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Community Answers

  1. We have a Jackson Center. I wonder if they are okay.
  2. You ruined it for me, dammit.
  3. Maybe it's just an imaginary injury and it doesn't really hurt.
  4. Well sure, if you want to deal in facts.
  5. Maybe they violated a native American burial ground while they were out west and then the spirits hunted them down and killed them.
  6. Boom! Planet Cyclery. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SRAM-Complete-Rear-Axle-Assembly-Kit-with-Axle-Threaded-Lock-Nuts-and-End-/283847479127 Doh! Never mind.
  7. A root canal kills the tooth. The tooth is no longer fed nutrients. Infected tissue is removed.
  8. So many labels. Can't a man just be himself?
  9. Many smaller chains have to wait in line behind the big chains for their produce. Big chains also contract to purchase produce. Small independents have to go over to the market and pick through what is left.
  10. I go to Kroger's grocery store and am signed up to get email notification of these kinds of things. They do quite good. As soon as they find out, I find out.
  11. Here's the tip I like to share. My toenails were looking really gnarly and I was having troubles with them being misshapen, in grown, and splitting longitudinally. I started applying a vitamin E skin oil I had on the shelf. Now I have trouble free and really quite attractive toenails.
  12. Do you wear lederhosen and drink Captain Morgan when you go to Bavaria?
  13. donkpow


    I'm seeing an infant Goa'uld in there.
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