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  1. Nope. Where's the challenge if you master something?
  2. Gamma globulin. Big needle. In the butt. Prior to one of our deployments years ago. It was cold that day. The serum was thick, hence the big needle. The nurse handed us the syringe as we walked in and told us to roll it back and forth between our hands to warm it up. She was very good looking. Then she told me to drop the flight suit and bend over. Did I mention how big the needle was?
  3. WofTy is very proud of her "twins" as she calls them.
  4. The last two times I rode my beach ride-about bike my hip was extremely sore for three days afterwards. So I stopped riding it for almost two weeks. The hip felt really good last night as I dragged the bike out to go to the jam on the south end of the island. As I threw my right leg up over the saddle there was the same instant pain as before. Crap. Crap. Crap. As I pedaled along I was pissed that it still hurt and was hesitant to continue as I knew I had to get on and off the bike several more times before I got home. "Duh", I said to myself., "It ain't a horse stupid. Just mount it from the right side". Well is was awkward, especially with the guitar strapped to my back, but I did manage to get on and off the bike without falling over, and it was almost pain free. I still have some healing to do before I can say I'm ready for the road bike again.
  5. Nope. Took too long to train this one.
  6. Don't get me started. If "someone" didn't put 10 pounds of "stuff" in a 5 pound kitchen it would be okay. Small, but okay.
  7. Yes. It's a staple in our house.
  8. tybeegb

    For Wilbur

    On a local flight one night, years ago, one of the pilots in the pattern was a female. After she repeated her landing instructions to the controller, one of our more "witty" pilots broadcast on that frequency "Another empty kitchen". That did not go over too well.
  9. tybeegb


    Doctor. Rule the easy stuff out first.
  10. It all started on December 6th, 2018. Up until then I had zero issues. Now I am hoping I fully heal so I can get back to that feeling. Still sore but mobile.
  11. Positive vibes sent.
  12. tybeegb

    Well, finally.

    And another thing. When I got on the island bike (which has a road bike seat on it), my butt has also lost its "fitness". That was a shock. I rode the mile and a half to the 'Y', worked upper body, and decided to ride to the south end of the island to get the sit-bones back in shape. Only about 7 miles total but it's a start. Thanks for the tips, but I think I'm good to go with the exercises I do. PT was an option but I can cause pain to myself as good as they can. Since I don't have big muscles, I do pay attention to the little muscles, those are the first to let loose under strain. I speak from experience. Annndddd, since I rode to the south end and back without too much trouble, WofTy has cleared me to do my Friday "walk-about" to get back into the groove. Of course having abstained for three months it might not take too many stops to do me in.
  13. tybeegb

    Well, finally.

    Fourth doctor visit for my hip. I have been on one crutch for a month now. X-rays were good and I was cleared for full weight bearing on that leg. The PA asked have I walked on it yet. Nope. Too scared I was going to screw it up. He said take a few steps. That was scary as my leg felt like it was going to give way on the first step. Four steps one way. Limping. Four the other way. Limping. He said that's normal. I left the office and walked slowly to the truck carrying my crutch. Still limping. Then when I got home there were the two flights of stairs I had to deal with, but I refused to use the crutch. It's amazing how much strength I've lost in my dominant leg in just three months, and how the left leg has taken over. I'm going to ride my island bike to the 'Y' today (I usually walk but I think that's a little too much yet) and start working on that leg and pick it up on the rest of what I used to do. Don't tell WofTy, but I'm going to sneak out next week and see how I do on the road bike. I got a new helmet.
  14. My brother is at 10 years and counting with his shingles pain. No visible sign but it's hard for him to wear a short because the nerves across his back are very, very sensitive.
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