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Carry on Wayward Son

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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I actually saw that tour. It was my junior year in HS and I had a car and went to a lot of shows. A friend of mine from the football team really wanted to go see them, so he bought me a ticket and I drove us and acted as rock concert survival guide. Tickets were $6 back then before there was ticker master and we'd go to maybe 3 shows a week


But these guys surprised me. Back in 82 they were a really good band. This was the "Point of No Return" Tour and it was right before Kansas jumped the shark.


Their drummer did one of the coolest tricks I ever saw at a big concert (and 70s style big concerts were all about drum set tricks) but he had this big crash cymbal set up behind him, and he never touched it until he started throwing his drum stick WAY up into the rafters, then caught it behind his back and hit the big crash cymbal right in time


it was a cool trick.


So we saw a great show, got back home alive, and I picked up a copy of Leftoverture the next day because I couldn't get that very song out of my head

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