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  1. Dirtyhip's post in Does your heartrate change based on your riding position? was marked as the answer   
  2. Dirtyhip's post in Consensus report, please. was marked as the answer   
    We have owned one for about two years.  there are pros and cons.  We received the 6 qt duo for about $60 on sale.  
    stainless steel insert.  Not non-stick to flake off and need replacement Cooks beans quickly and it is great for things like this.   Cooks tough meat quickly so for worknight cooking, great Makes great broth and it is sorta set and walk away.  No babysitting,  The broth is not so cloudy.  Not a fan of cloudy stock. Multi function, Slow cook, pressure, rice, soup, yogurt.  You almost think that the device can cook anything, but  ... Cons
    Even though you have something cooked during the short given time, you still must wait to get the lid open.  So, for rice, it may not save that much time. Rice setting is inferior to a rice cooker.  Rice is often weird, and not as good as a home spun pot of rice.  I have never had rice fail in a rice cooker.  This is not a good rice cooker. If you have a small amount of food, don't put it in the 6 qt.  Too little and it will not cook right. Lid/seal can retain smell.  There is a little metal piece that is highly suspect about this.  I clean the lid after each use.  However some parts are fixed and you can not clean in there.  One option is to buy two silicone seal pieces.  Heavy/bulky one use machine.  Some might argue it is not even necessary in most kitchens My final conclusion, is meh
  3. Dirtyhip's post in Are You One Of THEM? was marked as the answer   
    We have a single sink in our master primary bathroom.  They drew it for a double and we crossed it out to one.  Less to clean and less construction materials.  We work well together so it is fine.  There is a second bath if we need it.  Our system works very well.
  4. Dirtyhip's post in wrapping paper fail or a win? was marked as the answer   

  5. Dirtyhip's post in Confession was marked as the answer   
    It's ok. You can aways change that scenario to a different one.
    I slacked off a lot last Summer.  We had unsafe air quality, and the home build just left me with no energy left to ride much.  I have since turned that around and you can too.
  6. Dirtyhip's post in For sale by neighbor was marked as the answer   
    If it was ever a meth house, oof.  Serious hazmat stuff.
  7. Dirtyhip's post in Am I the only one as monstrous as DH? was marked as the answer   
    Black socks. Many pairs of black socks
  8. Dirtyhip's post in Wow, I sort of feel a bit like Dirty Hip today was marked as the answer   
    UGH.  That ruins my day when I get here and I go to change into work clothes and ... <groan>  it ends up being a commando day.  I hate that. 
  9. Dirtyhip's post in Ya'll sound dumb when you try and talk like you know about shit in Texas was marked as the answer   
    Shoot wrong thread.
  10. Dirtyhip's post in Who is more evil, jsharrt or Ralph? was marked as the answer   
    Ralph.  It's always been Ralph. 
  11. Dirtyhip's post in Your chance to play mortgage attorney! Please help. was marked as the answer   
    Cash or mortgage, who cares?  It's all green at close.
    This seems too much in their favor.  You don't have to take this. 
    Walk away.
    or, counter with more cash, less inspections and hire an attorney.  
    I am leaning towards the walk away.  You don't have to take this shit in a hot market.
  12. Dirtyhip's post in I need to shut it was marked as the answer   
    Want a wet kiss, SW?  
  13. Dirtyhip's post in I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon. Can you guys help? was marked as the answer   
    I actually posted a serious answer and a nice male haircut.
  14. Dirtyhip's post in Ouch! My aching coccyx! was marked as the answer   
    I joke with you a lot, Ralph.  I try to push you to ride and things like that.
    All joking aside, take care of yourself.  You're one of my favorite posters.
  15. Dirtyhip's post in This morning, or the story of my week was marked as the answer   
    I was joking.  I am able to laugh at myself along with you guys.  
  16. Dirtyhip's post in I just injured both my ankles was marked as the answer   
    Epsom salts bath, ice afterward & add NSAIDS.  Rest.      
  17. Dirtyhip's post in Swisher Sweets was marked as the answer   
    Um, no.  
  18. Dirtyhip's post in How do you kill a hippie? was marked as the answer   
    Threaten them with soap and they will kill themselves.
  19. Dirtyhip's post in Wow - we have achieved weather nirvana today was marked as the answer   
    Let that other crap wait.  
    I have a laundry list if things to do.  fuck it all!!!
  20. Dirtyhip's post in So what is your favourite movie genre? was marked as the answer   
    Not my favorite, but it will work for me.
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