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Artwork & architecture where I've been


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well, in places where I've worked.  Not in my office. Which I only had one with 2-3 employers.

Just some interesting stuff in the buildings where I've worked over the yrs.

  • in a board rm. for a global firm where suddenly amongst a pile of furniture temporarily housed, partiallly hidden,  was a huge original watercolour painting by a favourite artist of mine.  Probably hardly anyone really knew about the artist. It seemed a little sad but no doubt, the artist at least, got paid.
  • oil paintings by chief judge for Ontario's highest court, which he had hung all over his office walls. He did donate paintings for fundraising events.  In free time, he would go on outdoor painting trips worldwide.
  • artwork hanging in offices of other judges that they bought/ were personally gifted.  1 judge had whimsical fun taste...at least that's what she wanted display in her office.
  • copy of a painting in city hall on Royal Canadian Mounted Police of life in 1800's.  It was dealing with ordinary life, not much on policing.  It's a copy because the original one, would  be valuable since the scene is unusual
  • have worked in a historic building..where there have been history stories of a ghost. I  also got accidentally locked out in stairwell..for 10 min. :unsure: Being in a historic building, the air conditioning/ventilation wasn't top notch. 
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