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  1. This is my first visit back to Leominster State Forest since I cracked a couple ribs on my last visit. I'm old school and just wing it and just see a trail and go not knowing what to expect. I guess I like surprises but at the same time I do take it a little easier until I visit this area again. I'm always fooling around with camera angles, but I think the glove cam is a no go for the trails. Might give it a go on the road bike where there is far less jarring. It was a fun 3 hours and will try and get back out in this region before snow flies.
  2. I believe he said it was from 1999.
  3. No expert either but know some people who have had them forever no issues. When I got to use one back when they came out it did seem to absorb road shock quite well.
  4. As I tell people it's only worth what someone is willing to pay. So I got it for $850.00 USD, with a few things thrown in. He was asking $1100.00 but I wasn't going that high and was willing to walk away if he didn't except my offer.
  5. It's my first real trail bike and I love it. It's a Stache 5 and yes mud shovel on back and have one that just came in for the down tube.
  6. I was hoping but I guess I'll have to go deeper in next time.
  7. Dang I'm getting away from tubulars and will be selling off my Corima Disc and aero front wheel (tubulars) because I just don't use them anymore.
  8. When this frame design first came out my former riding partner bought one. He let me try it out and I just loved the ride, but I was already moving in a different direction with cycling. But I always kept that bike in the back of my mind. When I was almost done transforming my Zipp2001 bike into a carbon belt drive single speed I wanted a new project. That's when the KM40 came back up and the search began.
  9. I'm on the other end as I like to add a different touch to the bike threw it's paint job.
  10. If you ever feel some crazy urge to sell that extra set of tri-spokes let me know. I'd be very interested if they are 650C.
  11. I found this Kestrel KM40 at an antique sale and swap meet earlier this year. I hade been looking out for one of these for about 6 month on different selling sites. Didn't find any that I saw worth the price. Then I go to the meet and what's the first bike I see, yup this KM40. After a look I knew I was going to buy it but didn't want to seem to eager. Spent time going around the meet and then final come back and work out a price for the bike. Once I got the bike back to my bike cave and was time to put my build in motion. I tear it down and get a better look at it, worth the price Went to my painter who has done 7 bike paint jobs for me and book an appointment. The crazy thing is he has a 12/14 week waiting list. So book my date and head off to the bike shop to talk parts. Then it was the wheels, I'm not using the Rev-X wheels and have always been a tri-spoke guy. Try finding 650c tri-spokes, nobody is making them anymore. Three weeks ago I found a rear tri-spoke that just came in Friday. Now I'm waiting on a guy to except my offer for his front tri-spoke. Sent off some paint ideas to my painter Friday and should see some samples in a week or two. So most things are coming together and I can't wait to send it to the painter October 11th. Once back from the painter the final build will take place.
  12. Well it's another half day Friday and it's off on a field trip. So this Friday it's off to Leominster State Forest for a fun three hours of exploring. My last visit ended in a couple cracked ribs when I wondered onto a black diamond trail. I always just wing it when in visit here and if I see a trail entrance that looks fun I'll roll into it. Today when exploring I exited a trail and I entered King Tut Highway. Who knew it reached all the way to Massachusetts. I took it easy hoping I might stagger onto some nice artifacts, but no luck. Oh well it was still a nice day playing out in the woods.
  13. Thanks ! It's just me being a knucklehead riding my bikes.
  14. You mean my car wheels right !
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