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  1. New job day 2

    Okay, you got me beat. They had a computer for me on the first day.
  2. New job day 2

    Hope so, still nervous as this is entirely new to me. Sounds like some how I ended up in Product Engineering when I was told it was testing position.
  3. New job day 2

    And my boss is off today. Didn't really give me anything to do, don't have a badge so can't leave the place since I can't get back in and I know no one. Man this is fun shit right here. Also really great when the job you accepted description seems to be completely different than the job you seem to be expected to do. Oh well, at least they are paying me well to do absolutely nothing.
  4. Well, that's that

    Okay, you win. I found a Mazda 3 hatchback, 5 speed manual. THAT WILL WORK!!! Like the fact they don't have a timing belt to worry about, so all long term maintenance is pretty simple.
  5. Well, that's that

    Or a Mitsubishi Mirage. 42mpg and less than 5k. I'm going into the contracting world. The actual company I'll be working for hates to lay people off, so they put an emphasis on hiring people who are versatile. But I'm primarily back in the test world after almost two decades out of it, finally.
  6. Well, that's that

    Just signed and emailed back acceptance of a job offer. Still got to nail down a start date and go car shopping since for the time being I'll have over an hour commute one way. Good bump in pay which is nice but no benefits. I'm a stressed out wreck. This one happened fast, phone interview yesterday morning, I had an offer by the afternoon. My head is spinning.
  7. Yeap, I spent a decade trying to get out of my last job and this place made my old job sound like a dream. It would've been a pay raise, but then when you factor in all the added responsibility and liability (as the hiring manger said it would all be on me with basically no support from anyone) the pay was incredibly low.
  8. No this was one today. Contract job, recruiter called me Friday and set it up real quick. Never even got a job description so went to the interview completely blind. Last weeks I really want, but that would require them giving me a chance and them thinking it went better than I did as I left that one feeling like I had just gotten ran over by a freight train. Of course as my wife has said, that was my perception and she knows how badly I hate it when I don't have the answers.
  9. It is a sad day.

    I've been getting those since I was in my 20's. Probably all the injuries from swimming that confused them as some days I move around like a freaking old fart.
  10. Had an interview today, basically it was for stuff that I've been doing for almost 2 decades now. So yeah, I think I crushed it and then some. Just emailed them to remove my name as a candidate though. One thing that bugged me in the interview, not that I led on to it, was their entire philosophy of how they do things. It's entirely reactionary to problems instead of what I've been doing my entire career of trying to be proactive and solve the problems before they become a problem, yeah, sometimes things happen and you have to react, which is fine but to basically have a focus and emphasis on being completely reactionary with a focus of keeping production going at all cost so they encourage quick and ration decisions seemed completely ludicrous to me. Then add into the mix this is a medical device manufacturer and it's almost scary that they have that kind of focus and attitude. Could I do the job, oh yeah, but I'd be miserable as it goes against so much of what I've learned and believe to be the correct way to do things. God I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.
  11. It's either suspension, motor mounts or transmission mounts given when it's occurring. It was a Nissan Titan, I'd say it's transmission mounts and the fix is to put the mounts from a Frontier on it (yeah, odd they used heavier mounts on the Frontier and not on the Titan and that they are identical fit) but I'm not familiar enough with Chevy's anymore to really guess.
  12. Guess you should've gotten an American truck like a Tundra or Titan instead of one those foreign trucks.
  13. You'd think, being so close to Mexico with you being in Texas, they could get parts a lot quicker for your truck.
  14. Well that went excedingly well

    Pretty much a standard practice in engineering too. When just doing it doesn't work, over do it. From my experience with German vehicles, they skip the just doing it part and go straight for the over doing it disaster.
  15. Well that went excedingly well

    Have you tried the bigger hammer method yet? I have a good selection of sledge hammers, sure one of them will do the trick.