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  1. Sleep is overrated, I haven't done much of it in weeks because fucking idiots keep pissing me off. A.D.D. is a fun thing, but I've had plenty of time to think of all kinds of way to inflict physical harm on people.
  2. Indiana, we don't have more than corn anymore.
  3. Indy

    SPAM Calls?

    They are, I work with a lot of people in India and they are all working from home. Not sure how long their lockdown is currently scheduled for.
  4. Would you prefer those people be homeless? That is the reality you are looking at.
  5. My dad is a lifetime chewing tobacco user, he had no issue and didn't cost much. He says he's better insured now than at any point in his life. No system is perfect, but ours is better than most. And again, there are no shortage of programs to help people who are in need. If you aren't aware of them, you either are not in need or just haven't actually looked. With my daughter, I've certainly racked up the medical bills, but not more than we could afford as we paid them off with no issue. We make to much to qualify for any of the programs that help, but those that do, they get the exact same care and it's all free and many do qualify. Programs are out there if you look for pretty much everything. Lack of healthcare in this country isn't a reality, it's only a political bullet point for idiots that will believe it. Maybe you should log off the internet and get outside. You are incredibly negative, doom and gloom, it's not healthy.
  6. No, you just have to take advantage of the products and services that are out there like my parents did when the retired. There are plenty available without breaking the bank.
  7. My experience has been the complete opposite.
  8. And compare to Juciluci's story, I prefer our system. Canada's system is far from perfect and regardless of what the system looks like, you are still paying for medical coverage.
  9. No, you can only try and lessen their impact on others. That's why they having to shut down outdoor spaces now, because idiots think they can gather and hangout there. There are actually people that believe sunshine kills the virus, so if you are outside when you are socializing, you can't catch it.
  10. Well, if you are stocking up on produce to last a week or more, you have to pick it up and feel it to tell freshness and tell if it will last a week or more, or just days. But to keep people happy about me not touching stuff and putting it back, I see how far I can throw the produce across the store now that doesn't meet my standards so that people don't get mad at me for touching things and then putting it back. Maybe a little wasteful, but better safe than sorry.
  11. You can not keep things shut down for a year, that will kill more people than the virus and could throw us into third world country status. At this point another month could be devastating for many. Things are going to have to be opened back up, you keep restrictions in place for the high risk groups, primarily nursing homes, but the rest of us have to move on and pickup immunity the old fashion way until a vaccine is available. Per people I know in the medical community and drug developers, that could be as early as Fall, but they official word is at least a year up to prevent people from being idiots.
  12. Because they are made in China, which has been an established issue. 3M was also actively pitting countries against each other in a bidding war and shipping to the highest bidder. So it wouldn't surprise me if that was intended to fill a US order and Malaysia outbid us at the last minute and got the shipment instead.
  13. Fine, I've been cutting my own for years.
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