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    Quote of the Day: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    Well, I went down to the Bookmobile and checked their ancient Latin references on this topic. The definitive reference on the topic of the behaviour of the school aged children prior to the current millennia is "Opus Doofus" by the author, Dingus Maximus of the last century BC. He confirms my position that children named Lucius were, in fact, teased by their peers all the way through school. "Lucy" was indeed the common slur for man children named Lucius. Some of the more common slurs were Luscious Lucy, Lucy Loose Butt, Lucy Looser, etc. I think we can surmise by the statements in this reference that Seneca the Younger was likely to have been the target of bullies during his school years. Of course, this is all contingent on the quality of the translation of the tome by the sixth century Italian poet, Goffredo Spicoli. I hope that clears the air between us.
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    You have to purchase the complete survey. https://www.eiu.com/topic/liveability
  5. Legal pot distribution has failed to generate anticipated profits. Illegal sales in California remain high. Both conditions are the result of restrictions imposed by officials upon the new industry.
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    Quote of the Day: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    You're probably right. I'll brush up on my ancient Latin and get back to you ASAP.
  7. donkpow

    Quote of the Day: Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    Says a man who was probably called "Lucy" during his school days.
  8. donkpow

    The other crazy airplane pilot.

    The news said he flew under the power lines and clipped the neighbor's garage.
  9. donkpow

    The Dickman incident.

    My BIL and I were on our way to do the lawn care at one of the apartments. He is a religious man and is careful not to follow his heathen brother in law down the path of evil that leads to damnation. While in the cab of the truck, I was using the phone to search one of our supplier's site for the herbicide 'dicamba'. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't get the results from the search that I was seeking. I said, "I keep looking for dicamba and the the site comes back with Dickman." <silence with a touch of fear and loathing> Turns out suppler doesn't carry dicamba and the closest the search engine could come to the search term was "Dickman" brand of files.
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    I had no idea Dottles was such a good photographer.
  11. donkpow

    A Gem of a Sentence

    You know what Buckaroo Bonzai always says, "Wherever you go, there you are."
  12. donkpow

    Guess what I made this weekend.

    I was going to guess a dick dryer.
  13. donkpow

    A question for the pilots

    I was going to say I am not a pilot but I have read Wilbur's commentary on the internet.
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    Spike Lee speaks to his core audience, to be sure. I do respect his work. I forget which of his movies I watched on TV in the last couple of weeks. The reviews were almost all in agreement that the movie was overlong. I watched it with that criticism in mind. What I found was that he filled the long spaces with impression and commentary. I think that's the activist part of him.