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Who wants to fill out some medical/dental questionaires for me?


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I got a good size stack to fill out and bring to the U of MN when I go there in October....I just need a new mouth guard :dontknow:   Nothing earth shattering :rolleyes:   I was probably last there 10 years ago...got me a sweet TMJ mouth guard..I had a "regular" one from my dentist and it didn't last a year...I grind...and I have TMJ..although since using this guard EVERY night...my jaw has not locked or been painful since...However the dang thing is now cracked.  So I am going back for a new one...unfortunately my insurance only covers this work at the U which means I get to work with advanced dental students :rolleyes:  and  my U doc now only works there 2 1/2 day sessions a month :whistle:   So I got 2 appointments in October...


In the mean time I took a nail file...and filed down the crack that was messing with the inside of my mouth.


SO....who wants to fill out the paper work?  Or better yet 1 can send one form to each of you :nod head:

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I'm professional paper work.  Send the forms to me.  My wife's cousin Jerry lives up in WI.  He's a teaches business English at U of WI and one year he taught some classes at a University in Munich Germany.  To get some tax money reimbursed he had to file some forms but they were all in German.  He complained to me that he doesn't know German well enough to complete the forms.  I told him I speak form and can help him out.  Forms are the same worldwide no matter the language. Fifteen minutes later the forms were complete and on their way to Germany.  He still thinks I can walk on water.  ;-)

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