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Birthday beer report...kinda long


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and no, it has been 12 months since the last birthday.  No do-overs.  I could not handle it.




Released from duty (WofTy) at 12:30.

On the stool at NGB (North Beach Grill) at 12:40

Crab cake at 3:45.

Broke the seal at 5:40, much to my chagrin.

Left NGB at 8:10. 

Home at 8:20. (Slow bike ride home)


The bartender said to not do the menu beer list, as they had a lot of not listed beer.  I said okay, don't tell me what beer is next, just make sure it's cold.  Excellent bartender.


Beer list (with grading):


PBR - OK (my choice to wet the palette)

Imperial - OK (a Cost Rican beer)

Spot Tail - OK

Red Hare IPA - Not OK

Terrapin Golden Ale - OK

Red Hare Lager - OK (much better than the IPA)

(Crab cake time.  Really good.)

Anchor Steam - OK (probably the best of the non-PBR beers)

Had to break the seal here. 

Terrapin Rye Ale - Not OK (worse than the Red Hare IPA)

PBR - see beer #1


Had to leave at 8:10 as the local Tybee people were showing up and wanted to buy me more beer.  I did have to bicycle home, so I had to take a rain check. 


All in all a good day, even though there is a big hole at the end of the driveway because they came back to finish up the forced main sewage line they started last week but the ground water level is not cooperating.  At this time, I do not care. 





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