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  1. So boss called me last night all excited. Bonus’ were approved and the powers that be were so pleased with the work I have been doing during Covid craziness they maxed my bonus allotment. And then doubled it!!!! So I have a really big chunk of change coming my way Friday and so I’m thinking I’m going to pull the trigger on that Ritchey SwissCross I have been lusting on. I’m thinking of either getting the frame and then swapping over the parts from my current cross bike or I’ll go GRX mechanical on the bike and sell the old crosser. But I can’t decide if I want the black or the red
  2. ...between two very similar derailleurs - the Ultegra "long" and the GRX one. Both use a clutch, but they are slightly different in "total" capacity and also in max front. Seems the GRX is going for a slightly larger max front difference (which I would have thought was a front derailleur consideration), but at the expense of a slightly lower total capacity. I'd love to be able to swap the GRX off the gravel bike and onto the road bike in rare circumstances where a 11-34 cassette was desired over my current 11-28, but it seems like that would be one tooth too many since the road bike is a 5
  3. Period. Full stop. Not sure when, where, or why this was taken and why he would ever wear that sweater(?), but WTF?!?!?!?!
  4. Some crazy cool stuff being churned out by Trek lately as @Square Wheels can attest. Crazy names as well.
  5. Razors Edge


    Phil's Everesting attempt video is taken over by his dog. Just jump straight to 5:09 for some very funny off camera action.
  6. I do love doing over the top bike builds. My first dealer account in the bike business was with Rohloff. I established the account before I opened my short lived bike shop, but for all that, I've only sold about a half dozen of them in over 16 years. I do get inquiries from time to time, but the ticket price usually scares them off. Anyway, last fall, I was contacted by a guy who had inherited a bike from a family member who passed, and apparently there was a bunch of money in the inheritance too, because he came to me with a cost no barrier project he wanted me to build for h
  7. We took Smokey on a adventure walk near a popular MTB trail system I often ride. The trail system starts in a county park. As we were walking back to the car I saw this thing. It has several common tools tethered to the post, a pump and a rack to support your bike during repairs. I have never seen such a thing.
  8. ...so this Forerunner 305 is very familiar:
  9. ...or maybe even 2022 for the bike supply chain to work itself out Just a bit of the road ahead: Part One: What's Happening Next? As we all know, our collective bike industry COVID-19 story to date has been that after some initial uncertainty, demand for our products took off in March and stayed at full throttle, at least until about June or July for most dealers. Then a combination of winter and supply constraints started to bite, and things leveled off, but still at a much higher altitude than where we normally fly for each respective month. This leads to the first proble
  10. Or, at least, these PINK ones will screw a kid's brain up! U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission combined to seize nearly 600 girls bikes that authorities said were coated in pink paint with excessive levels of lead. CBP officers and CPSC investigators seized the Dripe-X branded bikes in Baltimore on Dec. 29 after test results reported that the bikes' pink paint had excessive levels of lead. CBP officers and a CPSC investigator initially examined the shipment from China on Sept. 21. The CPSC investigator took samples for testing and r
  11. Razors Edge


    An e-bike ought to be everyone's next bike. This guy makes me chuckle (he drove me nuts when I first saw his videos):
  12. I get an NBC Sports e-mail with latest news (headline is Lawrence declaring for draft), and since I have the "cycling" gold pass or whatever it is, they tack on the "Latest" cycling news too. I think they need to fire someone.
  13. Apparently, Youtube basically screws the "little guy" with a crappy compression codec if they don't have a bunch of followers/views. WTF??? Anyway, check out the difference here (can you see any difference?) - @donkpow?
  14. ...the VeloViewer graphic is always a fun one:
  15. ...from Adventure Cycling. Joey and I weren’t seeing eye to eye on many things at the time, but he signed on. Five days later, we were on our old Raleigh taking selfies at the Capitol, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial, where we officially shoved off at 5:00 pm. Dodging hordes of cyclists, runners, and walkers on the C&O, we joyfully pit-stopped at Great Falls and cruised into Swain’s Lockhouse, mile 16.5, a free campsite. It was a perfect start — until Joey woke up in the morning with 337 mosquito bites. Yes, a mesh tent and mosquito repellent might have helped. So I bought
  16. From Rene Herse site today, a video @ChrisL or @Page Turner might enjoy.
  17. I noticed a 4 bolt cargo cage on BikeRumor from Tailfin. How does that work concerning mounting to a bike? Are four bolts "normal" on any bike? Or is it more for adjustability - use any two (or three) bolt holes which allows it to be up higher or lower depending on which set of holes are used? @dennis - does only using two bolts on a three or this four bolt-hole cargo cage impact its overall load capacity or durability? I would think, if you have the three bolt holes, using all three would make sense, but is it a requirement?
  18. ...even seeing this thing But will @Kirby want one? With streamers?
  19. @shootingstar could rock the gravel out that way and maybe even get @Dottles to make the short trip up.
  20. ...is adding sugar to orange juice As @Square Wheels shows us, though, is that vegans think a wee bit differently than the rest of us. FTR, "my shifting is off, so I won't do some climbs" is a TOTAL BS excuse. Adjust the shifting!! It's a barrel twist (mech) or a lever tap (Di2).
  21. I was wrapping up a short ride and while waiting for the light, a nice pack of us gathered. One that was directly behind me was a Trek ebike, and as we got rolling again, he passed me. I was befuddled when neither guy in front of me increased their pace to take advantage of the ebike's massive draft. I hopped aboard and was immediately zipping along at 26mph at a relatively easy effort. Sure, it took a kick to get his wheel, but after that, this guy provides a nice pocket of air to sit in. I think I've seen him several times before over the past few years, but in reality, it could be almost
  22. ...but now I might have to make a swing through there. This guy is a great spokesman for MTB and quite a hoot!
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