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  1. With all of the preparations out of the way we could sit and wait, and watch because we stayed. Lost power about 2:00AM Thursday morning. Not a lot of wind and the storm surge never materialized. LOTS of tree debris in the yard and driveway. Got the generator cranked up about 6:00AM so WofTy could have her coffee and to keep the refrigerators, the TVs and the internet going. Power came back up about 3:00PM Thursday. So today I will be putting everything back in place and cleaning up the yard. Then this evening I will finish the PBR I didn't get to finish at the race on Sunday.
  2. tybeegb


    Out of town since Friday. Left the race in Darlington early yesterday evening. Had a flat tire on my brother/sister's camper that took a while to change so I didn't get home until 2:00 this morning. Have to start getting things picked up and stowed, etc. etc. Then there's the WofTy's "Let's just wait and see where it goes" mantra that isn't going to happen. And the bathroom renovation is 95% complete so she's going to be hard to get moving if things go bad. Thanks for asking.
  3. Wow! Glad you're okay.
  4. tybeegb


    Parochial private for grade 1-8. Then public the rest of the way.
  5. Two guys (for now) working on the bathroom redo. They are removing the roof. Yesterday it was 97F for real. It is a metal roof. So no telling how hot it was up there. They got the metal off and are down to the joists on the existing bathroom roof. They still have that and the part of the roof where the expansion is going to be. Then framing the new outer wall and side walls. New joists and sheathing and tar paper and whatever else goes with the metal roof. That all needs to be done before the forecasted rain on Thursday. Not to mention our poor A/C is working near constantly while they are working, and not having much luck.
  6. tybeegb

    Nerve pain

    My brother still has nerve pain in his back ten years after his shingles. He said the bypass surgery on his heart (not the scope procedure) and the knee replacement were nothing compared to the pain from the shingle nerve damage. I hope yours is the rotator cuff or something non-shingles related that can be dealt with.
  7. I'm gonna watch people work today. It's so tiring.
  8. Oh. I forgot. The permit stuff was handled by the contractor. I was not in that loop. The inside demolition has been done. The framers will be here Monday. Meanwhile, today they will be working on the walkway across one side of the living room so we can reach and open the four windows that are up there. WofTy is already on edge after one day. GRRRR!!!
  9. that WofTy gets to see her bathroom redo get started. It's a major undertaking that I hope will be doable to her satisfaction. I may have to go for a REALLY long bike ride, say three weeks. Or drink a lot.
  10. 22. On the road bike. Two rides this week of 11 miles each. First ones since my mishap. Not too hard or fast. Everything seems to be working okay.
  11. Daytona for the races. Leave the 4th. Back on the 7th.
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