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  1. I know this sounds gross but I have a small wet vac dedicated to "shitty" cleanup jobs. When the plunger doesn't work, I use that to vacuum the crap out, and in almost all cases it works well. You do have to wrap a rag around the end to get a good seal on the hose. To clean it up when I'm finished I put water and some bleach in a bucket and vacuum it through a few times. Oh, I empty the vacuum contents back into the toilet to get rid of it. However, this last time WofTy said one toilet was stopped up NOTHING worked. After an hour I finally had to pull the toilet out. I won't go into details but suffice it to say that that was the only way that turd was going to get removed. We have Kohler toilets in both bathrooms; the ones with the high power vacuum flush systems.
  2. Every day, but not as well as Bleu. As a matter of fact, this evening we are having our first acoustic jam since this virus thing started. Observing social distancing of course. With PBR. :-)
  3. The IGA on the island is still well stocked, but they still have restrictions, which aren't really all that restrictive. Granted it's not a large grocery store but it suffices for the island.
  4. Wasn't bad last night. Some close lightning and heavy rain but little wind. Fingers crossed.
  5. First task every morning, in the dark, is to get the dogs out for their morning pee and get the newspaper for WofTy. No paper in the driveway. Got the dogs back in and went back down to see if I could find the paper. Looked in the bushes. Under the truck. Both sides of the end of the driveway. With the wind blowing so hard, and the newspapers being so light these days I looked across the road and down a ways and there it was. For once diligence paid off and WofTy is happy.
  6. 5-ish. Most important of which is my library card.
  7. to pick up something I ordered online, and to pick up some more dirt (potting soil) from WofTy. I wend my way around to the service "desk" that is set up outside because of the social distancing rule. As I'm waiting one of the girls manning the "desk" says "Nice shirt. That's my birth date." I'm wearing one of my old cycling ride shirts and the date shows April11. I say it's April 11th? She says yes, but the year is the same too. The ride was on April 11, 1998. Those Metter, GA rides were always windy and with the hills it made it that much more difficult. But at least I wasn't having a baby.
  8. Got your mask and cup on?
  9. tybeegb

    Tybee update

    It's a mess. There are "visitors" from most everywhere that come from a high COVID incident rate city and get STVRs (Short Term Vacation Rentals). Then there were the "Spring Breakers" who were running wild, literally, all over the island, especially on the beach. The City Council closed the beaches mainly to keep the partying crowd away. But for those locals, like me, who walk, run, ride, or just sit on the beach, it was not well accepted. Having the restaurants and bars closed is really hurting the service people, as only some of them are working doing takeout orders. One of our city police officers tested positive for COVID-19, and since he had been around four other officers they have all been put into quarantine so the Georgia State Patrol was asked to come in and help. Meanwhile, after WofTy is through with me for the day, I take my book, beer, and radio out to the dock and soak up some Vitamin D and listen to the silence from the highway across the marsh.
  10. Ice cream. I'm semi-hoarding it. I leave some in the freezer at least.
  11. Impressive. I could handle the last couple hundred feet. ;-)
  12. Let's see. The 'Y' closed until who knows when. The beaches have been closed off. Curfew from 11:00PM to 7:00AM. You can get takeouts until 2:45AM at one bar/restaurant. No public consumption of alcohol (cups or cans included)/ Some say it was to curb the spring break crowd. Needless to say the island looks all but deserted, so biking is a lot safer right now than anything else, apparently. I do have s set of dumbbells that I could do some basic lifting with, if I get the urge. And the island IGA still has stocked shelves and plenty of PBR on hand. ;-)
  13. tybeegb


    Wow. Got plenty of TP? :-)
  14. Sleep two hours. Wake up for 30 minutes. Sleep two hours. Wake up for 30 minutes. All night long. Doesn't matter how late or early or how tired I am. Been like that for a LONG time.
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