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  1. All good but the last part. I don't like tomatoes other than as a sauce, so by all means, slice them with a hammer.
  2. No, I enjoy driving, it's hard to push a car and hit proper lines when you can't see them.
  3. Yeah, the low profile tire trend has gotten out of control. My wife used to have a sports sedan, and it suffered two bent rims and those sidewalls now seem massive to what some of them are running.
  4. Yes, by all accounts, it is a very good track car. And that's the problem, public roads aren't tracks. Honestly, I blame people fascination with the Nurburgring and track times. It has ruined a lot of potentially good cars just for bragging rights on a track. Yes, I want performance out of a performance car, but since I drive on streets more than track, I'm willing sacrifice the 10th of a seconds difference for livability.
  5. Side and rear was no better from my experience. It was friends that I drove, he said it's fine because it has sensors to tell him if anything is there. The moment you are relying on sensors to tell you something is there, you have a huge issue to me. I love sensors as a secondary to help prevent me from missing something, but they shouldn't be considered your primary method.
  6. That too, visibility sucks, back seat is unusable. The new Camaro, performance wise is good, but there is just so much bad with it. And with the backseat and lack of cargo compared to the Mustang and Charger, it might've well been a two seat Vette.
  7. No, it looks better. And after seeing the starting price for the Vette, I now understand why they are killing the Camaro again.
  8. Did that to our swim coach's RX7 in highschool. We used the college's pool on the other side of town, by the time he made it there, we were half way done with practice.
  9. Indy

    This is for Parr8

    Make sure to record it and at our age, full body armor might not be a bad idea.
  10. Indy

    This is for Parr8

    So you just catch and don't try to hit? Not saying I'd have better luck, just saying I wouldn't try in the first place. Baseball is the one sport I always struggled the most with, something about really poor depth perception.
  11. Indy

    This is for Parr8

    30 Amp outlet is 110. A 20 Amp breaker runs my AC and stuff just fine, but the standard outlets tend to get a little on the hot side.
  12. It's the Chlorine if in there to long. We get one occasionally, this is the first time with multiple. Had one last week, I walked out just as it jumped out of the pool, saw me and jumped back in. Had to grab the net and fish him out. Just relocated him to the back of my property, this time will take them to the pond.
  13. Indy

    Gotta Love Em!

    Finley would want to go out and help them and give them a hug.
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