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  1. Are you saying we shouldn't make fun of him?
  2. donkpow


    I am concerned at this time. We are looking at wider spread of the virus at this time. What that means is a higher percentage of the people you have contact with, are carriers of the disease. Even if contact is incidental, the risk is elevated. Consider, as the frequency of exposure increases, the cumulative risk is increased even when individual carriers aren't super spreaders.
  3. donkpow

    It's back!

    "While the monolith has better craftsmanship than graffiti, this is still vandalism," said the Utah Department of Heritage & Arts. "It irreversibly altered the natural environment on public lands. While the monolith is interesting, we cannot condone vandalism of any type."
  4. donkpow


    You know what to do.
  5. One of several aliases.
  6. I'm thinking I should get into some charity work. You know, offset some of my success. You folks can quote me anytime, no charge. So it is written, so it shall be. Boing.
  7. Showing off will get you every time.
  8. There you are, half way done.
  9. I've seen some of the news articles on that. I don't think we have any local. Maybe the sandwich shops that deliver.
  10. I like it, too. Easy on the eyes. There is a monster or something in the background.
  11. Every journey begins with the first step.
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