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  1. Guess this forum will soon be banned.
  2. Still could, he could just assume your own made bacon bits so then it doesn't go against his better judgement.
  3. Anyone who's eating Cheese Whiz, is bound to be fine with bacon bits.
  4. How so? Do you know for a fact those shot were not hit by stray bullets from people trying to shoot down drones, or the drones themselves were not armed? Do you know the traffic accidents were not caused by people distracted by a drone flying around? I bet you can't definitively say it none of that happened, so drones are a real danger.
  5. That sounds really good, but you know what would put it over the top? Sprinkle some bacon bits then on top of the cheese. Make sure you suggest that next time.
  6. McDonald's don't have long lunch breaks, so probably didn't have time.
  7. Electric? Easy, there are thin mount fireplaces, would be easy to set it out as much as needed and trim it off to look good.
  8. I'm to the point, I am sick of freaking drones. At one time I thought it seemed cool and thought about getting into it, but so sick of people flying them over my house anymore. Considering how far they are traveling to go back to where they came from and the altitude they are often at, I know they can't be maintaining visual of their drone. To many tall houses in the way.
  9. My son's old bike with training wheels, now my daughter's. Though she wishes it was pink and at 4, probably a bit young even if she is big enough for it. She out grew the balance bike before she was old enough to get the concept.
  10. I can't, tried to watch that show once and they kept getting to many basic theories wrong, I had to turn it off as I kept yelling at the TV.
  11. 6.5 Horse. Was going to go with like a 3, but the 6.5 was on sale for the same price.
  12. Yeah, not possible, I already have my arms under my knees to reach the steering wheel. This thing is small, but you basically sit in crash position, so you are ready.
  13. Only problem with that, I'd have add weight to the front to keep the tires on the ground.
  14. Lost my cul-de-sac when I moved, but gained a lot more yard, so my drift kart is now an off-roader.
  15. When ever the need arises. Though haven't had a reason to for awhile now and I think I need to put new blades in it before I use it again.
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