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  1. Indy


    Based on the fact people can have it with virtually no symptoms, I'd say that number is way to low and they are only testing high risk patients and essential service providers. I know here, some of the essential service providers are tested regularly and are really screwing up the numbers as you have the same people testing negative multiple times and not being effectively taken into consideration in the calculations.
  2. But that requires extra effort, you sometimes have to go a couple steps out of your way to use those. I long lost count of the amount of times I've seen people clean out the trash from their car by just opening the door and putting it on the ground right next to them when there is a trash can damn near right directly in front of them.
  3. Indy


    And here I am, still confused whether Airwick is actually a dude or a girl. I still say girl, for what it's worth.
  4. Indy


    Can't cremate until family okays it, usually that means a funeral. And the death rate of the flu is a lot higher than that, you have to get it first to count and the first people to get the flu vaccine is the high risk group which makes the survival rate look far better. And according to the CDC only 3-11% even get the flu each year, that is why this virus is so bad. And New England of Medicine is saying covid is below 2% death rate now based on world wide data.
  5. Indy


    Also, part of the reason for backup and needing the refrigerator trucks is they are trying to delay funerals as you don't want people congregating.
  6. Indy


    It's how fast this spreads that is result of that. But the death rate is 1.9% I believe for flu and this, most sources are putting it at 5% or less. Yes, some extreme's are trying to throw it higher based off of bad data collection and ignoring the numbers of likely infected and minor to no symptoms. But in the end, most project about double that of flu, and was just thinking (my mind wired weird) what would be a survival rate of flu without a vaccine. I'm guessing it would be similar if not maybe even slightly worse, so then this isn't really worse than the flu, just faster moving.
  7. Yes, ties do tend to make you hot and uncomfortable, that's why no one wears them anymore.
  8. Indy

    365 Grateful

    Sadly, I was actually glad for my afternoon meeting. A bit of normalcy to distract me from everything going on and a distraction from my overwhelming desire to hurt two millennials and one really crooked lawyer.
  9. Indy


    It's not matter of not getting. Outside of a vaccine, most will get it and nothing we can really do about it. Most don't think they will die from it and they would be right. On that note, I was thinking, the flu is probably actually worse, the only reason it's survival rate is better than covid is because we have a vaccine to protect the high risk, with out that, the numbers for flu would be a lot higher.
  10. Who the hell wears a tie anymore outside of funerals?
  11. I think most places wash them before handing them out. Nursing homes here are getting hit by COVID because employees keep bringing it in. So are they making employees staying in the building 24/7 too, to make sure they don't bring it in?
  12. No, nothing about Disney Jr or Nick Jr makes me horny. Not sure my TV gets any other stations, I can't remember at this point.
  13. I don't either or would've. Did drop off an unopened box of latex free, medical grade gloves at the firestation when this all started. Thought about the two open boxes pretty much full, but figured that would be an issue as they don't know if they are contaminated or not. Do feel guilty every time I see them sitting on the workbench though.
  14. Yeah and then I know nursing homes ideally would like each resident to have a couple a piece since it's up to the staff to clean then and keep up on that. Like they don't already have enough to keep up on.
  15. Don't forget nursing homes, they are even in more desperate need because they don't get the support hospitals do by the government, or at least they don't in US.
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