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  1. For once in my career, I think I am a good match. In a field full of very narrow windowed experts, I'm the odd ball jack of all trades, not an expert in any one area type (actually I am an expert in one very narrow area, but not much demand there). I got a job that relies on the jack of all trade type, though most of my department isn't.
  2. We are not picky, you can post them in long pants and sleeved shirts too.
  3. Correct, and as many who know me well (okay, probably can't find many, so a few) will attest, no, I've never had a heart.
  4. Can't, I don't ride bikes early, have to wake up first. So all I have is afternoon photos of me on a bike.
  5. Electronic? Do you think I am that high dollar of a redneck? Mine is freaking old and heavier than hell. Anchoring to the cement was over kill, but that was my Grandfather's idea and my father and I thought why the hell not. If my parents ever sell the farm, I'll have to clean it out and come up with a new storage setup (already have safesetup in mind as I have an excellent place to put one hidden in my new house) but taking the safe isn't an option as even if it wasn't anchored, I don't want to move that beast ever again.
  6. Indy

    Wedding blues

    If I read all that on something I was "invited" to, I'd come to conclusion I wasn't actually invited and they really don't want me there.
  7. By the way, I am not going to shoot anyone, I'm going to laugh my butt off watching them try to figure out how to get them out of the safe and taking the safe isn't an option, it's kind of fastened to a reinforced concrete slab and we are talking about highschoolers.
  8. I know where a couple are, they are locked up in gun safe's at the moment, but I'll be sure to great them arrive. They will be happy though that my uncle did give up his fully automatic M16 and Uzi because no one in the family wanted to maintain the licensing to take them over. I gave up my fully auto stuff and licensing 20 years ago because it was to expensive to shoot and to big of pain in the rear to maintain proper paper work for toys I didn't use.
  9. Plus, you add in her at least attempted display as a fairly religious person (no way to gauge accuracy at the moment) and it would help portray her as someone more willing to forgive and give someone a second chance. I think that is why they made sure to mention they were watching a sermon during the second incident, painting the portrait, also demonstrating the complete inappropriateness of it.
  10. I believe that is just his claim, but I just skimmed the document too.
  11. In the cases I have paid attention to, they almost always are as very few women go to the police right away. I believe the screen captures of the text messages are going to be huge for her and pretty much seal the case.
  12. Okay, I don't follow all of this stuff closely, figured someone could provide an explanation as to whether this made sense or not.
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