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  1. According to Wikipedia, that's a real courtroom setting. The judge is presiding over real proceedings. "Since 1985 he has served as a Providence Municipal Court Judge.[2] Parts of the proceedings over which he presided, featuring low-level citations, ran for more than two decades on local television.[13][14] On September 24, 2018, the show Caught in Providence started national syndication."
  2. donkpow


  3. We'll have to wait for spring and the tweets to thaw to see if it's real.
  4. donkpow


    Really, aren't we all Randomguy or Randomgal?
  5. So your answer is"yes", right?
  6. Me too but I've heard of carbonara sauce.
  7. donkpow

    Auto dish soap

    Vinegar removes remaining detergent because it is slightly acidic.
  8. Just use a brush or like an upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum.
  9. Looks to me like it was worth $100 and a cup of coffee. I'd say you got a steal.
  10. donkpow

    Wo46 said uhhhh no

    It seems to me if they are only going to go one way around, they'd put the sidecar on the other side.
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