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  1. I put in a few fences. You know, a lot of jurisdictions require permits. The other thing is clearance from the underground utilities people.
  2. I bet you could buff out that problem with the step.
  3. No, I'm in charge of that, too.
  4. We are collecting nominations for the committee to select the individuals who will sit on the panel to review the policy on naming things to see if we need to create a review board for the renaming of things.
  5. I was asking if the rams are from your stock or lineage.
  6. I'll take care of this. I am in charge of naming things.
  7. On the bluffs and nobody over the edge. Isn't that sweet.
  8. Right and at some point you "harvest" it. Then you put it in the silo. Then you feed it to the animals. Then you plant it.
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