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  1. Cross country north to south. Weirdos.
  2. Well look what I found, a site reporting executions by date. July 27 is the date of Mr. Cargill's execution. http://www.executedtoday.com/tag/donald-cargill/ "On this date in 1986, Vietnam War veteran David Livingston Funchess was electrocuted in Florida for a double stabbing committed in the course of robbing a liquor store. A late casualty, with his victims, of America’s imperial exertions in Indochina, Funchess had returned from the Vietnam War with leg wounds that earned him the Purple Heart, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and eventually an addiction to self-medicati
  3. Here is the very rare one legged Chuck Norris action figure for sale on eBay. Only $50. (not kidding)
  4. I considered buying the Chuck Norris jeans, specially made for karate fighting. You never know when you mighty need to use a high flying round house kick to somebody's face. Regular pants wouldn't let you do that.
  5. Pfft, I could do that. Try this one on a rolling deck.
  6. Most people consider the Book of Jashar, AKA (more accurately) The Book of the Upright to have been lost to history. However, I think that with the forced retitling of the book to the "Book of Jashar", we can infer that some nefarious individual has attempted to aggrandize himself in the eyes of truth seekers and, perhaps, obtain and sequester the book.
  7. Have you looked critically at the vent fans? I have heard that vent fans are one of the few things that can bring down construction projects.
  8. Most people who buy plates with holes in them do so in order insert their large toe into the hole. The donut is not made of steel. The hole doesn't do anything, it is a hole.
  9. I'm just showing what jsharr was talking about.
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