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  1. So last year I cycled 1200-some miles and this year's first goal was to break that record. Which I did, and so I reset my goal at 1500 miles. When I got there, I bumped it out to 1800. After 30 miles today I'm at 1704. So I have to average just over 3 miles a day for December. I can do that, right? (Or more practical, 20-25 per week) Hoping for some moderate weather - I'm confident that as long as it doesn't snow I will get there. It's been a great year!
  2. temps in upper 30s, sunny & calm made for a comfortable 24 mile ride in Detroit. This is on the north end of Belle Isle (Detroit River) looking into Lake St. Claire
  3. On yesterday's gravel ride, I met up with my buddy out in Leesburg to hit the gravel out that way. I parked at the high school where many rides begin/end, and we eventually got rolling. About 1/2 mile or so into the ride, I realized I hadn't locked the truck. I pulled over, opened the Ford app on my phone, and remotely locked it. We then continued on with the ride. Maybe five minutes saved by me not having to turn around and go back. Or, more likely, leave it unlocked and worry if that was a mistake during the whole ride.
  4. Well, I don't really, but it does bite me in the butt or force me to make lemonade from lemons My buddy and I did a ride yesterday. Very shortly into the ride, the Garmin notified me of a low Di2 battery. The same warning I had gotten and ignored on the prior ride Anyway, I click ok and continued the ride. Not too much longer into the ride the ramifications of a truly low battery (<5%) came to roost - no front shifting! My Diverge was down to just the small front chain ring (a 32???) and the rear cassette. And we were only a few miles in, so I got to spend the next 2.5 hours or so just using my bike as a 1x with inappropriate gear options On the plus side, I developed a nice 120+ cadence, and I think it actually helped my buddy out as I couldn't push the pace on any downhills where he usually spins out first. Great ride though, and nice to see I could have single speeded it with just one gear if I had to.
  5. I follow Caleb Swartz on Strava and he asked if anyone knew how to fix a FIT file. I replied with https://gotoes.org/strava/index.php which I've used. He used it and it worked
  6. ...all of you. I bet @shootingstar could get a lot done using this network! The brochure and this video:
  7. ...I've been paying a LOT of attention to BMW drivers I encounter while riding, and they - by far - are NOT the rudest, most selfish, nor worst drivers out there. In fact, it seems they are pretty darn "friendly" in many situations - like waiting or waving me through an intersection. It might be that they don't want to dent their cars by hitting me as that's gotta be an expensive repair, but regardless, they've been pretty good in my observations.
  8. I gotta look at where this thing goes and what's along the way, but it is nice to see they added to the local network and it may be pretty nice. @Parsnip Totin Jack - seen this trail? Seems a bit of a work in progress still, but getting close: Connecting Neighborhoods The new 66 Parallel Trail is 18 miles of straight, flat path; rising, falling, curving swoops; tunnel-like passages through on- and off-ramps; wide lanes across bridges; and new on-street bike lanes. The main portion is 11 miles long. The remaining 7 miles wind through interchanges and open into neighborhoods along the way. Its design reflects principles that prioritize safety and accessibility. Despite its practical and utilitarian intent, solutions to knotty design challenges created sections of the trail that are often fun to pass through. For now, the trail runs from Gallows Road in Dunn Loring to Braddock Road in Centreville, but not all paths are finished. As of early September, the Virginia Department of Transportation expected most trail segments would be open in early fall. There are plans to extend the trail to Bull Run Regional Park in Prince William County. If the trail gets the level of use that transportation planners expect, it could lead many more Northern Virginians to forgo cars in favor of trips by foot and bike.
  9. It's back, the last day TT, first time since 1989 when LeMond won over Fignon https://www.letour.fr/en/overall-route
  10. When he passed by me and said, “Hey, there,” I thought to myself how good it feels to be out riding again. I have to ride uphill for half a mile to get to the paved multi use path, and I felt strong again because within a few meters of starting out, the spot of stiffness in my lower back had melted away. This is a bike ride, and I’m out here on a cool afternoon with other riders. He was an older guy in a blue cycling jacket, riding an older road bike. A Bikeguy I thought as he passed by. A guy on a bike. Soon I would change his name to “bikegeezer.” I had just ridden east uphill, feeling balanced, warm, and poised to ride north now on the path at tempo. Bikeguy passed me on the right just before we crossed an intersection. He hit the light green. I was starting my northward segment. On the other side, I caught him and then he stayed in front of me while I steadily increased the speed. Alright! Bikeguy has ride. I imagined he was already 30 miles in. Had ridden the rollers through the canyon to the south. Or maybe he was riding in memory of someone close. Then I noticed he was slowing. Just a little. He glanced at me in his helmet mirror. Bikeguy has gear. We crossed the next intersection on green and hit the incline on the other side. Bikeguy stood up on the pedals. He has heart. This is a bike ride. But I was in a comfortable gear, so I rang my bell to signal that I would be passing. And then Bikeguy veered across the middle of the path. In my head I heard a faint echo of “get off my lane” as he cut off my line to pass him. And in that moment Bikeguy became bikegeezer. A geezer on a bike. With a sigh, I hugged the left edge of the path and passed him by. He didn’t match my speed. Five miles later, after turning around to head south, I saw bikegeezer still riding northbound. He was about a mile behind me. Maybe 35 miles in. Maybe riding to save his health. Maybe indulging in memories. He waved. I waved back.
  11. ...or a bald faced lie? That's like 5%!!!!!
  12. ...I have a great comeback (I think it is!) to the dopes I pass on rides. Yesterday's ride took me on a super pleasant journey in BEAUTIFUL weather. As I was rolling home, there was a man I've seen before riding farther ahead of me, but doing a "smell the roses" pace in the 15mph or slower range. I rolled up and passed him giving him about 5' of space. He muttered his "signal/alert before passing" comment since I hadn't given him any notice as I swung out and around him to pass. I responded with a chuckle (my normal response) and my new Maxx-inspired "What? Another LAW!". That made me chuckle even more, and I will work to perfect it some more.
  13. Just as I'm coming into a stretch of peak fitness, the days are getting shorter, the temps are getting colder, and the weather is getting spottier. Sort of sucks. How many days until Spring?
  14. This is pretty neat-o See Inside the World’s Longest Purpose-Built Cycling Tunnel | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine
  15. ...and see what you can find: FTR, @JerrySTL or @TrentonMakes might like that red extension doodad.
  16. ....and likely killed a little critter because of it. A couple days ago, after a ride, I mentioned seeing a kamikaze chipmunk that darted - for no obvious reason - just in front of me on a ride. I didn't hit it, but commented to my wife later on that it was rare to see chipmunks. Lots of squirrels, snakes, deer, groundhogs, and rabbits, but few chipmunks this year. Anyway, my ride last night, about 5 minutes in, a chipmunk dashed from the right side and either hit my front wheel head-on or maybe (didn't feel a bump) got crunched by it. It is slightly possible it knocked itself out, but more likely it brained itself or broke its neck. In any case, when I looked back, he was all four feet pointing up on the trail and not moving Not a good way to start a ride.
  17. ...but, really, "On your left" falls on deaf ears these days. Jef (and Pastis) are dating themselves a bit.
  18. ...on my ride yesterday and will need the Cafe's support to achieve it. I state to all those listening here today that I WILL stop at the local Dairy Queen this year (2023) and have something tasty from their menu. Please offer any suggestions you might have so that when I finally fulfill this vow, I choose the best option available. Thank you for you support.
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