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  1. tybeegb

    Hey Aire, any updates?

    Plane mishap. Banged up pretty good. Two passengers not so bad. One picture on an old post.
  2. tybeegb

    I hate it when they do that.

    When the bank lets you know that your "existing credit card may have been part of a data compromise at a merchant where you do business", and sends you a new card. Then it takes me over an hour to get all of the automatic payments I have set up to use the new card that will no longer work on a set date. One good thing is that after repeating the new number so many times I have it committed to memory.
  3. We bought one of those larger rockets, probably 18 inches tall with the fins that made it look like a real rocket ship. We took it to a friend's floating dock, late at night, and set it on the end of the dock across from a bunch of shrimp boats. We lit it and ran to the other end of the dock. Us running caused the dock to bounce around and the rocket tilted over and started to fall, Luckily for us it fell pointing the other way. Unlucky for us it fell pointing at the side of a shrimp boat that was only about 100 feet across the creek. As it got parallel to the dock it lit off and was screaming across the water at the shrimp boat, luckily only about three feet off the water. It nosed dived into the water about halfway to the shrimp boat and all we could see was the glow from the rocket until it blew up, short of the shrimp boat, and a lot of bubbles came up. We quit with the fire works for the rest of the night.
  4. tybeegb

    Resilience or resiliency?

    I prefer "toughness". No explanation for that word necessary to most people.
  5. tybeegb

    couple pics from the lake tonight

    How big are the skeeters?
  6. tybeegb

    Fantastic Friday

    Work smarter, not harder. Got all of my chores finished yesterday, so I am off today.
  7. tybeegb

    Eating. Out of control. Dangerous.

    Not pathetic. Just a little harder to control. And do drink water. Ice water.
  8. Not what I was wanting to hear, but as bad as it sounds it was a good learning experience.
  9. I need some advice. I played an outside two hour session for some tourist shops. The owners liked what and how I played, but I thought the sound was way off; it could have been the acoustics of being outside. I played a Taylor electric acoustic with a Crate acoustic amp (CA30DG), and used that amp with a Sennheiser e835 mic through the same amp. Not optimal since the effects are for both channels, with the gain control the only thing that separates the two. I think the amp is okay for the guitar, once I learn the best settings for the effects, but I think I need a separate amp for the mic. I looked but I have no clue about, and have never heard of, most of the amps I saw. I don't need a top notch sound setup as I do not play that well or often, yet, but I at least want what I do play to sound alright. Any ideas would be most appreciated by the listening audiences.
  10. tybeegb

    Parr8hed, don't look at this.

  11. tybeegb

    Should I have just gone to bed?

    " They might get a little nervous when you go into a barrel roll, over Australia.
  12. tybeegb

    If it lasts more than 4 hours..

    Is that total sleep time or one stretch of uninterrupted sleep? I wake up every two to two and a half hours every night. Not to pee or anything, I just wake up and roll over and start again. I know that habit is from my civilian career, but I just go with it.
  13. tybeegb

    Ever take a cat for a walk ?

    Our two outside cats follow me when I walk Otis the overweight pug. Not a favorable sight for Otis's reputation.
  14. tybeegb

    It is a dark and stormy morning

    "An old cowboy went riding out one dark and windy day..."?
  15. tybeegb

    I am skroowed

    So what exactly is "optimum physical condition"? And what about the masochists; would that not take the fun out of the ride if there was no suffering?