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  1. There was a show aboot the trail system in MI. I wasn't aware of this in its entirety. Would be a neat multi day trip I'm thinking 2 days https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31367140 https://greatlaketolaketrails.org/
  2. ...cycling jersey? I can't say I dig it. I rarely if ever unzip my jerseys, but I do unzip to take them off - especially when sweaty. Not sure if it is just this particular design that I don't like or it is the missing zipper. Not sure about the sizing/cut. "Model Info: Brayden is 5'11" (180 cm) 170 lbs (77 kg) wearing size Small. " and it looks a little short, but he is the same height as me, just a bit heavier. No way I'm getting an XS, though, so maybe a small would work. So ironic - small in a US brand, large in an Italian brand.
  3. This is a poster from a Dutch magazine from the early 1980’s. Can anyone identify any of these guys? Also, one of them is the father of one of the hottest young talents in cycling. Do you know who, and which one is his father?
  4. I got kudos from a "stranger" for a short ride yesterday. Normally, you'll get a thumbs up from folks you know like bikeman who is great at it, and sometimes it's from folks you pass on the way or see on the ride. This guy, though, is farther up north in CA near LA and wasn't down in my area, so it always makes me scratch my head wondering how he even saw my relatively small and insignificant ride from yesterday. Odd. He's an active rider, so it doesn't throw the usual flags of a random spammer.
  5. I'm in a new place for now, so every ride is establishing new "PRs", and then beating those PRs as I become more familiar with the terrain or conditions are more favorable. One stat Strava reports is "PRs for the month", and I think 1,265 is a WEE BIT EXCESSIVE.
  6. ...and I look forward to seeing more of her!
  7. My front tire was starting to crack a bit along the sidewalls. It still has some tread, but figured spring is a good time to swap on a new tire. I used the last of my spare tires for the Tarmac - a Continental Grand Prix 4000S II - so I will likely be rolling with the 5000 next time around. I really liked all versions of the 4000 series tires over the years. I kept the old one for now, just in case I need a temporary tire anytime soon.
  8. ...and I had totally forgotten about their acquisition of Speedplay a long while back. I did notice, when looking to order a set of spare cleats several months ago, that selection and availability sucked. Interesting a pedal based power system is coming soon. Definitely not easy to pull of with such small dimensions, and DCRainmaker shows how they likely pull it off on his blog.
  9. As I ride along the coast, sand is the one thing that messes with my drivetrain. I'm not really sure what the best approach to the grit that seems to come back quick. I notice it in particular on the chain-to-chainring area where you can hear the grit getting crushed and messing with the drivetrain. I'm wondering what can be done to keep it from becoming more and more destructive over time. I don't think washing the bike down after each ride makes sense, and lubing it more often doesn't seem to help, so what do folks think will help the most? Maybe a certain type of lube? A diffe
  10. ...as I really would love to know what they are saying to the cyclists
  11. ...and to some degree sad as well, but cycling seems to have moved beyond Peter Sagan as THE FOCUS for the big one day races. It may be interesting to see if that carries into the TdF as well. But, this year (and to some degree last year), it is the "new kids". Wout Van Aert, Mathieu van der Poel, Thomas Pidcock & Julian Alaphilippe are all the "rage" right now with predictions for the various races (justifiably!), and it will be interesting if Bennett - who is still looking good in the sprints - can return the green jersey into a true sprinter's jersey as opposed to "most consi
  12. ...and yet, are still the same. The quality of the video and the way the race is covered is "dated" and makes one realize how good we have it today, but the riders and the race could be just as easily be from 2021 as 1970. Interesting stuff, and I wish all the old archived racing footage was easily available.
  13. Quick response from Lezyne support: "Thank you for contacting Lezyne. It sounds like you have a model of the Zecto called the Zecto Pro. You can revert to the white front lights by holding the power button down for 5 seconds." So, held down the power button and one red LED lit up, then it flashed, then it CHANGED to clear and all the LEDs started flashing. I was temporarily BLINDED but luckily did not have a seizure. FIXED!
  14. I have a Lezyne Zecto front blinky light. It is three LEDs that can randomly blink on and off, and are typical clear/white headlight colors. Well, for some DAMN reason it has SWITCHED to RED LEDs! Sure, the LEDs probably have a red & a clear option, since they make/sell a near identical REAR light, but it makes no sense that it just "changed" on its own. There is no obvious physical way to switch between front & rear modes, so WTF happened???? The manual and the online info is CRAPtastic, but I guess I might need to email them
  15. ...WAS A BLAST. If you haven't watched it yet, do so. And, the beauty of M-SR (beyond the beauty of that part of Italy), is that the first 260km are just to soften up the riders for the final 30+km. If you have time, the full 6+ hours is fun, but if not, really the Cippressa and the Poggio are all you need to focus on, so starting at around 40km to go the teams start setting their strategy for the Cippressa (@ 27km to go) and then the last big chance Poggio (at 9km to go). Then - whoever is left standing - have the descent and fast run in to the line. This year, again, was FUN! And S
  16. Yesterday's 30 mile ride out to the coast, where, along with passing dozens of other singles and duo riders, I rode with a group of 10+ roadies for a stretch and later passed a dude in full team kit. Here's my fly-by with NONE of them sharing their rides. WTF Californians?????? Too cool to show your ride stats and routes??? Dopey. Just dopey.
  17. ...has @dennis got involved in this time?!?!?
  18. How many cyclists are in the picture?
  19. ...from the folks with the fancy new bikes! @Square Wheels, @ChrisL, @dennis and a few others should have some feedback from their rides on their new bikes. Good, bad, ugly?
  20. ...with my wife was about what you would expect. It is mainly a Trek shop and is next to the flooring place she wanted to go to look at carpet and flooring options. Anyway, we dropped in, and they actually had fairly good inventory - not great, but good. LOTS of ebikes on the floor, and a few demos ready for riding. I have been slowly working on my wife that an ebike wouldn't be a bad idea for her, but damned if she didn't immediately notice the $5k up to $8k price tags on the ones at the front. The Allant I would consider for her is $6k, and she definitely wasn't buying the $5k differen
  21. this is pretty dang cool https://www.name.com/domains/bike
  22. ...must come down. Gotta say, the hills are alive in California! I am finding my average speed is dropping as every ride out my door is up and down and up and down - at least until I get to the ocean. But, the positive side of things is that the uphills are followed by the downhills, and man, some of those downhills are fun @donkpow will approve! I rarely got 40+ downhills in my rides in VA unless I headed out to some of the longer descents beyond Leesburg and even those sometimes had dangerous intersections at their ends, so I would be dialing back before hitting higher speeds.
  23. ...before the rat pinko commie roads of Kalifornia destroyed my tire. Of course, after a few minutes taking my time to change the tube, I was still on my way to the majestic Pacific Ocean, and got to spend a nice part of the ride with the waves just off my right shoulder, so there is that
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