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Sore butt.

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So I was heading out yesterday for a ride when I saw my neighbor in kit airing up tires on a bike. He was getting ready to ride so I asked if he wanted to ride together. He said, yes. We head out and he tells me he got his bike on clearance from Walmart for only $38 but he had to buy a padded seat cover because his butt hurt after riding. So along we go for a 16 mile round trip at less than 10 mph. Now my butt hurts. I never realized how much weight one carries on the saddle when puttering along. I may need a padded seat cover.

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1 hour ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Sometimes I get butt hurt. :D

Not that the sensation is foreign to me, only the cause. I made my excuses, however. "It's a new leather saddle and it hasn't broken in, yet. I just put this bike together and haven't got the fit dialed in." And the new one, "Ever since my back problems, nothing works right." :lol:

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