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Community Answers

  1. The red one has a beer cooler rack on top.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrmidons Blamed it on the ant.
  3. There is nothing new that is not old. At least that's what everybody keeps saying.
  4. Is that a centrifugal clutch?
  5. They are one of the companies I own. WWW makes Merrill and Wolverine, among others. I own a pair of Merrill and a pair of Wolverine. I've owned Wolverine work boots for quite a number of years, That's why I bought the stock.
  6. Testing? We don't need no stinkin' testing.
  7. You know what bugs me? When people change the title of the thread, then the software informs me that the user has changed the title of the thread to the current title of the thread by quotation.
  8. Can you get married on ZOOM? (Asking for a friend.)
  9. "For me, if I have done my duty, the continued approbation of Congress and the Marine Committee will make me rich indeed, and far more than reward me for a life of service devoted from principles of philanthropy, to support the dignity of human nature."
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