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  1. donkpow

    Thousands watching

    Good one.
  2. donkpow

    Nip has moved to another home.

    I had the same problem when I first started work. The guys just took me into the locker room and beat the shit out of me until I got in line.
  3. donkpow

    Happy Saturday

    If it's Saturday, it's time for the Pepto Bismol treatment.
  4. donkpow

    So I twiddle my thumbs

    Are there any donuts left from the last meeting?
  5. donkpow

    Running is evil

    Can't you just do the "Palm-lick-butt-slap-booty-scoot" for the race?
  6. Eat all the donuts.
  7. donkpow

    So, What do you do when you get a first meeting?

    You should do it with donuts. That's what I do.
  8. I'd hate to look at those saddle sores. Wait, I could just take off my glasses.
  9. donkpow

    Thanks for letting me know

    You're welcome. Any time you want me to not do something, don't tell me.
  10. donkpow

    Mavic error in your favor collect $200

    We should sever the "special relationship" we have with the French. Call it 'U-Sexit'.
  11. donkpow

    I am on my last nerve

    There's a pill for that:
  12. donkpow

    Almost got a pedestrian last night

    Road rage being the current custom, I doubt all would survive such a courtesy.
  13. donkpow

    Meanwhile over at sheep herders place

    One thing that starlings don't do is murmur.
  14. donkpow

    The science of being been

    Looks like an infomercial to me.
  15. donkpow

    Almost got a pedestrian last night

    Ha! Yeah. Remember when CB's were popular? They also included PA speaker amplifiers. I would never be so rude.