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  1. Will be cycling related tonight. Oh and lots of food.
  2. ...and I can say it surprised me a bit @Longjohn approved! Very happy he jumped in that direction and not in MY direction.
  3. My sister was helping my 91 year old dad clean out some of the stuff in his home. She found several letters I wrote from college (Marquette University in Milwaukee) in 1973. OMG my mother kept all the evidence.... This was the first paragraph in a letter I wrote. This is appropriate for a cycling forum... What a letter to write.. This was my first month at college for mechanical engineering. 9/17/73 Dear Dad and Mom, I’m having fun riding around on my bike. Just the other day I was going about 35 mph east on Wisconsin Ave near 35th St when a car pulls of
  4. ...with "where" being Japan Read the article here on BikeRumor, but the general gist is figure out what you actually might need to see the events - and don't skip the track stuff which can be super fun: There are a few ways to get the Olympic action to your TV, phone, etc. NBC will broadcast the Olympics in the USA, with additional coverage on NBCOlympics.com and the NBC Sports app. Another way to watch the games are on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service (those who are watching the tour will be familiar with this service). From what we understand, NBC will broadcast the
  5. What the hell is up with Pogacar's hair always sticking up through his helmet?
  6. How the Tour de France disguises the phallic artwork on its route ASO takes measures to hide the unwanted imagery fans paint on the thousands of kilometres of roads on the Grande Boucle turning genitals into owls and butterflies CANADIAN CYCLING MAGAZINE JULY 24, 2019 31 It’s a long-standing tradition for fans to paint the names of their favourite riders on the road. The Tour de France is the biggest platform for this sort of fandom. We’ve seen the names of Julian Alaphilippe, Thibaut Pinot, Peter Sagan and many more emblazoned across alpine
  7. ...at the end. I think some guy or other will win, but some others will languish unexpectedly and there may be a crash or two.
  8. I had to go with either the Andorra jersey or Italy jersey. I went with the Andorra one, as there are fewer times it is apropos. Had it been a World Cup championship, I would have chosen the Italy jersey, but I may still roll with it this week anyway. Better late than never.
  9. On the 4th, my buddy and I agreed to meet up for a gravel ride. Since I only brought the Tarmac to CA, the last time I rode the Diverge was back in Jan/early Feb when we were getting snow & slushy weather. I was pretty excited to get back on some gravel roads. I asked him what sort of ride he wanted me to plan, and he gave a broad 40-60 miler, so I went with an option that hit the minimum, but could be extended in small pieces to reach his higher end length. Anyway, I did my normal morning routine, slapped on some sunscreen, and headed out to meet him around 9am (running a tad behi
  10. Driver charged with aggravated assault for hitting bicyclist in SE Houston Monday, July 5, 2021 11:35PM SHARE TWEET EMAIL
  11. ...and left scratching my head...for a moment. But then I thought, "that shouldn't have happened." On reflection, it makes sense, and he should have at least dinged a bell or said "on your left" I think @Old No. 7 can confirm my conclusion:
  12. I dusted off the Bianchi & took it for a whirl today. It was fun but damn that bike is long & low. I’m not used to it & had to cut it short at 20miles. My neck & back were achy. Some thoughts: At about 4 lbs lighter than my crosser, the weight was noticeable. I wasn’t faster but you can just feel that it’s a lighter bike. It almost felt skittish as the front end is so light. Hydraulic discs are better brakes period, no debate and none of you retro grouches will ever convince me other wise. Do cable actuated rim brakes work? Yes but they are not in the same leag
  13. Sort of. I installed the Garmin connect app on my phone. Sync it with Strava, installed the cadence sensor on my bike, installed the speed sensor on my wheel, put on the heart rate monitor. Everything was working fine but I didn’t know what this big arrow was on the screen. I rode my butt off trying to have an impressive ride only to find out it wasn’t recording. That big arrow was telling me to hit the button on the side to start recording. I got home and sat on the porch swing trying to figure it out. Posted a goofy porch swing ride on Strava. I think I got it now. It did record my hi
  14. ...but he seemed friendly enough. He didn't seem to want to come home with me, though.
  15. I don't, can't really see the value in it. I am open to having my mind changed, but it will be difficult.
  16. Who uses them here? My bike shop doesn’t sell them so I’ll probably have to order online. What are your feelings about them? Is it just another expensive doodad that you have to worry about someone swiping when you turn your back? I haven’t put a computer on my new bike yet, thinking about just buying an Edge.
  17. Longjohn


    I was having trouble sleeping so at three AM I got up and ordered a new pair of bike shorts and another jersey from Aerotech Designs. All my bike shorts have become baggies after losing fifty pounds. These are 100% American made by a company in Pittsburgh. They tell who makes the thread in USA, the material in USA, and they design everything in Pittsburgh and put it together. They have tall sizes so I bought both the shorts and the jersey in tall. I have gained six pounds, if I keep on gaining they probably won’t fit by next year. YIB A Garmin Edge 530 with the sensor bundle. I got the n
  18. ...is a helluva of fun descent, but not a whole lot of pedaling
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