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  1. There are a lot of problems with the data collection and reporting. The characterization that we will somehow pass a magic line is inaccurate. The disease will continue until we build defenses against it or kill it.
  2. I using 193.54 MB of my 1.19 GB attachment limit. Does that make me a bad person?
  3. I don't. The difference between where you are and I am with respect to the pandemic is like night and day. The official tally of deaths from Covid-19 in the state is 167.
  4. Is your home insurance paid up?
  5. Are you linking media or downloading and uploading to the site? I can't imagine the software stores linked media.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_(mythology)
  7. Don't be ridiculous. "In 1995 the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health issued new regulations for nonpowered particulate respirators (42 CFR Part 84). A new filter certification system also was created. Among the new particulate respirators that have entered the market, the N95 respirator is the most commonly used in industrial and health care environments. The filtration efficiencies of unloaded N95 particulate respirators have been compared with those of dust/mist (DM) and dust/fume/mist (DFM) respirators certified under the former regulations (30 CFR Part 11). Through laboratory tests with NaCl certification aerosols and measurements with particle-size spectrometers, N95 respirators were found to have higher filtration efficiencies than DM and DFM respirators and noncertified surgical masks. N95 respirators made by different companies were found to have different filtration efficiencies for the most penetrating particle size (0.1 to 0.3 micron), but all were at least 95% efficient at that size for NaCl particles. Above the most penetrating particle size the filtration efficiency increases with size; it reaches approximately 99.5% or higher at about 0.75 micron. Tests with bacteria of size and shape similar to Mycobacterium tuberculosis also showed filtration efficiencies of 99.5% or higher. Experimental data were used to calculate the aerosol mass concentrations inside the respirator when worn in representative work environments. The penetrated mass fractions, in the absence of face leakage, ranged from 0.02% for large particle distributions to 1.8% for submicrometer-size welding fumes. Thus, N95 respirators provide excellent protection against airborne particles when there is a good face seal."
  8. Run and stop, run and stop, run and stop, ...
  9. The women is small. Actually a 12 year old girl in 4-H.
  10. I'm starting a burn books drive for this very thing. All the cool kids will be there.
  11. Whatever is going to happen has already happened so it's good.
  12. Our county has the most cases in the state. This happened because nursing homes in a couple of surrounding counties had outbreaks. We aren't even close to hitting capacity in beds, etc. I saw a projection from Univ of Washington today saying our state could peak on April 8. The governor has put an additional push on to contain.
  13. may have thousands of digital titles for you to view or download through Hoopla and Kanopy.
  14. Pluto TV has a channel dedicated to The Doctor. You're welcome.
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