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  1. donkpow

    For the electric acoustic guitar experts...

    https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/guitar-amp-buying-guide/ https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/guitar-amp-recording https://nationalguitaracademy.com/how-to-eq-a-guitar-amp/
  2. donkpow

    Everybody stop what they are doing.

    Do I piss in your pot?
  3. donkpow

    Have I told you how awesome

    There is a saying that goes something like, In order to tie a good knot, tie lots of them. I know a guy who takes the advice to heart. When he gets done securing a load, you need a knife to untie his tangled mess of a knot.
  4. Season five of 'Endeavour' begins tonight on Masterpiece.
  5. donkpow

    Have I told you how awesome

    Do you ever get the bowline confused with the midshipman's hitch? I do.
  6. donkpow

    Almost got doored

    In that moment, I held the word itself. When I spoke the word, he listened. Then of course he muttered something and shook his head.
  7. donkpow

    Have I told you how awesome

    the clove hitch is? I added support to a folding lounge chair by attaching a small diameter rope to all four corners. Each corner secured with a clove hitch. The hitch tightens upon itself as the rope is loaded, making for a very secure attachment. Also good for tying your steed to the hitching post while you are in the saloon. If you need a secure connection that is quickly removed, try a 'slippery' clove hitch. Don't fall for the 'Highway man's hitch', though, or you'll be buying a nag for the ride home.
  8. donkpow

    Dharavi slum Mumbai India

    I bet there is some good stuff in those trash heaps.
  9. donkpow

    More itching

    As a result of the stress in my back, I popped up with a weird rash on my torso and cold sores around my mouth. The rash disappeared but the cold sores remain after six months. They were clearing up with green tea but not completely. I am adding some vitamin C but that doesn't seem to help. Next time I go to the doctor, I'll see what they can do. I'm hoping for some opioids.
  10. donkpow

    Sure glad I listened to that little inner voice.

    My little voice tells me to get in and cash out before the crash.
  11. donkpow

    You know why dogs don’t complain?

    Actually, they do complain but only until they get some food. Then it's like, "nosh, nosh, nosh. Good."
  12. donkpow

    Almost got doored

    Well, are you? I once had a pickup truck mirror brush the sleeve of my t-shirt while riding.
  13. donkpow

    Almost got doored

    He is forgiven.
  14. donkpow

    Almost got doored

    A guy almost pulled out in front of me today. I was going around 30 mph down grade. I hollered and he stopped. I don't think he is religious.