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  1. When I saw his mom and dad Sunday, they said Nate couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was riding in the woods. He asked to come out next Friday and his dad is trying to get the day off to join us.
  2. Over the years I've introduction a bunch of friends to trail riding. I always bring them to my old hometown trail which has a nice mix to introduce them to the fun world of trail riding. The last month one of the younger kids at church has been asking to go on a ride with me. He sees me leave every Sunday for a road bike ride after service. He really wanted to go for a road bike ride but playing with the steel bulls isn't always the best idea. So, I talked to him and told him a trail ride would be best and besides it will help improve his bike handling skills. Once that was agreed on, we set a date. Today Nate got his first taste of the trails (tad over 9 miles) and had a blast so maybe a future trail rider has been born. I did make a few adjustments to his bike once we got back to his house.
  3. It's half day Friday and the start of a 3 1/2-day 4th of July holiday weekend. I dusted off the Kestrel Km40 Airfoil 1x10 for a nice hot ride off to the bike shop. I ventured onto the newly opened Twin City Rail Trail to see the finished product. It's not long, a tad over 3 1/2 miles one way but a nice trail that should get plenty of use. I really am enjoying the Km40 build and like it as a 1x10.
  4. Today it was off to the local bicycle swap and sale event. I took my friend Chris and we rolled in with my two UCI bandit bikes. My 1993 Zipp2001 and my Kestrel KM40 Airfoil to help spice up the event. I knew what I was looking for and had plenty of options to choose from. Two caught my eye but this one called me the most so it's coming home for some TLC.
  5. The set-up has the steering column separating the two peddles.
  6. Waiting for the new hoses to come in and I'll shoot a video of it starting up.
  7. Well, we have a new addition to the bike cave, and it's slightly older than all my bikes.
  8. Well, it was a great winter trail riding season for me. I got in a ton of rides and even lost some weight which hasn't happened during winter for me in years. But all good things must come to an end (snow) and now it's time to get out on my new Orbea Occam H30. So, it was off to a local trail network to go play for almost three hours. As with any ride in my region road or trail bike there is always plenty of climbing.
  9. Always a fun time playing out in my winter wonderland, and ice season can be challenging at times, but fun.
  10. We get a week's worth of warmer temps and almost all the snow is gone. I even broke out the road bike thinking winter might be leaving a tad early this year. Well, I should know better this is New England and winter isn't over until early May. So, we get a good dumping of snow, and everything is white again and the trails are once again my playground. The trails aren't packed down so they will make for a tough ride. I decided to head toward a virgin snow trail for some added pain (fun). Thanks, winter, for reminding me how much fun I've had this season.
  11. We always get ice season so I'm kind of getting used to it, and a bit better at riding it. It's just standing that I haven't mastered yet (lol).
  12. Well, the best part of my winter trail riding is at some point every year we enter the ice season stage. You never know when it with come, and this year is later than last year. I wasn't too sure what to expect on today's ride and kept my tire pressure the same as my last few rides. Once on the trails for a bit it was clear that I would be playing on a lot of smooth ice. I dropped the tire pressure and was far more comfortable the remainder of the ride. The only crash I had was falling while walking on a slight slope changing my camera mount.
  13. I didn't think the trails could get any better this winter, then the groomer rolls thru. I just can't get enough of this winter wonderland, Thank You Mother Nature !
  14. It's a win, win for you either way you choose.
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