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Trying to plan for summer


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For the past few years, these are the sort of natural events which became abnormal, made one pause about enjoying the great outdoors:

*We had a major river flood in 2013. Over 100,000 people were evacuated, several billion dollars of damage/rebuilding.  -  Since then, the physical barriers for low-lying bike path areas near river, do have meaning.  I was evacuated from home for 1 wk.  Now certain residents, like me, do pay attention to local news on river water levels every spring.

*Wildfire smoke from many wildfires burning for several months next door in British Columbia. Smoke did pollute our city air several hundred km. away. There were tainted air alerts.  I didn't feel like cycling beyond 15 km. I made sure I closed doors, windows.  You could not see Rocky Mountains on certain days past summer,  just 1 km. in front of your face.  -  past 2 summers.  

***********I'm certain some of this is pale to some of you where you live and try to enjoy nature/great outdoors. ?

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