped down the rotors with rubbing alcohol (wearing rubber gloves), and removed the brake pads and sanded them a bit to get clean(-er) pad surfaces, but within a few minutes of riding and playing with the brakes, the front is squealing again and not very powerful. I also think the pads look dirty again (but may be imagining it). No squeal at 0%-75% brake application, but definitely near the full squeeze, it comes on. Anyway, the pads are resin, and I am not hyper aggressive in sanding them to clean them, but I don't get why the squeal keeps coming back - especially at the final 5mph-0mph finish point. Here's what the pads looked like after a light sanding, but maybe that darker stuff on the left pad is still to "dirty"? Thoughts from crowd? @denniS?
  12. This recall is for some bottles produced in 2019. It’s a problem with the new third generation cap. A small plastic valve can come detached causing a choking hazard. Imagine you are really thirsty and squeeze the bottle causing the little valve to shoot down your throat! I have such a bottle but fortunately it’s a 2020. https://www.camelbak.com/recall
  13. I assume so, but one can never be sure, correct?
  14. ...with this guy. Just the quiet type. I think it is usually nice, though to pop in at the end to say, "Thanks for the draft & have a good ride".
  15. Never thought I'd still be riding over 50. I did some challenging rides at 40 just because I thought 50 was out of sight when it comes to riding. I'd view 50+ forums and wonder how these old fokkers were still riding. Now I'm 58, and a half and still feeling pretty darn good. Almost 9 years beyond 50 and I can see how one can ride into their 70's. 80's is pushing it though I did have some cycling friends who were still out there at 86. Not sure I'd want to at that age. I think I'd be more inclined to do some walking miles at that age. But, I never thought I'd still be cycling at this age.
  16. ...for Paris-Roubaix - especially in shitty conditions. Watching those guys ride over the cobbles on 25 or 28 or even 30mm tires was just irritating Especially considering the cobbles are a distinct portion of the race - 25% overall, but much higher in the 2nd half of the race. Any or all of the riders could have swapped to a different bike at the start of the cobbled series, and that ridiculous pandemonium would be lessened for sure.
  17. ...Phil crush the Old Pass Rd. Lot to 22 climb out of Wilson???? Knocked my buddy Joe D from the top
  18. I would like to see more parity in distances of Elite Women vs Elite Men in cycling. It really would have been cool to see the women ride at least another 75km if not the full (and same) course the men rode. Just seems a shame. I've heard the women racers say they like the distances they race, but really, the UCI should slowly increase them until they are at or very near the men's distances.
  19. ...to show the darn Paris-Roubaix route and all the darn cobbles.
  20. ...I don't know what would convince you. Watching races where cyclists have to go on instinct &race acumen vs the tried & true Postal/Sky constantly managed approach clearly shows that the former is fun and the latter is often tedious. More races need to be without race radios.
  21. Air is leaking out somewhere. I wake up each morning feeling deflated.
  22. ...I guess. Got a flat - after a ride - and just swapped the tire and tube altogether in order to get a ride in yesterday. I had the tube out and couldn't see or feel the hole. Likewise, I inspected the tire, and can't see or feel anything either The tire has some threads showing, so it is worn enough to "justify" taking off and saving as a back-up spare, but I would likely have rolled more miles on it before proactively swapping it out. Anyway, phantom flats are nutso.
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