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11/14/17 Miles/kms

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Went out on my CX bike to train.  I spent the first hour helping project badass, then she went back to work and I took some time for myself.  I like this loop near my work.  It is a closed loop, so no cars.  It's a nice little climb and then a fun little downhill.  You can get going decently fast on the down.  I was going at a really decent pace and all of a sudden my bike started to buck and seemed completely out of control.  Then, I realized, my front tire is flatting out at high speed.  So I am headed towards the apex of the turn close to the bottom of the downhill.  My bike will not turn.  I am headed right towards the barricades. I got the bike under control just to the left of the barricades.  I nearly shit a brick.  

With my bike at a full stop, I just stood there for a moment.  I was motionless and stunned that I kept it upright.  Then, back to business.  I popped out my tire kit, fixed up my tire the best I could, but was having trouble with the C02 cart.  One I had was empty, and the second one was being stupid.  I got enough air in it to retreat to my house.  I jammed home, grabbed my plus bike and then rode the mountain way back to work.  

Two bikes = 17 miles and 1900 ft of climbing.  

Weather, sunny...low 40's


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