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  1. Indy


    Yeah, that's not water skiing, water skiing involves whipping back in forth across the water at breakneck speed trying to weave through gates. And the wipe outs wouldn't hurt nearly as bad, where is the fun in that?
  2. Indy


    Fresh water, I like wake boarding, water skiing, generally trying to kill myself behind a boat. Seeing a big body of water that is worthless for that stuff, just makes me sad. I'm not into the whole Slut Life thing. I mean Salt Life.
  3. Indy


    Out of California, I could do Sacramento, almost always flew in there when I had to do business trips up to Grass Valley. I'd eat a bullet before I had to live on the coast though.
  4. Indy

    The other crazy airplane pilot.

    Have to say, that looks like a really solidly built house.
  5. Indy

    Rough day in Europe.

    Looking at it, it could've been a lot worse with people on the bridge and under it.
  6. Indy

    Rough day in Europe.

    I do sometimes.
  7. Indy

    Maybe I am just car cursed

    Probably about as well as the place I bought my Mazda 3 liked mine, of course I provided pictures documenting all the damage they induced on it. Of course they did ask me to bring it in and they would fix everything, to which I laughed at them as I had already fixed everything and told them I wasn't about to let them touch anything I own again.
  8. Indy

    Maybe I am just car cursed

    Butt hurt? No I think that's more a long the lines of he knows you just bought a car and likely to buy another one right away, so you are now a waste of time for him. Car salesmen mainly care about one thing and he got your signature, so he's on to the next one.
  9. Indy

    Why are some topics off limits?

    Depends which one I feel like driving. No clue, besides garage size is far more important. Current production ECM product engineer, 43, 180, wife's the accountant so I don't keep track, and who doesn't (if they say anything else, they are lying)
  10. Indy

    Just bought a new house

    Don't know how you could manage that as it looks like it doesn't have any garage space or out buildings. That would be a nightmare.
  11. Indy

    When one zip tie is not enough

    There is no such thing as to many zip ties.
  12. Indy

    Just over half an hour now

    What? Are you talking that goofy soccer stuff where if someone looks at you wrong you act like you were just shot?
  13. Indy

    How hard is it to sneak out of Texas?

    Based on the amount of Mexican restaurants around me, pretty damn easy to do.
  14. Indy

    Lance channelling his inner Hip

    Yeah, I've been in far worse, that looks pretty minor, but man he's looking rough.
  15. Indy

    Should we start a pool

    And they are really good ones. Rural King $10 sandals. My Aussie ate my Keens x2, my wife's Keens, and my sons Keens. Damn dog loves to eat sandals.