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  1. I don't want your damn car warranty!!!!!!!!

    Yeap, they are using kind of a loop hole in laws and it's legal to do it. The intention of allowing it is for like Doctors and such to be able to call patients from their personal cell phone while out of the office and make it look like they are calling from their office so patients don't end up with their personal cell number. But telemarketers are taking advantage of it and using random numbers to make it look like it's a local call. So we don't answer anything with the same area code and prefix as our phones.
  2. I don't want your damn car warranty!!!!!!!!

    The spoofing caller ID's is what is really getting out of hand. Almost every call I get from these telemarketers are spoofed ID's to show the same area code and prefix as my number. My app to help block them (HIYA) shows them as someones personal cell phone. Apparently I've even had them use my phone number as I had a lady leave me a long voice message getting pissy about me constantly calling her number trying to solicit something from her. Yeah, she wasn't a bright one.
  3. The first of 2, 4 hour defensive driving sessions

    Remember, sometimes the best defense is a good offense.
  4. My Daughter

    No, I'm now a father of a daughter.
  5. My Daughter

    Yeap, no knees should be showing. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
  6. I like my free Red Line racing BMX better.
  7. Shitcan Razors edge.

    You would, but it's been known for a long time you have very low standards. Just look at the company you chose to keep.
  8. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Yeah, I love how that is apparently now a real profession and they act like you should be impressed by what they do. When ever I hear someone say that's what they are, I like to reply "So like a Starbucks server" and then see the look on their face. Of course I then play it off as just trying to make sure I understand what you mean. No idea why people think I'm an asshole.
  9. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Yo, Vanilla, kick it one time, boy
  10. Annoying Neighbor, Hopefully The Last Rant

    You have some weird fetishes, but what ever trips your trigger.
  11. Annoying Neighbor, Hopefully The Last Rant

    Yes, but don't worry, I'm moving soon. I can't wait for my actual neighbors to start complaining to the HOA about the old livestock trailer sitting in my driveway. That's my moving trailer and I will laugh so hard if I get a letter from the HOA about it because I don't have to pretend to care anymore.
  12. In some ways life would be definitely be less complicated, but also much more lonelier as there is no way I'd want any part of today's dating seen at my age. Usually if women are single in their 40's, there is most certainly a reason.
  13. But that is why if you are dirty, you should never be an ass to people who know it. Lance got exactly what he deserved. I didn't read the article, don't need to as I followed this all closely back when anyone actually cared. It's been drawn out so long now, most people lost interest.
  14. Don't know about better for sport, but certainly more exciting to watch.
  15. Yeap, and I stopped watching and following it then. It was way to much of a script I've seen before and we know how it ends. Also makes for really boring racing just watching the train roll through the race with no real challenge from anyone, yeah you get some token challenges be never a real true threat.