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I've Been a BAAAAD Grampa!

Mr. Beanz

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OK maybe not! My daughter sent me a text the other day saying "Oh you did it now!". I thought maybe some humor I posted on FB might have offended somebody. Nope she says, she asked my grandson Lil Beanz what he wanted for Christmas/Birthday since they were both together being a few days apart. He said I ant a guitar like Papa Beanz! I post my vids on FB to entertain my family ha ha!


His sister had asked me a week earlier if I would teach her how to play. I told her I would take my guitar next time we meet so I could get her started. He is 9 and she is 11 years old, both very musically talented. Both have taken piano lessons and can play some, nothing spectacular.........yet. BOTH are excellent dancers doing all the MJ moves and much more.


OK, so maybe my daughter conned me the other day but she told me and said she couldn't afford them both so maybe just for the boy combined gifts for the two occasions. I told her she could probably get something for $100 that would sound OK. She asked if I would shop for something that sounds good then she'd send me the money to buy it.


So I went to the shop today, found a few starter guitars/kits. Those Paco Robelli and Epiphones sucked. But the Ibanez for another $29 sounded much better,no buzz on the higher frets. Took my tuner., played them for a bit then decide to pick up a couple, one for each of the kids. 


Now the good part! Lil Beanz doesn't have to sweat the 2 for 1 gift. each one has a guitar for Christmas!


Well, 7 grand kids off the Christmas list,7 more to go! ^_^ 


I read the reviews, 162 reviews 4 1/2 stars. Not bad! Sites say MSRP $250 (we know how that goes) but they were only $129 each.




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