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  1. Put it together today. I bent all the tubes to hit the target but one of the tubes couldn't cut it. When you bend a tube, the outside of the metal tube stretches and the inside shrinks. This one had hole in it so I patched it. The heat from welding changed the nature of the steel so it wouldn't bend right. Instead of shrinking uniformly, it did a little accordion number on me. I replaced the tube with the only spare I had. This is without a question the most tedious aspect of the build. I scratched my head raw over the bends here. They need to come in at 45° and bend down at ~10° to fit over the stubs. As I said, I didn't have spare tubes of this size so I was really sweating the details. In the end, I compounded the compensatory actions and wound up with 18 1/2" clearance from the bike axle instead of the planned 16 1/2". I need to tweak it some. There is some stress in place and the pivot is something around 1/4" off center. When I get done massaging it and get tacked together, I'll put it on the bike and see how it looks. I can shorten it up to the 16 1/2" dimension, I won't know if it's worth it until I test fit it to the bike. I'm really pleased this came out as well as it did. I'll probably save the bulk of the welding for when I have a lot of pieces to do. I need to improve my technique so I'll need to focus more on that when I get there.
  2. donkpow

    Hey Squids

    When I was stationed at Naval Station Great Lakes, I served with a volunteer band. There was a local Army Navy game on the base. Army officers were down the coast from us. Every year, we had to stand out on the parade grounds, in dress uniforms, in the freezing cold, performing Sousa's greatest hits. Some of the worst days of my military career.
  3. donkpow

    Color of the Year

    Drat! I already went all in with Pantone 18-4051 Strong Blue.
  4. donkpow

    Not again!

    Yes, the common jet pump. That answers the question of why pipes, etc are not exploding.
  5. donkpow

    Roundabout oops

    That's what he said.
  6. donkpow

    Not again!

    Aren't well pumps non-positive displacement type pumps?
  7. donkpow

    Roundabout oops

    That looks like some kind of arm lifting the front of the truck off the ground. At first, I thought it was a guard rail or something.
  8. That's not Home Depot, it is Applebee's. So that's wrong.
  9. Thank you. It would indicate what the hazard would be, wouldn't it? Ex: "Switch xx-x to off position. Reason: Open controller at x-xx"
  10. Isn't there a log with the details of a LOTO?
  11. donkpow

    Not again!

    That's what I was thinking. If you live in a rural community, you could probably get a replacement off the shelf at the local hardware store.
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