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  1. tybeegb

    It was bound to happen.

    I can SLOWLY get in and out of bed, and in and out of chairs. I have crutches and I can SLOWLY move to the bathroom, or use my pee bottle. As for PBR? I will have to forego that vice until I can walk around steady enough to not risk falling. Thanks for all the well wishes. It helps.
  2. tybeegb

    It was bound to happen.

    Bicycle crash. Three in the line. Me pulling. One guy dropped back about 50 yards due to shifting issues. I started to pull out and signaled that I was pulling off to the left. The wheel on the guy behind me caught my rear tire and down we went. Very quickly. I heard the tires rubbing and tried to correct but he was already on the way down. As was I. I landed on my right side and my head bashed into the asphalt and I heard my helmet crunch. My hip was already numb and I could not get up. At all. The other guy was walking around with a nauseous expression apologizing and said he thought his collar bone was broken. Which it was. A couple of ladies in a SUV stopped and gave me and the fourth guy a lift back to our trucks. We then went back and got the other two guys and the bikes. I proceeded home and WofTy got there a little later and drove me to the hospital. I have a broken acetabulum (hip) on the right side, and the ball socket is cracked in a 'Y' shape. My ribs on the right side are pretty bruised and it hurts to cough, naturally. I stayed in the hospital overnight because they were pretty sure I needed surgery. But, late yesterday afternoon the orthopedic doctor said that the bones were still aligned but to go home and take it easy and I would have to come back later next week to see if they were still aligned, which if they are I would just have to let everything heal by itself, possibly 10-12 weeks. If not, then he would give me my surgery options. Going to be a long 10 -12 weeks. And I hate pain meds but in this case I have I have to give in. Oh. I was puling out because my speed was slowly dropping from 18/19 to 16/17. So were ONLY going 16 when we crashed. The third guy ran over the second guys bike and bent the rear wheel. So he might get new wheels and I will get a new helmet. I'm going back to bed.
  3. tybeegb

    For the drinkers amongst us

    Do I even need to answer this one?
  4. tybeegb

    And another year has passed.

    Anniversary day. 47 years. I'm treating her to breakfast at the Sunrise Café down front.
  5. tybeegb

    Look what I found.

    Beans and Franks. Followed by chocolate pudding.
  6. tybeegb

    She was never good at geography.

    So we're doing our morning routine. I'm surfing the net in my little man hovel, she's reading the newspaper (yes, the news PAPER) and listening to the morning talk shows on TV. Out of the blue she calls out, "Where is the south pole"? "What?", I say. She says, "I know where the north pole is but which country is the south pole in, and where is it"? She is actually very smart, but geography is not her strong suit.
  7. tybeegb

    Uh oh...

    Good luck. Hope it's not nerves or anxiety.
  8. tybeegb

    Your significant other

    Housewife/homemaker for most of the time we have been married. She has lots of time to dream up things for me to do.
  9. tybeegb

    I'm Saving The Machine

    I'll modify my routine as much as I can when it's crowded and I can't get to a bench or the weights I need. But sometimes the asshole in me comes out and I "respectfully" ask if I can get a set in, as they sit there and discuss whatever the hell they are talking about while sitting on the bench/machine I need.
  10. tybeegb

    Would Anyone Care

    After a few too many. Not much happening that would be of interest to anyone, except WofTy.
  11. tybeegb

    Fair and 19F

    I miss that kind of weather. NOT!
  12. tybeegb

    2018-11-14 Birthdays

    It's WofTy's birthday! She's 29, again. She is getting a new hardwood floor for her birthday.
  13. tybeegb

    Sadie Hawkins miles & such

    16.1 at 17.3 average. It was weird. It was cool and looked like rain but I drove to the meet up site anyway. Got there and got ready and one other guy showed up. The sun came out, blue sky, and it turned nice and almost too warm. Almost as soon as we finished an hour later the clouds rolled back in and it cooled back down and started to rain an hour later.
  14. tybeegb

    From todays trip home

    "There's cold in them there hills!"