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  1. Is this just another way of saying work?
  2. Would've been better if it didn't sound like Miles Davis after he was done. I was hoping it would be AC/DC afterwards.
  3. That would require me caring enough to try and the letting it rip method is more effective at getting people to leave me alone.
  4. Do either of them have dirt on the Clintons?
  5. Indy

    Backyard wildlife

    Just hope they don't see you. Wild Turkey's are beyond dumb, they will attack anything in sight and can do a lot of damage with their wings. Seen them attack cars driving by, seen them take down a motorcyclist, luckily he had protective clothing on. They can be amazingly aggressive and dumb.
  6. Pair of pliers or just a plain flat blade screw driver, I can have those safety screws off in no time. Done it before I bought cheap safety bits from Harbor Freight.
  7. Old dried shits rolls down hill, fresh shit runs down hill quickly. Though people need to be careful flinging the shit in a business world where most things are done by email. Wasn't to hard to find the email where the shit slinger said she would take care of it.
  8. You obviously didn't grow up on a farm. No a steaming pile means it smells worse and messier. As it sits out it gets hard and the smell dissipates. And this morning, I woke up to jump on a conference call that quickly turned into a steaming pile of shit. And now I am stuck dealing with the mess because the person who was doing all the yelling on the call and blaming is the person who screwed up to begin with. But now it's my problem. Oh joy.
  9. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet. That darn kid thing really screws up my plans to watch stuff on TV.
  10. Indy

    Big data

    And "data" contains all of your funny forum posts.
  11. Indy


    Yes, but I can do that when it's warm out.
  12. Indy


    Yeah, I don't get it, but not a big enough snow boarder/skier. I don't need to freeze my butt off hiking to some remote location to hit some slopes, I am perfectly fine driving to a resort while sitting on my nice comfy heated seat.
  13. I am so confused, why ban straw to begin with and why would you want straw with your drink? I prefer to keep straw out of my drink, that's why we use water jugs with lids when baling.
  14. Saint or clinically insane? Either way, congrats.
  15. I guess I was the only one expecting Long Island.
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