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  1. tybeegb

    Happy Wednesday

    Doctor's appointment at 2:30 to hear about the results of the MRI done last week on my left knee. He said the x-rays showed a near perfect knee, so whatever it is is tissue related. Hopefully the MRI will show what's going on with it. At the last visit he checked off on the right hip, so that is good.
  2. Bella the French Bulldog had her annual checkup yesterday. I knew it was not going to be a good one. I had been telling WofTy that Bella was getting a little chunky. Even one of the neighbors said Bella looked a little heavy. Well the vet called to have a nice long char with WofTy about what she fed both Bella and Otis the Pug. Otis has been on a "diet" for several years now and has continued to be fat. He weighed in at 37 pounds on his last checkup. Bella tipped the scales at 36.7 pounds. Up 6 pounds from the last visit. So once again, WofTy has promised to stick to a regular feeding habit, like no chicken scraps with rice like the night before. or pork loin scraps and rice two nights before that. GRRRR!!!!! And no, neither dog even bothers to come near me when I'm eating, as they know what I don't eat goes down the garbage disposal.
  3. No plans beyond picking a book up at the library.
  4. I lost my voice yesterday morning. Not sure why. All I could manage when I tried to talk in my normal voice was a croak and a hissing sound. I had to go to the doctor for something else, and make a stop at Home Depot to get copies of a key made. I was practicing talking on the way, and I found out I could talk in a falsetto voice where someone could understand what I was saying. Like the Bee Gees. Or the munchkins. So I get to Home Depot and the lady at the key making stand asked me what I needed. I handed her the key and held up two fingers. So far so good. Then I remembered WofTy needed some packing boxes but I had never seen them in Home Depot and didn't know where they were and didn't have time to walk around as I had to get to my doctor's appointment. She copied the key and asked me if I needed anything else. I tried to talk slowly in my normal voice but still a croak and a hiss. Then I tried the falsetto and told her "I can talk in a little girl's voice and I need to know where the packing boxes are." After she finished laughing, she continued to smile and told me where they were. I croaked and hissed what I hoped came out as a "Thank you" and walked away with my head down.
  5. WofTy would buy the rug, after she bought the table. She bought a table like that with dolphins instead of seahorses. And a bigger rug with a nautical theme.
  6. 5081 cards. We sorted and collated input decks from the keypunch group. Payroll input was almost 3000 cards. Some departments would send over mag tapes for their input for their reports. Then there was the punch tape input from a few remote sites. Then there were the disk drive banks. Big platters with a whopping 20mb capacity. Each application had its own platter we had to swap out and assign drive numbers to for each run. And the mountains of printouts that had to "de-carboned' and then 'burst' for distribution to the different departments.
  7. To each his/her own I guess. I don't have any ink.
  8. tybeegb

    Day 1

    I like it!
  9. Pull up. Unload all their stuff. Tell them you're going for a loaf of bread. Get back in the van. Drive off.
  10. Umm, buttermilk pancakes. Lots of maple syrup. And butter.
  11. tybeegb

    Big storm here

    We have not had a drop of rain in well over two weeks, and the temps have been in the high nineties on the island. We need rain, but not like that. I'll echo the "stay safe" mantra.
  12. I try and get to an appointment 15 minutes early, so I expect to wait that long until my appointment time. Since I am retired, I really don't have anything to make me anxious about having to wait a little bit. And since most of the doctor's offices I go to have more than one doctor, I really don't know if mine or another is running late. However, if I have been there longer than anyone currently there, I will "inquire" about what may be the problem. If I don't like the answer then I may get testy.
  13. Most definitely. The most embarrassing is when I'm playing and singing somewhere and I start to play a song and I can't remember the first line of the song to get started. I may have played the song a hundred times over the years but I will forget the first line more than I care to remember.
  14. Good to go. Yep.. They are more concerned about over-stressing his skeletal structure since he is so young. I've been holding him to really light weights, concentrating on form and specific muscle groups each time we've gone. Hopefully they will continue in that vein.
  15. Work/life balance. Some don't need it. Some do. Take a vacation.
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