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  1. tybeegb

    Good morning!!

    77 here going to 85. Yard work today and I will get that done early to beat the heat.
  2. 16.1 miles. Hot. Windy. Good ride. A little fast for me, but I need that.
  3. tybeegb


    We are good. Thanks.
  4. tybeegb

    How are things on Tybee?

    Quiet. No rain at all. Today it's a little breezy but cool. Thanks for asking.
  5. tybeegb

    Sept 13 workout,ride, or other evil activities

    Another 11.9 mile ride. Pushed it harder than normal, and mashed instead of spinning. My legs can tell it this morning.
  6. tybeegb

    Any of you whores have a denim jacket?

    Several. I wear them a lot during the winter. Especially the one from prison.
  7. tybeegb

    Please look at your profile

    Mine is okay. I'm using Edge.
  8. tybeegb

    9/11 miles & such

    Not planned but ended up with 11.5 miles. Hot. Humid. A little windy. Need more miles.
  9. tybeegb

    Where is Death Jim?

    Kind of. Sort of. Thanks for asking.
  10. tybeegb

    I burnt my Bike stuff

  11. tybeegb

    You or Your Spouse/Better Half

    Me, but it's genetics. I have the good genes and discipline. WofTy has the bad genes and would have the discipline to stay in shape if it weren't for that. But she's way tougher than I am.
  12. tybeegb

    Do you remember soda fountains?

    Yep. Walking across town to school my brother and I would stop in at the soda fountain in Walgreen's and get a vanilla Coca-Cola. We were pretty laid back the first few hours of school.
  13. tybeegb

    Parr8 0 - Nail gun 1 (graphic pic)

  14. tybeegb

    She asked if I was a triathlete

    At my dermatologist "all over" inspection a couple of years ago, as I was standing there in my underwear, she asked "Are you a triathlete?". Monday I was at the 'Y' and this lady looked at me and asked if I was a "power forward". I never have been either but I took both of those questions as compliments.
  15. tybeegb

    My grandson's music.